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  1. No Golden Rod in moon or Shangri La after doing COTD

    To acquire the Golden Rod in your inventory, you need to complete the co-op Easter egg achievement on Call of the Dead. I think the Shangri-La Easter egg can be completed without having done this (requires 4 players), but the Golden Rod and Focusing Stone are both required to complete the 'Richtofen's Grand Scheme' achievement on Moon, which also requires more than one player on Black Ops 1.
  2. A big THANKYOU to CODZ

    @Smok3y Had some fun games over the past couple of months, you know you've got a decent group of people when you can fail as many times as we did and no one throws their toys out of the pram! Would still like to tick of Ascension at some point (officially) and perhaps get a group together from the forum to do a Silverback Defeat. I agree completely regarding Black Ops 1. Best story arc, best map designs and the most enjoyable game mechanics/zombie a.i in my opinion as well.
  3. Between Heaven and Earth

    Personally, I do not believe in any God/Deity or Heaven in a traditional biblical sense. I am fascinated by consciousness, and the thought of what happens to us when we die, but to me religious texts always felt more like a moral guide/compass than a doctrine to live my life by. I am open to the idea of life after death in some sense, but for me as much as the idea of there being a heaven would be comforting, whenever a family member or friend has died, I feel no connection to that person beyond my memories of them. I have very lucid dreams, and have had dreams about deceased family members that I would love to be able to attach to them trying to contact me after death, but when I wake I can easily deconstruct these dreams and am aware that it was created by my own consciousness and is just a projected memory of that person that I am constructing with my own mind. The truth of the matter is though, whether your views are atheist, agnostic or religious, we are all just attaching ourselves to ideas that try to explain our existence better and bring us some comfort. I have never met a single human being who can tangibly explain what this life is, how we exist or why we exist and that to me isn't scary, it's fascinating and in that sense no matter what your beliefs, we are all in the same boat. The creator paradox is also very interesting, and to me at least effects science and religion in the same way. If there is a creator, how did they come into existence? And if the universe started with the big bang, what sparked that to happen? Each answer will only lead to another question, and in that sense I wonder whether we will ever be able to truly understand or explain the nature of our existence.
  4. Why I haven’t been active...

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I was always very close to my grandma and felt like it was more like a mother/son relationship and she did, at times, raise me and had more influence in moulding me into the person that I am now than my parents did. She passed away last year and it was, and is, a tough thing to deal with. The way that I get through it is to embrace the bittersweet emotions that surround death. Every time that sad feeling of loss sweeps over me, it is quickly replaced by a flood of happy memories I shared with that person, and reminds me why I feel so upset in the first place. Because that person touched my life in such a positive way.
  5. Chronicles coming to Xbox & PC next week!

    Just pre-ordered on Xbox one and was surprised to see a release time next to the option to purchase. Release time is 05:00 am GMT on the 15th of June.
  6. Those interviews seem to focus heavily on storyline questions, which is fine, but I would like to see more questions around gameplay, balance of gameplay and how much influence, if any, someone like Jason Blundell has and how much testing is done on weapons and gobblegums before a map is released. @anonymous What question would you ask?
  7. ???

    This is awesome! Are we supposed to post the solution once we have it or keep it to ourselves? I can't find the spoiler tab any more, and don't want to ruin it for anyone trying to figure it out on their own.
  8. Easter Zombies

    Pretty busy over the next few days, not sure how much time I will have available but I would definitely be interested in any future events and appreciate being tagged in this Edit : I'm a moron. Next weekend I should have some time available if this goes ahead
  9. As most people are aware, there is a large mural on the back wall of the Astrocade, but large portions of it are missing (where the window is) or obscured by arcade machines. There are smaller portions of the mural in various locations around the map, so I have used screen shots to piece those together as best I can to create a complete image. The only part of the mural that is obscured now is the centre part that contains the Yeti in Polar Peak, and it looks like this portion of the mural also contains the roller coaster cart. I have searched the map high and low and cannot find that other image, am I missing something or has anybody found that portion of the mural elsewhere on the map? Would be nice to have the full mural image, but am also curious as to whether it will give any clues to the potential roller coaster Easter egg.
  10. The Time Has Come

    The site won't be the same without you, but it sounds like this is a decision that you have wrestled back and forth with for a while, and you have to do what is right for you and your family. I joined the site after you became involved, and it was a time where the site really seemed to be thriving from your involvement, and there was and still is an integrity that seems exclusive to Codz. I know we only played the once, but you seem like a really genuine, sincere guy and I wish you all the best for the future. Even if this is the end of your official involvement with the site, I would urge you to keep your consoles and games. I've had a few moments where I thought I might walk away from gaming in general recently, but it's nice to know if you're ever feeling nostalgic and want a trip down memory lane, the game and your fellow zombie slayers are only a click of a button away.
  11. Thank You Jason Blundell

    @Slade I agree with most of what you have said regarding the black ops 3 story, it was poor and I was massively disappointed. We pretty much knew what we would be doing (collecting the souls) from the disc maps, and we really didn't need 6 maps to tell that story. So many loose ends, and such little resolution in the end. In regards to the SOE cutscene, I don't see how that is disrespectful. We are not supposed to know it exists. I know they are aware that people datamine, but in that case it is a middle finger to dataminers, not their whole fan base. There is an irony in the people trying to cheat their way to answers (not meaning yourself), feeling cheated by what they found. The major disappointment for me is what the multiverse and different versions of our characters has done to the story. I don't care about these characters anymore. I hope Revelations is the last we will see of them, but judging by the comics they intend to keep this story going, which will probably be the final nail in the coffin for my involvement with Treyarch zombies.
  12. Video game music

    @Chopper My music interests are pretty eclectic, did you find any classical music that you enjoyed? Here are a few of my favourites
  13. I haven't seen this discussed anywhere yet, and am assuming it is a rare drop, although drops in general seem a little thin on the ground in IW zombies. There is a new power up which is called 'Weapon Upgrades'. I picked it up when my equipped weapon was already packed, but my secondary was the axe and was immediately upgraded to the 'Piece Maker' via the drop. It could be that if a weapon is already upgraded, the upgrade will go to your secondary weapon. However, the name does say upgrades plural, and it seems like a rare drop, so it may be possible that the power up will upgrade everything in your load out. Also, I picked this up in a solo game, so not sure how it would function in co-op. I can't imagine it would upgrade all guns being carried for each player in game, so maybe only works for the player that picks up the drop?
  14. Anyone else enjoying the difficulty/challenge of ZIS? Feels good to need to move again, rather than just spamming shoot at the floor.

    1. Mr Samductive

      Mr Samductive

      I love the feel of ZIS...I really like the new ticket and token systems 

  15. Zombies in Spaceland Highest Scene

    Managed to get to scene 23 last night, didn't find pack-a-punch but the zombies are easy to train so it feels very similiar to the old style of zombies to me. Was trying to bank money as well (not sure if this is for teammates in that game or whether it carries over), so found myself with no ammo for a couple of rounds but still managed to keep the game going without killing any zombies. I was surprised how much fun ZIS was, and it's refreshing to have to hoarde properly again to pick up teammates rather than shooting the WW and being invincible, or using gobblegums. I haven't seen anything regarding ww's in ZIS yet, so hoping that there is nothing that is easy to camp with, but so far the gameplay seems pretty well balanced.