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  1. Camping Spot by Lab B

    Not a bad strategy. I have like no idea where good spots on this map are so I just kinda run around and kinda get cornered easily. Gonna have to try this later.
  2. Zetsubou No Shima Highest Round?!

    My highest is currently 21. This map is a lot harder than I thought it would be xD
  3. Perkaholic is definitely a der eisendrache or S.o.E gum. Using it on the Giant is a waste imo.
  4. ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH.......OK feels a little better

    I haven't really played with randoms all that much, but everytime I have there has been either a dced person that just stands there, or a person who just plain sucks and always downs and gets mad. I've only been playing with randoms because I want to get the challenges for reviving people done, so playing with randoms for is either a curse, or a blessing.
  5. Anywhere but here....

    I remember seeing a video where people in shadows of evil managed to get to the Summoning Room above the starting area without opening the door. When they dropped off the ledge to get to the next room the game immediately killed them, so in theory that would be a cool idea, but in reality it wouldn't work well.
  6. Echo Bug

    Has anyone on ps4 run into a bug that makes all your sounds constantly echo? It seems to trigger for me when I teleport or go down in the inner launch area (the area with the teleporter).
  7. Der Eisendrache Highest Round??

    My highest is 32 so far. I was surprised when I got to 26 with randoms the other day too.
  8. Easter Egg Help

    I've never had to go back in time to get a new code. A lot of times I'll kill the panzer and it'll end the round, but it still lets me enter the code from before instead of making me get a new one.
  9. Catwalk Glitch

    I've only been playing solo so I haven't heard anything about this glitch. I was playing the Giant yesterday and I ended up getting to Round 40 which is my highest round ever. I camped the Catwalk and had Turned but after reading that thing about how Catwalk with turned is like Buried and camping in jug I feel less accomplished now...
  10. What special weapon do you want to see?

    What about the Sparrow? Castles were usually armed with soldiers wielding bows and crossbows, so the Sparrow would fit in well.
  11. The Giant Highest Round

    Made it round 35 using the legendary catwalk strategy. The Drakon was able to get me there and get completely maxed out in that one game, so now its my favorite weapon.
  12. Shadows of Evil highest round

    My highest round is 18 currently. My friend made it to round 38 though so I've been trying to be that.
  13. New but Not Exactly??

    I made this account last year but then I never really did anything with it. Back then I had an xbox but now I use steam. I've been playing black ops 3 mostly and I played modded waw zombies before that. I'm mostly up for any zombies, but my game is being kinda weird right now so actually playing the game is kinda hard.
  14. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    yh, but they already have that, with the galvaknuckles The galvaknuckles are melee weapons though, instead of an actual slot weapon. Plus they only kill one zombie per hit. These sound really cool and kind of remind me of the Heavy when he punches stuff. Party Popper The weapon looks kind of like a China Lake with a b-day candle camouflage. The camo is white with red stripes, and the iron sight is orange like a flame. This weapon is a grenade launcher, and hold two shells in the chamber and comes with 18 reserve shells. When fired, the shell fires in the air and explodes on impact, but the explosion sounds like a party popper going off and confetti is shot into the air. The reload speed is the speed of the China Lake upgraded, and has the movement speed of it as well. Killing wise, its about the same as the China Lake, to about round 12. Birthday Blast The gun is now lighter than air and hold double the ammo. The upgraded camo is the same as before, except the red stripes glow like lava and the iron sight becomes a real flame. The shells explosion is even stronger, and whatever zombie isn't killed from the blast, starts dancing and clapping happily. The confetti effect also makes whatever character or zombie in it also start laughing. This variant kills any zombie in one direct hit until round 20, the explosions kill till about round 18, and make crawlers after that. (Its my b-day and I thought of this so...)
  15. Zombie Suggestions

    Or maybe what they did with Ghosts and K.E.M Strikes that can drastically alter the map. Maybe like, if you do something big that causes an explosion that could realistically destroy the map, a flash engulfs the screen and all the zombies die, then the light fades and you're in a different version of the map that's all destroyed and has a completely different layout and terrain. Imagine Groom Lake before and after. Before, its just a small lake with Pack a Punch and a teleporter with the machine and puddles. But after the rockets it, the puddles were dried up and the elevated paths the zombies spawn on were now accessible to the players. OR Pack a Punch was blown away and landed in a corner on its side all dented up, but still usable, something that allows a map to change, so players have to change their strategies.