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KNOW YOUR HISTORY // "Pawn Takes Pawn" Black Ops Cold War Viral


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**Work in Progress, just submitted because I needed to get it somewhere**


Hey all, Tac here with a thread on the recent viral we've all been partaking in. I am so excited for this time of year to be back, especially having experienced the original GKNOVA6 and all the nostalgia that comes with that. This thread seeks to serve as a primary resource when looking back at the viral campaign.



Part One - Discovering PawnTakesPawn.com Through Summit




Popular YouTube and Twitch influencers plus media and journalist organizations received a locked crate with instructions to not open it until August 10, 2020 at 12 PM EDT. When opened the crates contained different projectors and separate sets of 10 slides (5 different sets of slides in total), as well as a manifest of those slides. Below is a picture of a Manifest 5 crate, meaning the primary text message is the same across all manifests but the projector and slides (and therefore slide checkmarks) may not be. The below pictures were added to CoD Wiki and I believe originally posted to Twitter by CharlieINTEL.


Crate.pngSlide Projector.pngSlide Box.pngManifest 5.png


The Crate Components


Manifest 1


Coming soon.


Manifest 2


Coming soon.


Manifest 3


Coming soon.


Manifest 4


Coming soon.


Manifest 5


Coming soon.




Using the Crate Components



There are three uses for the slides:

a) indicate Summit is important,

b) overlay some slides to wall clocks within Summit, and

c) overlay some control room screens from Summit onto the other slides.


a.) Indicating Summit was important was achieved via the sectional overhead slides of Summit (this is one of many):



b.) Many crate sets included slides of pictured countries labeled with a number (these numbers being reminiscent of marked buildings in Summit), and the community was directed to the Summit control room upon realizing the numbered countries were associated with the clocks on the wall. Each building marked with a number had a color, which was used to know which overlay was the appropriate one to use. Once applied it spelled "BISH YOU WERE HERE", a reference to the 1972 World Chess Championship match between American Bobby Fischer (white pawn) and Soviet Bobby Spassky (black pawn) in which the error regarded crucial Bishop placements:






c.) Mere feet from the clocks are control room computers with images clearly meant to overlay onto slides from the crate. They did not have all the overlays until Treyarch's Instagram post, in which they also gave a guide to the answer from the overlays:








Already hot on the tail of the World Chess Match, participants looked up what happened during Game 1, Turn Eleven White (American Bobby Fischer). In this move a pawn takes a pawn, indicating the name of the viral and the website to visit.



  • As TURNELEV was discovered some streamers (such as NoahJ456) thought it meant TURNELEVATOR and began looking at Five and Classified for clues.
  • If you observe the actual events of turn eleven white, Fichser moved his Queen to D1. The Warzone map grid is the same amount of cells as a chessboard and in cell D1 is Bunker 11, so perhaps the eleven's are coincidence or clue.





Upon arrival at the site, the VCR player will flash   8 - 14    12:00   indicating the next known stage of the viral would be Friday, August 14.





Part Two - Tangled Web




August 12 the website was updated with a sticky note on the TV: "/TANGLEDWEB", implying the url pawntakespawn.com/tangledweb. That url gave the following image and message (click to enlarge):


Tangled Web.jpg



Wars are won not just on the battlefield, but behind closed doors.


Tactics. Maneuvers. Strategies.


All pieces of a complex puzzle that means the difference between life and death - conquering or being conquered.


Codes. Signals. Ciphers.


Secret communications used by enemies and allies for thousands of years.


The plot unfolding now is decades in the making. It will not be unraveled overnight.


While some battles can be won swiftly, others will take days to unfold.


You have found the first piece of many.

Relish the journey. It's all part of the game.


The spoils of victory come not to those in haste, but to those who know - 


"Every battle is won before it is ever fought."


Know your history.




Part Three - EMC2




August 14 the "/TANGLEDWEB" sticky note was updated with "/EMC2", implying the url pawntakespawn.com/EMC2.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 8.08.07 PM.png



This page gave a list of one revealed line and five redacted lines, the first being "Day One: 1961-1962". All would end up relating to that Day's v.1 and be crossed out about one hour after the VHS tape was released and participants had obtained the cipher pieces in Warzone.







