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  1. BennetsGreen

    Dlc1 Xbox release time?

    im feeling sexy, whos down for the easter egg??
  2. BennetsGreen

    Dead Ops Arcade 2 Highest Round

    im down for a game, GT BennetsGreen
  3. BennetsGreen

    Der Eisendrachen Location - Hohenwerfen Castle

    i actually lived not far from salzburg in austria for about ayear. ive visited both the ice caves and the castle twice! pretty excited to see it a 3rd time with zombies.
  4. has anyone noticed the civil protector and the giant robot have the same head? at least it is on the box where you call him
  5. bare with me.... maybe...... just maybe.... they are taking apart the robot not building it???
  6. long time no see codz members! the truth is i forgot my password! but anyways, ive been watching and reading alot of lovecrafts work, there are 2 works of art that have not been talked about that i think have alot to do with inspiration for shadows of evil (besides the obvious call of cthlou) . the first being the re-animator, its about bringing the dead back to life, the 2nd is a book by the the name of shadow out of time, which is about creatures going through time and space collecting history, information and artifacts. just abit of trivia!
  7. BennetsGreen

    Could there be a third zombie map or mode on launch?

    i wouldn't take too much from the sound files aswell.... this is new generation with an old way of thinking, treyarch know how to throw things in for us that will put us off track as well as keep us in perfect alignment... they are like their own government... anything can change. treyarch said everything is related in the zombies universe... if they have a campaign mode from launch set in exo/future/black ops 3 style its either gotta be set after buried.... or have the ending of the zombies storyline already played out before the future dlc.... wrap your minds around that muthafuckers! but i still luv yas!
  8. BennetsGreen

    Could there be a third zombie map or mode on launch?

    hello everyone long time no see!!! I've been currently working 7 days a week now so i can no longer drink and smoke/converse with you lot as much as i would... first up DBZ and GRILL bring up very strong points that I've wanted to talk about for a while.... SoE doesn't add up to this modern feel the "only the cursed survive" poster has to it. i know a lot of the members here think its just a relation to all the players being sinners (remember this is only speculation by fans). Its VERY common for treyarch to relate maps to others, fuck even nuke town and tranzit had a shit load in common as much as everyone shits on them (atomic and nuclear bombs and the making of). I'm sorry i don't have enough time to do this but i suggest we all as a community go through the SoE trailer and try and find a zombie that looks like "only the cursed survive" man.... or otherwise DBZ you dickhead might be on to something. as i say.. research the facts.. not speculation. love ya's!
  9. BennetsGreen

    Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    don't worry, I've been looking at re making an actual vintage coke machine and turn it into the jugg machine (for my beers of course). if anyone wants me to show them and i can probably add new sounds or you can just put a new system and de-activate the other (which can be easily re activated) to play the jug song.
  10. BennetsGreen


    I swear I have seen that lion head before! Is it on the blundergat or another packapunched gun??
  11. BennetsGreen

    Shadow Man - Shadow Portrait In Kino?

    I also think the shadow man sounds like it could be the announcer in mob of the dead.. Either way relating him back to being some kind of evil force is looking like the go. I have a feeling we are going to learn a lot about mob of the dead in this map. Only the cursed survive is meaning only the bad/evil survive to be put through this so called " hell on earth", which means there should be an evil power in control.
  12. BennetsGreen

    The Giant: A Sequel to Origins

    Ok guys, I finally found a new house and I'm back online, I can't help but think those test tubes of blood from the mob crew that the origins crew have are going to play a large part further down the line
  13. BennetsGreen

    What are you listening right now?

    its a cover of basement jaxx
  14. I'm giving free bass guitar lessons to all CoDz members through Skype 24/7

  15. I'm giving free bass lessons to all CoDz memebers through Skype 24/7

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