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  1. It could be a comrade, or just some scenery for when zombies broke in last time, people died/became zombified. But that file box has always intrigued me...
  2. I really like your observation. You're right - Nikolai is usually the one to squeeze humor in every situation (whether it's about vodka or his wives). Richtofen and he DO have some personal friendship unlike the rest of the crew, and the possibility of Nikolai realizing the magnitude of Earth blowing up and his "companion" going hellbent as zombie ruler is very, very plausible. Brains for you brah. [brains]
  3. Are you trying to say HOW to get the stone on Moon, or that you CAN'T get it for some reason? Keep in mind you need the player who is Richtofen to have completed both CotD and Shangri-La Easter Eggs. If so, that person has the rod + focusing stone inside it, and you need them for the 2nd half of the EE.
  4. When you start up Moon, Richtofen has the Golden Rod. The Focusing Stone itself is in the rod (assuming you completed th Shangri-La EE). During the Moon EE, you acquire the stone in order to complete the remaining steps. Even so, it is still inside the rod.
  5. I tried to work around the flaws of QEDs in the transition of rounds...but it disappears. I throw it when there's a swarm, and I usually get something nice versus if there are only a few crawlers laying around. Maybe the percentage of what you'll get increases/decreases varying on how many zombies are left during a round?
  6. I've attempted the search option, but failed to get results, so... We all know about the monster who streaks through the rooftops of Kino der Toten once the power is turned on. But it's weird, because every room you step in (after the power is turned on), you can hear the screeches of th beast and see the roof slightly caving in. To add onto that, Takeo makes a comment about it too. What is this so-called winged beast? Perhaps it's just for show?
  7. [brains] to you for establishing a plausible connection to a map everyone assumed had little significance to the storyline. Treyarch is always hinting towards future maps, and more is better. But when you think about the time and setting in Five, think for a moment: these leaders are debating over something. What exactly? The Soviet Union's and America's Space Race. It's not evident entirely, but bear in mind it IS the Cold War era, and with your observation of McN's quote, Moon was already set to be a zombie map anyhow.
  8. Not bad, but the songs in Zombies are relative to Samantha (according to multiple theories). I'm pretty sure the song wouldn't need to mention the new zombies, as they aren't crucial to the storyline.
  9. If that's the case, we are completely screwed.
  10. Kind of creepy, now that you mention it. I can only think of three possible solutions: 1) It's a decoration (like you said) to give Kino that "mysterious" ambience. 2) It may have to do with Hidden Person. You have knocking and screaming...could it be from the same person? 3) It WAS a Nova Crawler, however, it still resembled a Vril person before completely becoming mutated/zombified.
  11. Actually...that type of health system would transform gameplay tenfold. It sure makes the map more challenging (although a slow regeneration seems unreasonable). Perhaps Jugg gets revamped to give players that health regeneration (as the helmet itself will take more than just two hits to fully break it).
  12. Nova 6 is what the "Beware of the 6" is talking about. The Hellhounds origin was from Fluffy (Sam's dog) who was tested on by Richtofen. No one outside those two people (including Maxis) knew the existence of the Hellhounds until they multiplied (due to Fluffy's pregnancy). Even if your theory worked out, why would someone from Der Reise be in Kino der Toten (think of the time lapse)? *Remember - that would mean someone had to use the MDT/teleporter. Keep in mind Kino was a place to showcase that said object, not a place to run experiments.
  13. I'm surprised no one has made a comment about gong ballistic when one sees fire sprout up from the ground when a Napalm Zombie appears. That's a tad scarier than a Shrieker. But yes...the Shrieker's entrance is quite daunting. Especially when you're minding your own business, turn around, and HAVE THAT FREAK RISE FROM THE GROUND, RUN LIKE A GAZELLE, AND SCREECH IN YOUR FACE IN LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS. /rage caps off
  14. That could fill into that theory...but many theories have said (coincidentally) that it's more of a "haven lost to Element 115". But yes - Nazis might have gone there (in regards to Richtofen's name on the altar). MP3 is Map Pack 3. My apologies - it's not the most suitable term. I meant connection between Maxis and the mystery of Nazi intelligence in Shangri-La.
  15. [brains] to you lad! Well, in a linguistic perspective, it makes sense (the black sun being the solar eclipse). But as you pointed out w/ the symbol of the "black sun", why would it be the sinkhole on the Shangri-La page? Not trying to derail the possibility, just looking at it from a different view. But I do believe you might have established some connection between Maxis and MP3. Good job!
  16. Unfortunately, you need four people to do the Easter Egg. =|
  17. Are you sure you weren't in an area where a crawler could've hidden (i.e. mud pit, water, bush, etc etc)? If not, it could have been a graphics incident. I've been swiped at almost 10 seconds after killing a zombie...so I can feel your concerns.
  18. That's a definite pointer...unless you have a PaPed VR-11 (kinda unlikely if you're serious about surviving all the waves). May I add onto that statement by saying if you plan on weakening him during the round, leave a few crawlers (maybe 2-4) to avoid respawning issues (distance is a variable) and accidental kills.
  19. I believe I only I had this incident once. I've killed George multiple times w/ the Ray Gun, and it's not a problem for me. Sometimes the Perk bottle may appear in a different location on the area (ex. if Georgie is defeated in water, Perk may spawn on land). The dropped perk is generally close to where you downed him.