From Friday, August 14, to Wednesday, August 19, numerous 20-minute tapes gradually appeared on top of the VCR player. Day One began with 1961-1962 v.1, and Day Two included both 1968-1969 v.1 and 1961-1962 v.2, and so on; by the final day there existed six versions of the 1961-1962 tape, five versions of the 1968-1969 tape, and so on. Within each video were flashes of 'Nixie tube' numbers with in-game viral significance, and as one progressed through the versions then the videos filled in more numbers than the previous videos (see example below):




Partial Example (thanks to @Thor for helping me understand this point):

1961-1962 v.1  Tape:                           37              25         48

1961-1962 v.2 Tape:        08              37 15         25  60  48  63

1961-1962 v.3 Tape: 60, 08, 15, 93, 37, 15, 08, 25, 60, 48, 63, 28



In my personal breakdown, each tape has both historical significance and in-game significance relating to the numbers so I will include both separately. It is important to note most of the ciphers were found months before the viral began through easy glitching techniques and datamining.




Day One, August 14 - 1961-1962 v.1



In-Game Easter Egg Significance



After inserting v.1, two things happen:

1 )  Three nixie numbers appear during the video: 37, 25, 48


2 ) Warzone coordinates and a code appear on the VCR screen: WZ-H6-49285163. H6 directs you to Farmland and upon finding the correct shack, insert the code and once inside find parts of multiple ciphers:













Historical Significance


Coming soon.



Day Two, August 15 - 1968-1969 v.1 (et al.)



In-Game Easter Egg Significance



1968-1969 v.1



After inserting v.1, two things happen:

1 ) Five nixie numbers appeared: 06, 25, 11, 19, 16


2 ) Warzone coordinates and a code appear on the VCR screen: WZ-B5-87624851. B5 directs you to Bunker 01 just west of Boneyard and upon inserting the code, you find parts of multiple ciphers:











1961-1962 v.2


After inserting v.2, four additional nixie numbers appeared: 08, 37, 15, 25, 60, 48, 63



Historical Significance


Coming soon.



Day Three, August 16 - 1972-1973 v.1 (et al.)



In-Game Easter Egg Significance



1972-1973 v.1



After inserting v.1, two things happen:

1 ) Five nixie numbers appeared: 07, 25, 09, 54, 07, 50, 02


2 ) Warzone coordinates with a code appear on the VCR screen: WZ-H8-72948531. H8 directs you to a shack just east of Prison and upon inserting the code, you find parts of multiple ciphers:


Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 12.55.22 AM.png










1968-1969 v.2


After inserting v.2, six additional nixie numbers appeared: 15, 06, 24, 25, 18, 11, 12, 19, 13, 01, 16


1961-1962 v.3


After inserting v.3, five additional nixie numbers appeared: 60, 08, 15, 93, 37, 15, 08, 25, 60, 48, 63, 28



Historical Significance


Coming soon.



Day Four, August 17 - 1977-1978 v.1 (et al.)



In-Game Easter Egg Significance



1977-1978 v.1



After inserting v.1, two things happen:

1 ) Eight nixie numbers appear during the video: 03, 02, 07, 08, 05, 01, 01, 07


2 ) Warzone coordinates with a code appear on the VCR screen: WZ-B7-97264138. B7












1972-1973 v.2


After inserting v.2, seven additional nixie numbers appeared: 07, 25, 54, 09, 06, 22, 54, 50, 25, 07, 59, 25, 50, 02


1968-1969 v.3


After inserting v.3, four additional nixie numbers appeared: 15, 0906, 10, 24, 04, 25, 18, 11, 12, 22, 19, 13, 01, 16


1961-1962 v.4


After inserting v.4, four additional nixie numbers appeared: 60, 08, 52, 15, 93, 37, 71, 15, 08, 25, 37, 60, 48, 18, 63, 28



Historical Significance


Coming soon.



