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  1. Going on holiday soon!

    Just went out to New Orleans with a group. Basically everywhere I went had the best music and food! Streets can be a bit dirty, but so can I...(eww creepy nvm) The bars never close and I took fool advantage of that. Tons of history and fun!
  2. How does the man on the man get a hair cut?


    Eclipse it...ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. NaBrZHunter


      Uhhhh...LMAO! I am not sure.

    2. NaBrZHunter


      The man on the man? LOL!!! Naw, I get it now. 😆

  3. AK74Fu2 oh baby, I've missed you!
  4. User of the Month May 2017

    I would like to nominate Flammenwerfer for UOTM.
  5. Chronicles coming to Xbox & PC next week!

    But but but I don't fly home until Friday
  6. Is it safe to come out yet? Is Pee Wee Herman Zombies over?

    1. anonymous


      Time to change the second word in your name, Boom. Time to come out

  7. boom BYE yeah

    After 8 years of fun and almost 4 years as staff on the forum I’ve decided to take my leave from the Zombies community. As much as I try to recreate the good ol’ days the experience just is not the same for me. I have found keeping up with the storyline has become more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. I have had to invest not only my time, but an unreasonable amount of money that I don’t even care to speak out loud or type for that matter. I am extremely thankful for my time with this community and don’t regret a moment of it. I have forged what I believe will be lifetime friendship with people I have never even met in person. I most definitely will continue to keep in touch with everyone, but feel as though I am doing a disservice to our members by holding my title and not contributing. Upon taking the role of staff remaining active is one thing I committed to always owning. It has been amazing watching this community grow in sheer numbers and on individual level. I personally have gotten married, made a career, had a child, moved across the country numerous times all in span of this games lifetime. However as I added more to my personal plate, Zombies has been moved been back burner. I’ll just say it, “I’m too old for this shit”. Lol. I wish the best of luck to all of you and don’t hesitate to reach out. Seriously Treyarch a one minute cut scene, go fuck yourself.
  8. CoDZ comic #1!

    Yes go crazy! Whoop whoop.
  9. The Scottish Danny De Vito Look Alike

    Hello Username, get f*cked!
  10. Looks like an improved version of the DE Boss battle room
  11. Meet of the day...

    A Zombie at the IW event
  12. Oh Hi, it's been a while...

    Well hey there! Glad you decided to come back If you'd like, I could merge the two account. Shoot me a message.
  13. Any casual players out there

    Sure, hit me up anytime! Boom115
  14. What height are you?

    5'11"- just missed