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  1. what about that one achievement sacrificial lamb, has anyone tried getting it during the steps, maybe thats why the crossbow is required
  2. hey carbon, you think we could play again sometime, i'm on xbox and i'm getting first strike on day one, and i've always wanted to be on youtube. my gt is Cinder Soldier hit me up, you'll make all my dreams come true
  3. Dark Legends, i've been in college, or playing online, lotta post launch distractions, but i'm settling down so i should be an active member of this site once more
  4. this is my most successful thread since my bump list way back when, it's like you say [brains] and the cod zombies come running, if this wasn't the internet i'd probably shoot you guys jk
  5. awesome job guys, my class of the day and brains go to open zee door, for his pimped aug, tomahawk and akimbo m1911's awesome class guy you picked some of my favorites
  6. Hey everyone go down to blackops247 and make your custom black ops classes in their editor then add it to your signature like me! http://blackops.digitalwarfare247.com/n ... ss-creator In other news bring them back here and we can critique eachothers loadouts lets start with me At the end of the day, i'll be back to give [brains] to my favorite loadout...besides my own ;)
  7. Not sure if it's been posted or if it's legit but it looks up real to me skip to 2:10 on the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c9ylrkspRk What do you think? idk maybe it's just a close up on doa
  8. i know but what if the next map pack has perks and the next one, will people be walking around with ten perks, i imagine there will be a cut off point, and i bet it'll be now, by the third map pack everyones gonna have a job
  9. heres a question do you think you'll be able to have more than 4 perks or are the teams gonna have to start assigning roles to different players
  10. um guys Stamin Up, kinda obviously Stamina Up as in Endurance, its the marathon perk unlimited sprint.. Phd Flopper's got me stumped though What perk makes you flop?? Edit* Maybe like Final Stand from MW2, Use your Primary weapon when downed? I think he's got it right with the 7 up Dr.Pepper thing
  11. hey guys i know it's been like six years since i've been on but i found this and i figured you'd want to see it. It talks about all the new maps but gets started on acension at around 5:05 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn6YyaGdOOY Edited: The way i see it this explains the title, the rocket launching in the pentagon room in kino, and the monkey in the space suit on gknova 6, not to mention that doctor richtofen's name is on some books in the actual campaign version of the map
  12. hey guys i know it's late is anyone still playing zombies on 360, if so invite me my gt is Cinder Soldier
  13. i nominate Cinder Soldier.... thats me
  14. not only is this vid old, but it's been posted twice today ^^, well ether way it's a good vid
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