Day Five, August 18 - 1979 v.1 (et al.)



In-Game Easter Egg Significance



1979 v.1



After inserting v.1, two things happen:

1 ) Five nixie numbers appeared: 02, 00, 03, 03, 06, 01, 09, 07, 00, 09, 04, 01


2 ) Warzone coordinates with a code appear on the VCR screen: WZ-F4-27495810










1977-78 v.2


After inserting v.2, five additional nixie numbers appeared: 03, 07, 02, 07, 08, 00, 05, 02, 08, 01, 00, 01, 07


1972-73 v.3


After inserting v.3, three additional nixie numbers appeared: 07, 51, 25, 54, 09, 06, 22, 54, 50, 25, 07, 59, 25, 50, 02


1968-69 v.4


After inserting v.4, two additional nixie numbers appeared: 15, 09, 12, 06, 10, 24, 04, 25, 18, 11, 13, 12, 22, 19, 13, 01, 16


1961-62 v.5


After inserting v.5, two additional nixie numbers appeared: 60, 08, 52, 80, 15, 93, 37, 71, 15, 08, 25, 37, 80, 60, 48, 18, 63, 28



Historical Significance


Coming soon.



Day Six, August 19 - xxxx v.1 (et al.)



In-Game Easter Egg Significance



xxxx v.1



After inserting v.1, two things happen:

1 ) xxx nixies numbers will appear: TBA


2 ) Warzone coordinates and a code appear on the VCR screen: TBA


1979 v.2


After inserting v.2, xxx additional nixie numbers appeared: 02, 00, 03, 03, 06, 01, 09, 07, 00, 09, 04, 01


1977-78 v.3


After inserting v.3, xxx additional nixie numbers appeared: 03, 07, 02, 07, 08, 00, 05, 02, 08, 01, 00, 01, 07


1972-73 v.4


After inserting v.4, xxx additional nixie numbers appeared: 07, 51, 25, 54, 09, 06, 22, 54, 50, 25, 07, 59, 25, 50, 02


1968-69 v.5


After inserting v.5, xxx additional nixie numbers appeared: 15, 09, 12, 06, 10, 24, 04, 25, 18, 11, 13, 12, 22, 19, 13, 01, 16


1961-62 v.6


After inserting v.6, xxx additional nixie numbers appeared: 60, 08, 52, 80, 15, 93, 37, 71, 15, 08, 25, 37, 80, 60, 48, 18, 63, 28


Historical Significance


Coming soon.




Part Four - 11th Hour




As seen above, within the historical videos are numbers that appear,


GREEN // 1961-62



v.5/6: 60, 08, 52, 80, 15, 93, 37, 71, 15, 08, 25, 37, 80, 60, 48, 18, 63, 28





ORANGE // 1968-69




BLUE // 1972-73




PURPLE // 1977-78




RED // 1979




LIME // xxxx





Part Five - Code Cave - Zork



During the Championship Weekend of the inaugural Call of Duty League season, a video message appeared (which can be viewed in raw form or as it was shown during the livestream) and the Pawn Takes Pawn website was updated with a new page.

  • I believe it was the Tuesday following the Sunday tournament, but on stream Maven said the casters were given a heads up something would happen during the livestream and to basically ignore it, and he indicated he wasn't sure if it was Warzone- or CoD 2020-related.


Upon visiting pawntakespawn.com, it no longer redirected to /tv but /codecave, viewed below:



Notable things:

  • The clock in the top left will automatically fill in Eastern Standard Time.
  • The sticky note is not part of the base image but an added element.




A. Zork







B. Security Safe









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The second part of the viral has arrived, which I will call Waves of Attack.


As last time, Treyarch sent six content creators large boxes marked T1 through T6, respectively in this order: jackfrags, MrDalekJD, MarleyThirteen, NoahJ456, Drift0r, ShawnJ Gaming



Part 1 - September 22, Creators Find PawnTakesPawn.com/WavesofAttack


At 12PM EST on September 22nd, 2020, most of the creators released videos of them opening the boxes, which contained computers (or USBs). Once the software was loaded onto each computer, each became a numbered terminal (remember the terminal on PawnTakesPawn.com is labeled Terminal 0, hence each box being marked T1-T6 indicating which terminal they have).




