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  1. Golden Gate Bridge -No Mans Land

    there will be no mans land in the future.its make sense to drop wit next dlc like turned for green run
  2. the gate next 2 jugg is a very good 4 player camp spot just make sure 2 get jugg 1st
  3. I don't think it would say Root Beer if it didn't contain any alcohol. Root Beer doesn't contain alcohol, it's a soft drink... lmao
  4. i didnt c any perks in the trailer unlike in tranzit and die rise mayb there is no perks,mayb we can get free perks from the warden,mayb perks are ONLY attainable 4rm killing the warden.no box light also i think yellow beam is pap like in COTD
  5. i think our perks will be in cans not bottles,and i dnt think the perks contained alchol,what led u2 believe that