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  1. Great find! We need to try to get him with a bowie knife, I bet it's a one shot (stab?) kill.
  2. I nocliped out of there and sure enough, no gorilla.
  3. Isn't nuketown located somewhere in Arizona?
  4. Looks like our old buddies at the US of A are gonna get nuked tonight!
  5. Looks like the Rolling Stones won it with Gimme Shelter! Woulda preferred The Doors but whatever it's just a preview right!
  6. Rolling Stones in Call of Duty? This is now my favorite game ever, only BFV can beat the sound track from what I can see :D
  7. The Swasitka is illegal to show in Germany. That's probably why.
  8. For some reason it always worked for me in Google Chrome... Might be cause I'm on linux though...
  9. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR RECOVERING THE PROTOTYPE BULBS FROM VAULT - MAXIS There you are sir. Simple cryptogram. Where'd you get that?
  10. agaguk


    I just found this out while doing some random browsing... Apparently Tunguska wasn't actually a meteorite, but actually a comet that created the explosion. http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/Jun ... Comet.html I'm not sure if this was found before the first reference in the game, but if so, we might have been looking at the wrong place...
  11. That date is the day the first train left Paris for Auschewitz.
  12. I can simply imagine Helter Skelter on that Payback mission... THE BEATLES FTW!! Either that or The Doors... That would make even more sense.
  13. This is more or less a repost from another topic, but I was told to make another topic, so here I am. In this picture: There is a big sign where it says Leuna at the top. Now if we look into Leuna, we find that it's a city in Germany, where during WWII used to host one of the biggest chemical plants in Germany, and the owners were, obviously, our great friends at IG Farben, who keep being mentioned in those documents carbon received in the mail. Now this is where it gets even better. In some unclassified CIA documents, there are references about soviet scientists usin
  14. Here's mine. I did this in 10 minutes but I'm pretty happy with the results.
  15. Alright this has got to be the biggest coincidence ever... Leuna happened to be where the second largest chemical plant in Germany during WWII was, and guess who owned it... That's right, IG Farben operated that plant... The guys who keep being mentioned in the things carbon was mailed... the confusing thing though is that the Hueys were invented way after WWII, and they wouldn't have gone to Europe during the Vietnam conflict... EDIT: After more digging around I found a CIA document about the soviet nuclear development program and how scientists worked at the Leuna plant to find ways t
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