This would present each creator with a request for an access code. In the middle of each instruction sheet was a cipher that needed solved. They were given the keyword, the cipher worksheet and coordinates.




Once they obtain the plaintext/access code (explained here), they enter it into the computer and it now displays their terminal with a color (remember Terminal 0 on PawnTakesPawn.com is colored white) and the ability to enter more information.




Then, at the bottom of each instruction page is another code to enter, which when entered then displays the URL pawntakespawn.com/wavesofattack. That page indicates we must wait until September 23 at 12PM EST for the next step.






Part 2 - September 23,


Coming shortly once I can figure it out myself lol.


Part 3 - September 24, 



As instructed the community waited on pawntakespawn.com/fireandair to input the two codes at 12PM EST, COVERTCONFLAGRATION and FORCEFULGALE, and it gives you a PawnTakesPawn achievement and redirects you to another URL with more codes: pawntakespawn.com/vanguard




Each code belongs to a particular content creator via the color, and when entered, they get another version of a chopper command screen. When combined they create this image:




At the bottom of that image, in the scanner section, you can see a URL extension /vcharlie, which displays this image (a redacted overview of the Black Ops campaign mission Victor Charlie):




On the VCharlie image there are 18 redactions and a Reference Number containing 18 numbers, and on the Chopper Command screen there are 18 helicopters. As with the Chopper Command step from September 23, you jump the helicopters in the direction they're facing and according to their order and color (white jumps two, yellow jumps three).


So the first helicoper is facing left and is white, which means you go two to the left. The direction distance (two) represents words, while the reference number (one) represents which letter in the word. So two words left of the first redaction is "Soviet" and the first letter is "S". The second helicopter is colored white and facing right, with a reference number of two, meaning you go two words to the right of the second redaction ("running") and the second letter ("u"), so SU are our letters. Continue that process and you get SUBTERRANEANSIGNAL, another URL.


Below I provide the base background image, as well as the overlay wherein you must enter the codes from the Chopper Command picture.





Upon clicking Submit, you are directed to /EXTRACTIONCOMPLETE and are given many interesting tidbits of information. There is the green note on top, two images underneath, and an audio message.







M -


There is a developing situation at the Lubyanka. They found something in the archives. Something from the War. I'm not sure about the Collegium, but several of the Deputy Chairmen are recommending that the Committee authorize a ground operation. I will try to find out what I can, but this is worrying. These are very serious men, but I have never seen looks on their faces like I have in recent days. There is a developing situation at the Lubyanka. They found something in the archives. Something from the War. I'm not sure about the Collegium, but several of the Deputy Chairmen are recommending that the Committee authorize a ground operation. I will try to find out what I can, but this is worrying. These are very serious men, but I have never seen looks on their faces like I have in recent days.





I know you're scared, but I need you to be brave... again. Tatyana has the package, but I'm worried about her. She hasn't been back to Lubyanka since she took it.. bad mistake. Her superiors are not stupid men, they will notice her absence. It is most unlike her. They will bring her in for interrogation. As soon as she hears the words "the KGB has irrefutable evidence that you have been actively engaged in anti-Soviet activities", she'll talk. But that won't stop them. Go to her house, get the package, whether she wants you to or not. I'm working with people in the West who can help us, help you... I want you to know, that whatever happens, your actions will save many lives.








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As far as I can get on tracking down every clip from the 1961-62 PTP tape. 





Clip 1

Late April, 1961. NBC’s Chet Huntley reporting on the French takeover of Algeria.


“The French Army has seized Algeria in its revolt against de Gaulle, more on that later. In Laos, the government’s army suffered its worst defeat, evacuating its last stronghold in north-central Laos. Now the communists may want to begin the ceasefire talks.”


Clip 2

October 6, 1960. Senator and Presidential Candidate Kennedy speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio.