  20. Typically, about every strategy here will get you through the rounds. Mine is a bit tweaked, but I'm more of a point muncher than I am kill hogger. Rounds 1-5: Use your M1911 to max out your points. The first round takes 6 bullets to a zombie's chest, followed by a knife. Add around 4-6 bullets per round. Let the zombies break through the barriers (to increase chances of power drops). Rounds 6-10: By now, you should have at least 3000 points (minimum) to work with. Head out to the Stakeout room and pick up an MP40. Personally, I like to guard the staircase (coming from the hallway), since more zombies will spawn there. Headshots are a plus, as they do +100 points. If you find yourself low on ammo, it'll only cost 500 points (at the end of Round 9, you can get up to 10,000 points flat). Rounds 11-20: The theater room is now your battlefield. You can choose two loops - the middle-front of the stage, or the loop from the lobby all the way to the theater. Juggernog is a MUST if you plan on running from zombies. Let zombies cluster to make a rape train. If you still have your MP40 (best advised w/o PaP), headshots will score you some major points (though they are not needed, it'll be a good choice once your train becomes a mob). Rounds x>21: You can use the loops to survive for as long as you want. If needed, PaP your MP40 (advised if you have more than 10,000 to spare). Be aware that ammo will run out soon, so form trains to your advantage. If you're running around the front stage and lose ammo, run the lobby loop to the theater and pick up some ammo along the way. Tips: - Although not necessary, Quick Revive will be helpful for reviving down teamates that are near you (a MUST during 20+ rounds). - When forming a rape train, avoid sprinting to allow the slower zombies to catch up. Only sprint if you're being surrounded. - ALWAYS have a weapon for close combat. When I'm surronded and the MP40 will not help whatsoever, I whip out a Mustang & Sally (or any PaP'ed shotgun) to make a break for it. - Mystery Boxes are basically death traps. Only use if your secondary sucks or you run out of ammo for it and need something to blast zombies with. - The best weapon combination to have is one off-the-wall weapon and a Mystery Box weapon. Use up your MB weapon last (that is, if it's trong enough) as your back-up. You can always grab ammo when your OTW weapon is out anyways (unlike the MB weapon). - Even if you're beasting rounds like no other, making a crawler will give you and your team a chance to recoup to repair barriers, buy ammo, set strategic routes, etc etc. - I found Claymore to prove extremely useful in dire needs. Plant some in front of the Juggernog corner. Why? If you are downed and suddenly get back up, you can head over to Jugg quickly without worrying about zombies taking you down. This works with any strategic spot. - In reality, Jugg and Quick Revive are the main perks you want to get your hands on. Anything else is optional, but not advised. - The Balcony (room above theater) is a perfect place to camp out and earn major points with grenades. After teleporting back to the lobby, toss some grenades toward the theater door. Try to stay within the lobby until there are too many zombies to handle. Break into the loop. - If running the loop, NEVER have two people running together or even countermotion. Keep some good distance away from each other, and always flow with the traffic. Hope this help!
  21. The biggest room (control room) is not as difficult as you make it sound - yes, there are approximately eight windows, but keep in mind that every map works this way. In every room, there are four windows (for 4 players). Opening up a door adds an additional four barriers to take control over. Think about Kino der Toten for instance - if you're behind the curtain and turn on the power, the curtain opens up, and now you have an endless horde of zombies that can come straight down from the ceiling and windows. In fact, Five is actually less complicated because you KNOW there's going to be zombies thrashing around, but keep in mind that all of them come from a barrier. It's not Treyarch's fault you can't cover those lower barriers plus the additional four up top. As for the teleporter...it's a matter of camping, really. It's not a big map (more complicated and narrow than large), so it's the easiest map to get owned by zombies. But nevertheless, I have to agree with you that it's not the most favorable zombie map (in fact, there's a reason why hardly anyone plays it anymore).
  22. Same exact situation, but he didn't spawn that way. Just like any other zombie, he had risen from the ground (Jesus style). It's funny, because the match was already glitching like crazy (no-show of weapons, electrified characters, random zombies spawning outside the actual map, etc etc). I stuck him with a Semtex 3 times, no death. We went for the headshots w/ our guns, no death. Heck - he (my brother) even cooked a grenade and went in kamikaze style, no death. He eventually died from an unknown cause. :shock:
  23. I have to agree on this - the same happened to me just today during Kino der Toten. However, the second box glitched itself open, but didn't show a cycle of weapons...what a weird box indeed.
  24. In all honesty (or at least from my perspective), COTD is one of the best zombie maps in the whole game. George isn't such a hassle if you know how to avoid him. Sure, hitting him causes all the zombies to go berserk, but if it's not much of a difference besides speed and agility. The Wonder Weapons, on the other hand, aren't as great. The Scavenger is actually useful for taking down clusters of zombies (makes crawlers as well). As for the VR11, it's purposefully horribe due to it's use for the achievement. Upgraded, it becomes lethal, but it won't be very useful for surviving. If you can't survive w/ Jug (even with crappy teammates), then it's best to choose a better strategy. Of course it's going to be harder, with zombies coming from practically everywhere. Just pace yourself, run loops, and you'll survive for quite a long time [Truth be told, COTD being a large and open map is actually a plus for surviving anyways].
  25. Sup guys, I've been viewing this forum for a while, so I said "Hey - why not join it? Looks friendly enough." I hope I chose right. :D

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