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  1. Boom115

    kumbaya boombyeyeah

    Welcome to the forum. Don't fuck it up.
  2. Why did we get rid of this? Should it stay?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lenne


      I like this more than the chatbox to be honest.

    3. The Meh

      The Meh

      I still like the chatbox a good bit, myself...


      Although this finally coming back gives me the excuse to start throwing up witty status replies hinting at my next couple of maps in The Unity Series! *laughs maniacally*

    4. Boom115


      The chat box is still on the back page like you suggested.

  3. Boom115

    Armor detail and the Chaos Crew's character background

    Really great detail here, really interested to see how the lore from all the different cultures plays into the overall story line. Based on the initial Voyage of Despair trailer is seems to carry overs. Also when they are inhaling the vapors is it possible that they are inhabiting the bodies of their ancestors? Just speculating but maybe their families have been brought together for centuries to fight this battles. Whatever is may be. Yeah I'm calling him Mumbo Jumbo, it's been decided.
  4. Boom115

    About that DLC exclusivity

    Holy shit I can do 7 days on my head. This is amazing!
  5. Boom115

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    Bish we all busy. Stop with the excuses and start with the action 🤪
  6. Boom115

    Accept Your Fate Begin A New

    So the thing with a time paradox (although theoretical and not factual) is there is not a single point of origin. Similar to the Chicken and the egg paradox physicists now say per the peculiar nature of quantum mechanics both events can occur without a set order. If we followed one linear timeline we would face the grandfather paradox. These events could not run parallel and could simply not occur. However, as show in the timeline. We are dealing with multiple DIMENSIONS and our characters have the ability to travel in between different dimensions. So we have multiple Richtofens interacting with each other from the same and different dimensions. So the real question I'm hung up on is: Is this a paradox at all? Timeline excerpts for reference Primis Richtofen instructs Undead Richtofen to pursue Victis and recover their blood vials.>>Zombie Rick gets blood>>RicK receives blood from zombie>>Rick give blood to himself in Origins>>Richtofen secures the blood samples of Sal and Finn>>Richtofen takes the crew to Dimension 63 to collect "their blood" for the "insurance policy.">>Monty discovers that Primis has consumed the blood of souls from dimensions that no longer exist.
  7. Boom115

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    Do you just mean like people in general playing CoD or something else?
  8. Boom115

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    Agreed nice to have available, but not much of a point to it if we can't get in the account. Looking into the CoDz tube already its a solid maybe. Agreed again, noticed in an old version of the layout figured we tried it out. It is a better fit for the bottom of the forum.
  9. Boom115

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    I can cosign on this, even when his downs start on round 5
  10. Boom115

    CoDZ 25 Hour Live Stream!

    @RadZakpak @The Meh I will be on ze Xbox lets squad up.
  11. Boom115

    CoDZ 25 Hour Live Stream!

    @Wooodd hahahha old habits die hard.
  12. That's right fam, CoDZ will be hosting a 25 hour live stream for BO4 launch on October 12th! I know what you're thinking: Why 25 hours? Because I'm sure everyone else will be doing a 24 hours stream and we need to stay one step ahead of competition (or one hour in this case). As of right now it's just your old pal Boom hosting, but I'm opening up the invite to anyone who would like to participate. If you can play, host, jump in a call, or even just support from the chat get in here. Let me know down below if you're game. I'm realistic, our community is much smaller these days and I don't have any delusions of a massive turn out. What I do believe is that we can have a lot of fun and document it all on twitch! Let's take this Zombies season by storm!! When: October 12th 12AM EST (will adjust to exact launch time when announced Where: CoDZOfficial Twitch Who: Errybody in herrr
  13. Boom115

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    @RequixEclipseDid you try @Covert Gunman? I believe he was the one that set up that account. Although I think they may have discontinues the email service used previously so it might not matter one way or another. Also @NaBrZHunterwas all up in that youtube last season.
  14. Boom115

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    General gaming discussion consolidated into one page Condensed recent posts from 8 to 5 Added sidebar for CoDz Youtube (replaced twitch hook) Looking for feedback suggestions for sidebar. What should we add what should we remove. Current: Donation Sidebar (not moving sever costs are expensive :)) Youtube Chatbox Divinium Most Awarded Latest Videa Who's Online Who was online
  15. If you don't have 18 minutes to watch the interview, I pulled out the most important bits that I found interesting. Enjoy! Game Informer Interview Boom's Bits The story lines are not connected, they are not connected, THEY ARE NOT CONNECTED. I think it is safe to say that Chaos and Aether storylines are not connected and we can focus our theorizing elsewhere. There is an individual writer who put together the zombies timeline (unnamed). This person was tasked with knowing every piece of the 10 year saga. Craig Houston and Jason Blundell often have to ask them to verify that their ideas mesh with previous events. Blood of the Dead's main quest will be one of the most involved to date. Also there will be numerous side quests to keep us busy along the way. Classified story line and easter eggs are for the more hardcore story line enthusiasts. There will be many "deep cuts" as far as the story line goes. Fortunately we have a forum of information covering this exact topic :). For new players adapting to the game play the recommended maps should be played as follows IX, BotD, VoD, and finally Classified due to its tight quarters. The difficulty described here is referring only to game play and not the main quest. "We will have more maps release this year then ever before, so stay tunes to the end." Hold up...WHAT?!?! Is this Chronicles II confirmed? I guess we will wait and see. This season will be the first time we have a fully dedicated development through the life of the game. Fixed glitches He made a very non-committal remark about the return of Grief mode, but highly suggested that it would make a return. Zombies Rush Mode will allow players to compete in a more arcade style. It will drop the players into the maps with all buyable items free to grab and will progress based on kills. There can only be one winner! I'm sure there is a lot more information come on this mode. The chaos story will have no bearing on historical events. Allowing the treyarch team to interject there story in significant events without be burdened with timeline flaws like the aether story line. Understanding why the map is named IX could take us 6-12 months to discover.

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