“And I believe in the 1960’s, the United States can once again capture the imagination of the world.”


Clip 3

Before April 12, 1960 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco as snow falls across the country.



“Chicago, the Windy City, is both windy and snowy in the wake of a storm which leaves more than half a foot. Temperatures dropped to zero during the storm. San Francisco gets the heaviest snow in thirty years. Children, many of whom have never seen snow before, are more spellbound than snowbound, but they soon learn what to do with the stuff.”


Clip 4

January 20, 1961. President Kennedy’s inauguration; first quote edited for clarity (recitations removed).


“I, John Kennedy, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

*video and sound distortion*

*video cuts to inaugural speech*

“And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”


Clip 5

March 26-27, 1961. Universal International-News reporter Ed Herlihy narrates the first meeting of Kennedy and McMIllan on March 26, 1961; USSR Foreign Minister Gromyko gives remarks March 27.



“British Prime Minister Harold McMillan arrives in Key West, Florida for a conference with the President on the explosive crisis in Laos. They jointly declared determination to prevent the south-east Asian kingdom from being taken over by communist supported rebels. Also discussed is Britain’s ceasefire proposal to Moscow.

*video cuts to Russian at microphone receiving a question from a reporter*

“Mr. Gromyko, is the Soviet Union willing to agree to a ceasefire in Laos?”

“We touch the conversation of this topic, uh, I have nothing to say publicly at this moment.”


Clip 6

March 2, 1961. Universal International-News reporter Ed Herlihy describes the Guy La Roche collection.



“The look for ‘61 will recall the jazz age. And where Paris leads the rest of the fashion world are likely to follow.”


Clip 7

August 13, 1961. Unknown news clip. About the erection of the Berlin Wall.


“Here was a new symbol of communist ruthlessness. Overnight, East Berlin became a concentration camp, sealing in the inhabitants of th// sector. Barbed wire and cement were the answers to the refugee problem.”


Clip 8

June 4, 1961. NATO Footage from the Vienna Summit.




“Khrushchev repeats his threat to sign a separate peace treaty with East Germany, which he claims, wrongly, will end all Western rights in Berlin.”


Clip 9

October 26, 1961. Universal International-News reporter Ed Herlihy gives an update on the Berlin Wall.



“Served with an order by East German authorities that all U.S. personnel must show identification before entering that section of Berlin, American troops answer with the only language the reds seem to understand - a show of arms.”


Clip 10

January 5, 1961. NBC News.



“Castro marked the second anniversary of his revolution with the biggest military parade ever staged in Cuba, featuring tanks and other heavy weapons from Russia and red Czechoslovakia. Shortly afterwards, Castro demanded the United States embassy drastically reduce its staff to eleven persons. It was the last straw in his long campaign of provocation and harassment.”


Clip 11

May 25, 1961. Before Congress and the people, President Kennedy calls on the nation.


"I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish."


Clip 12

April 17, 1961. Universal International-News reporter Ed Herlihy. 



“The assault has begun on the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. Cuban army pilots opened the first phase of organized revolt with bombing raids on three military bases.”


Clip 13

April 17, 1961. Universal International-News reporter Ed Herlihy. 



“In Havana, Acting Foreign Minister Olivares shows diplomats rockets fired from the Cuban raiders which he claims have U.S. markings.”


Clip 14

April 17, 1961. United States Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson.


“These charges are totally false and I deny them categorically. The United States has committed no aggression against Cuba and no offensive has been launched from Florida or from any other part of the United States.”


Clip 15

December 29, 1962. First Lady Kennedy speaks Spanish during the Orange Bowl in Miami.



“Es un honor para mí al estar hoy, entre un grupo de los hombres más valientes del mundo y de participar en la alegría que tienen que ser los miembros de sus familias quienes por tanto tiempo vivieron esperanzadas, rogaron, y esperaron.  Me siento orgullosa de mi hijo haya conocido a sus oficiales. Este es un demasiado joven para darse cuenta de lo que ha ocurrido aquí, pero yo me ocuparé de contarle la historia de vuestra valentía según vaya haciendo. Es mi deseo y mi esperanza que algún día llegue a ser un hombre por lo menos la mitad de los valientes que han sido que han sido los miembros de la brigada 2506. Buena suerte.”


