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  1. I just had that little feeling of "im an idiot." xD I own all [email protected] maps, it has just been a while and I must have Been confused by the enhanced graphics. -IPod post-
  2. Lol, interesting idea, but... I think the box will be working Also what is he standing in? A Teleporter to area 51? (not completely serious about that)
  3. Some-what On topic: If they did make a gun fusion machine I would like it to be only wonder weapons. That would be epic. Examples of why... Wonder Weapon Combined: Winter Howl + Thunder Gun = Howling Thunder? xD It could shoot a wave that freezes the zombies that survive the initial blast, etc.. Normal Weapons+ Wonder Weapons: Ak47u + Thundergun = How would that work? D: Normal Weapons: mp40 + Olympia = Olimpic40? xD (that wouldn't work but would be cool ) Anyways Solidly on-topic - It sounds like an interesting idea, But im curious to what they actually are. (My mind blanked on this last sentence for some reason, so It is kind of short. :? )
  4. I will admit to my fair share of the Flaming and hatred about 6 months ago. I am now looking back at it and laughing at my stupidity, I didn't start anything big, but I did say some things. As I am coming back from a long brake from zombies/the site, I am glad to see this fighting like we're all 5 is ending. On a side note, I'm not sure if it is only me, but I am seeing some in-forum flaming at it's highest. That needs to be resolved quickly, of course if its actually happening or me just misinterpreting some somewhat mean words.
  5. I don't think the new perk is dual wield for simple reasons, what would happen to existing dual wield weapons? Triple wield? No. Would be useless. (Anyways I'm not a fan of dual wields, I prefer aiming) I'm truthfully not sure what the new perk is, I don't exactly think three guns sounds useful. Second there is a absurd amount of anger issues running in this thread, actually it seems the forums are pissed for no apparent reason. (I am just now coming back after leaving the forums, so I may just be reading the anger filled threads out of bad selecting?) Also, the flamethrower appears to have more of a rocket launcher effect. I see the flames and smoke of a rocket, but it is possible it is a flamethrower.
  6. Yea, I was forced to do it with all of my other circles being used. So I was forced to invent one or do what I hate, hang out with someone else. You can also expand the circle a little bit into the centrifuge area, but I found it very fun to use.
  7. Slapping deaf people? Whats wrong with you man? I kick them... jk of course. I would never do that... *cough* lies *cough* Also Avenged Seven :facepalm:
  8. Here is my strategy, I hope you enjoy. (I claim it mine because I have never seen anyone use it, but if it has been use, please tell me) Switch N' Slide Key: 1- Main circle, run in the direction of the area. Get all of the zombies in your circle before step 2. 2- Once out of ammo and you have all of the zombies behind you, run to the door. The door must be open for this strategy. (Do not open top for easier monkey rounds) (Also if the mystery box is here, you can risk hitting it, but you will have to run to option 5 most likely) 3- Buy this gun and wait here until almost all of the zombies are in the room, Then run the gap in between the zombies and the door, back into the centrifuge room. If zombies are coming from the window or the stairs, run a small circle in the room for a short time until all almost zombies are there. (Too early will result in the zombies trapping you at the door, too late will result in being trapped in the room.) Run back to 1 and repeat. 4. Its my beautiful work of art, the centrifuge. It looks exactly like in the game, right!? If you hear this you can try and duck under it so it kills all the zombies following you, free of charge. Don't get killed by it, and be careful with it. 5. If you run out of options take this route. Wait at about the point of were 5 is placed on the map above, the follow the arrow once you have most of the zombies following you. (To avoid the zombies trapping you from the other side.) (Be CAREFUL, the centrifuge may kill you.) Try to avoid Danger areas, like stair cases, windows, and areas were the zombies can fall from above. There are 2 choices of wall guns, you can pick the m14 if you want this strategy to take forever (and your finger to get awfully tired), or you can do the full strategy. Enjoy, Sorry no video or pictures. (because I can't take any) Side Note: This will take a lot of time on later rounds, so I suggest using something else in really late rounds, but it does rack up a lot of points, and worked for me at round 32, killing 4 people worth of zombies.
  9. Im going to use these. (I don't think it's trolling) And also the only time I have fun with little kids, is when they have mic's and I impress them when im the only one left and im doing a circle killing all of the zombies with ease.
  10. I ONLY rage quit when: In Zombies ~ People steal my kills and follow me to every window I go to. ~People refuse to revive me when there is literally no zombies around. (mainly when I have the thundergun) In multiplayer ~Coming in to games were there is a spawn trap going. ~ Getting spawn trapped because of stupid teams. (So basically getting spawn trapped) Other then those times, I hate rage quitting. I will play a game and lose bad (unless spawn trapping is happening) before I rage quit.
  11. This is a great idea. The names of those sub-forums are just awesome, plus it would help new people learn and old members theorize, maybe even bring in some better post! (that's probably the point though)
  12. Proof or get out. No one will believe you if you just say, JOIN ME I FIGURED OUT THE EASTER EGG! Maybe get a video, pictures or at least tell us something about what you "know".
  13. http://www.callofduty.com/intel/466 So I hope we can assume it will be for PS3 on the 3rd or the same day(hopefully).
  14. That been a problem lately. There are so many easter eggs, people are just so stuck on one they can't find other ones, or they think its part of the big easter egg. I wish I could shoot stuff in CoTD ,but im a ps3 player. :(
  15. I agree with this, there is some similarity, but not enough.
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