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  1. Why would it be a bad idea? I think that it worked to set the tone of the game. No Russian was a great launch point for the narrative. ***Please no flame on this just thoughts on why one way or the other. Lets keep an open mind and they are only opinions so share them.***
  2. This video contains content from The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. is all i can get in the states it wont play can some one send it to me plz
  3. ok i am going to say i may be wrong on this one and his clan tag is cuz of his gun and not the other way around
  4. so can we all say that the MPTeaser is made with the in game tools? if so thats kind of a big deal that it looks that good.
  5. that would work and make them exponentially less accurate over distance would cut down on use anytime.
  6. Let me say first off that i dont tube not because i think its cheep or a noob thing to do. its just not how i play. The tube helps to bring balance to the game if you think about it. It should be nerfed but by longer reload time and maybe no cross hair for it or make it miss sometimes like the rpg in mw2. and as far as spawn tube from the start of the game....im ok with that if you can hit me so be it. If you took the time to find out how to do it then do it. This is all with oma not in the game.
  7. sorry for the repost :? did not see an old post i will check harder next time.
  8. if it is only for shotguns then it has no point its a one hit kill anyway but if its for other guns and if they have stopping power too it could be super bad and break the game play.
  9. yea but if it is one do you think that it will or should take away your first perk or something like that?
  10. yea i just think that its cool that your clan tag is on your gun....and wanted to share....
  11. The halo 3 beta use crackdown for there beta...
  12. There may be more that just Full Metal Jacket ammo. in the uncut trailer the Spaz 12 shoots what looks like to be fire out of it and the guy that gets hit with this ammo is on fire after. There is no proof that i am right on this or that it will it make into multiplayer. but if it makes in I would like to see it take something away like a perk slot, in kind of the same way [email protected] did with the flamethrower.
  13. nice vid im new to this or i would have made one :D
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