“It is an honor for me to be among a group of the most brave men in the world today and to participate in the achievement of the members of the families that have lived, hoped, begged and waited for so long. I am proud that my son has met these officers. He is too young to realize what happened here, but one day I'll be responsible for telling him the story of your bravery as you go along. It is my wish and my hope that someday I will raise my son to be at least half as brave as they have been .. that the members of the 2605 brigade have been. Good luck.”


Clip 16

May 1, 1961. Unknown news clip.


“Castro gloated over his victory and told the world that Cuba was now a socialist nation and would hold no more elections. The next day, the United States officially proclaimed Cuba to be a Communist satellite state.”


Clip 17

Flight: April 12, 1961. Clip: January 1, 1962. Universal International-News reporter Ed Herlihy.



“Man had his first great success in space, when the Russians pushed a man across the threshold. He was Yuri Gagarin, the astronaut the Russians lionized as the first to orbit the Earth. It was the propaganda coup of the year.”


Clip 18

Flight: May 5, 1961. Unknown clip.


“Today this Redstone-Mercury is the center of world attention as Lt. Commander Shepherd walks to the elevator that will carry him 65 feet aloft to the capsule. It’s 6:20 A.M., a moment of history.”




“The rocket performs perfectly as it lifts the funnel-shaped capsule gracefully al-.”


“115 miles up, he went 300 miles downrange right on target and was picked up by waiting helicopters. The triumph of Alan B. Shepherd, U.S. space pioneer.


“As the captain prepared to leave the capsule, explosive bolts on the escape hatch let go, and the Mercury is lost. However the Moon gets closer.”


Clip 19

Fall of 1961. CNN.


https://archive.org/details/CNN_20100726_020000_CNN_Newsroom (10:34pm)


“Albany, Georgia. A negro fight against segregation is led by the Reverend Martin Luther King.”

*audible singing of “Let it Shine”*

MLK: “And if necessary, we must be willing to fill up the jails all over the state of Georgia.”


Clip 20

Explosion: October 30, 1961. Unknown clip of the Tsar Bomb explosion with non-English commentary, followed by an unknown policymaker/lawmaker clip.


*Speaking in Spanish with bomb exploding*

*video cuts to American policymaker speaking*

“Just why, uh, the Soviet Union would wish to detonate a 50 megaton explosion is something about which we can all speculate.”


Clip 21

Fall of 1962. American Radio Works production (at least partially).



“At Oxford integration at the University of Mississippi becomes a one-man crusade. When Air Force veteran James Meredith tries to register, the police lines are drawn, U.S. marshals blocked. When university officials are cited for contempt of federal court, Governor Ross Barnett per- ___ applicant, Meredith goes away and the federal government ponders its next move.”


“ … the forces increased tenfold and more. It is not enough to avert a night of rioting, leaving two dead and the campus the shambles of a battlefield.”


“75 students and other rioters are arrested. Among those seized, bomber Major General Edwin Walker, who is charged with insurrection. And James Meredith becomes a duly registered student at the University of Mississippi.”


Reporter: “Sir, there’s been a great deal of turmoil and conflict, two people have been killed, do you have any feelings of guilt? Have you given it any second thoughts?”

Meredith (smiling): “I’m very sorry anyone had to get hurt or killed, but of course I think that’s an unfair question of me, I don’t believe any of you believe that I had anything to do with that.”


Clip 22

Sometime between June 30, 1960 and August 5, 1961. Unknown news clip.


“President Kasavubu … *static* … has returned from a conference of Congolese leaders in Madagascar, at which it was agreed to convert the republic into a loose confederation and the streets are jammed for a parade in celebration of the decision. But red opposition to the plan is heated and the pro-Soviet Antoine Gizenga, Lumumba’s political heir, still controls key areas and sizeable armed forces. The Congo’s problems are far from over.”


