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    2. InfestLithium


      I'll see what we can do @way2g00d

    3. PINNAZ


      Thanks @way2g00d for the feedback. I have been wondering if it was just my computer. I think that there is too much content. Can you view the Black Ops & BOII Libraries? Cause there is probably more content in them than the WaW Library.

    4. way2g00d


      @PINNAZ, no problem. Ya, I am sure it is because of the images and their loading times. Which is why I suggested perhaps adding spoilers. Don't know if that will help to be honest.

      And sorry I can't answer your question regards to what BO2/BO or waw. Everytime I click on that thread, I hit that 3 finger salute and kill firefox because I don't like waiting more than 5 seconds. :)

      We can talk offline via Pm if you like, or on skype, I am always willing to help you with any help you need with this library.

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