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  1. Main Easter Egg-Rescue/Awaken Original Dempsey

    Remember the quote in The Giant when Richtofen says something along the lines of "Dempsey is the key to all of this. Or is it Takeo, or Nikolai?" He says something like that, but the point I'm trying to bring up is that Richtofen knows that one of "them" is the key, but he doesn't know which. For this reason, I think it's safe to assume that they only need one of the original 4 for whatever reason. If they do get Dempsey, then it will either be revealed why he is the key or if they need another of the old characters. I know I didn't contribute much of a theory but I wanted to bring up the quote
  2. All Ciphers

    I would love a vague explanation as to how these things are cracked
  3. great now we know that this bird is quite famous in this timeline
  4. The Flesh

    Where are the radios on Die Rise?
  5. Sounds intriguing. You should look into that.