Clip 23

June 4, 1961 at the Vienna Summit. Unknown news clip.


“Vienna was a neutral arena for a sparring match between two worlds. The men who hold the power to write tomorrow’s history met, smiled, and resolved no problems. The Dictator and the President. The East and the West.”


Clip 24

November 10, 1962. Unknown news clip.


“Saint James church in the Hudson River hamlet of Hyde Park is the scene of last rights for the First Lady of the World, Eleanor Roosevelt. President Kennedy heads the list of distinguished world leaders who pay last tribute to the extraordinary and beloved woman who is remembered as a humanitarian and one who loved her fellow man.”


Clip 25

September 12, 1962. Kennedy speaks at Rice University.


“There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict in outer space as yet. Its hazards are hostile to us all, its conquest deserves the best of all mankind, and its opportunity for peaceful cooperation may never come again. But why, some say, the Moon. Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask, why climb the highest mountain? Why 35 years ago fly the atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas? We choose to go to the Moon. We choose to go to the Moon… we choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills. Because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others too.”


Clip 26

Unknown news clip.


“... the cold war, the ground forces of NATO have been alert against the military threat of the Coommunist bloc. Now, honest John missiles enter NATO’s striking power.”


Clip 27

September 13, 1962. Universal International-News reporter Ed Herlihy narrates.



“President Kennedy begins a tour of four space installations at Huntsville, Alabama, where he is greeted by Dr. Wernher von Braun, space pioneer and director of this research and development center. The missiles on display are dwarfed by the mighty Saturn rocket. This booster is the first stage of the rocket that will put the three-man Apollo capsule into a two-week orbit of the Earth in 1964.

*section cut out due to number*

- preliminary to a lunar chute. Gemini, which was developed here, will allow two men to orbit the Earth for two weeks, and will be used for experiments in outer space rendezvous and docking missions. This winds up the President's first-hand look at our space program, and out progress in the race for space.”


Clip 28

August 13, 1962. Kennedy speech on an income tax.



“The worst deficit comes from a recession, and if we can take the proper action in the proper time, this can be the most important step we could take to prevent another recession. That is the right kind of a tax cut, both for your family budget and the national budget.”


Clip 29

February 12, 1962. Unknown news clip.


“Chiang Khi-shek, leader of the peoples of free China on the island of Taiwan, heads the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the overthrow of the Manchu dynasty. Eleven million Chinese, strong with their dream of someday wresting their homeland from the Communists, are marking the day that saw the end of 4,000 years of monarchy in China.”


Clip 30

March 1958. Unknown news clip.


*Khrushchev speaking in Russian in background*

“Khrushchev declared, “Through the formation of the world system of socialism the situation in the world has altered radically. At present it is not known who encircles whom.”


Clip 31

December 2, 1961. Castro announces he will lead the country to Communism, and also announces opening of diplomatic relations with Vietnam. Five year anniversary of Cubans (including Castro) landing in Cuba to overthrow the government. One year anniversary of Eisenhower announcing support for Cuban refugees.


“On December 2nd, 1961, Castro reveals, “I am a Marxist-Leninist and will be one until the day I die. Socialism is a world reality today, there is no halfway between socialism and imperialism.”


Clip 32

October 22, 1962. Kennedy announced blockade during Cuban Missile Crisis.


“The government, as promised, has maintained the closest surveillance of the Soviet military buildup on the island of Cuba. ...  To halt this offensive buildup, a strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment under shipment to Cuba is being initiated. All ships of any kind bound for Cuba, from whatever nation or port, will if found to contain cargo of offensive weapons be turned back. … shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union.”


Clip 33

Unknown date. NBC’s Chet Huntley.


“Communism’s adventure in Cuba is a sophisticated one: political, psychological, subversive, with paramilitary features. … Can a democratic society, wherein the right to know and the value of knowing are basic, can a democratic society wage successful political, psychological, subversive warfare against Communism.”


Clip 34

Unknown date. Unknown news clip.


“Leather is falling into step in the fall fashion parade. Finished in an explosion of rainbow colors, leather has been styled into smocks and sheath-top skirts, like this eye-stopping pair. Just the thing for a day's outing at Sterling Forest Gardens in New York.”


Clip 35

Potentially October 28, 1962.



“In Trafalgar Square, 2,000 Londoners demonstrate against the United State blockade.”


Clip 36

October 31, 1960.



“Fidel Castro whips up a furor in Cuba, charging the United States with arming and training mercenary forces for an imminent invasion. He calls out some 200,000 militiamen for training and guard duty at key points throughout Havana.”


Clip 37

Unknown date. Unknown news clip.


“Khrushchev happily receives a gift of the Cuban flag, as he lines up for the solid endorsement for the homebrewed anti-Americanism of Fidel Castro, the Soviets sole western hemisphere ally.”


Clip 38

October 20, 1962. Unknown news clip.


“As he arrives back in Washington, the President hears more bad news. China has just invaded India. Is this part of a two-pronged Communist assault? Now the President must weigh all the factors one final time, then make his decision, knowing that whatever he does he risks nuclear war.”


Clip 39

October 25, 1962



“Meanwhile the United States continues to reinforce its Cuban base at Guantanamo Bay, the Naval depot that Castro wants the U.S. to give up. The Marines have been assigned the job of protecting the base against any Cuban threats that might arise during the a/the present crisis.”


Clip 40

October 25, 1962. United States Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson.



“Mr. President, I am submitting today a resolution to the Security Council designed to find a way out of this calamitous situation. This resolution calls, as an interim measure under Article 40 of the charter, for the immediate dismantling and withdrawal from Cuba all missile and other offensive weapons.”


Clip 41

March 6, 1961.



“The inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as the 16th President of the United States is reenacted in the nation's capitol 100 years after the event. There’s a crowd larger than the original --- display, double the 10,000 of 1861, and the bright, balmy day is in marked contrast to the gloomy overcast of a century ago. Scenes familiar from history books and movies come to life at the capitol as Mr. Lincoln arrives. He is portrayed-”


Clip 42

October 28, 1962.


“The following is a letter which has just been dispatched from the President to Chairman Khrushchev. I think that you and I, with our heavy responsibilities for the maintenance of peace, were aware that developments were approaching a point where events could have become unmanageable, so I welcome this message and consider it an important contribution to peace.”


Clip 43

October 25, 1962. United States Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson.



“It urgently recommends that the United States and the Soviet Union confer promptly on measures to remove the existing threat to the security of the western hemisphere and the peace of the world, and to report thereon to the Security Council.”


Clip 44

Unknown date, though likely late October/early November, 1962. Unknown news clip.


“Earlier today Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara announced that yesterday’s photographic surveillance of Cuba indicated that the bases were being dismantled.”


Clip 45

Unknown date. Unknown news clip.


“But with increased United States aid and instruction, Vietnam soldiers learned to fight back against the Communist Viet Cong. Helicopters become a crucial weapon against guerrillas who strike, then disappear, will of the whisk, in marches.”


Clip 46

Unknown date. Unknown news clip.


“Southeast Asia and Berlin are not the only hazard areas in the orchestrated struggle of the Cold War. There is Cuba, from which Bay of Pigs invaders hobble back when their ransom is paid.”


Clip 47

March 23, 1962. Unknown news clip.


“The President visits the big missile center at Vandenberg Air Force Base. He becomes the nation’s first President to see an intercontinental ballistic missile fired, when an Atlas D blast off its pad to roar down the pacific missile range in a perfect launch.”



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13 minutes ago, PINNAZ said:

Massive amount of effort in this one @Tac. Massive Brains mate


Did you manage to save all of the tapes?

Two people I know have them. Joshwoocool has every single tape with the numbers (https://www.youtube.com/user/Joshwoocool) and then the acct I linked about, I think Nehpets, has V1 versions of all tapes. And thank you pinnaz!! I want to do this for all of them, should get easier as the time ranges move into the future too.

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