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  1. What Is Your Favorite Persistent Upgrade?

    Half off is just where after gaining 2500 points during a double points, during the duration of the next double points you can purchase almost everything for half price.
  2. Pretty simple, whats your favorite persistent upgrade. And to make it a little bit more exciting, reply with some of your favorite nicknames for the upgrades. P.S. I'm pretty sure I have all of them listed, but if for some reason I missed one just pick the last option.
  3. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Yo delta your rhymes are nonexistent No rhtym or rhyme you should stop dissing Cus it just makes you look bad Your word choice makes you soundmlike a little lad That hasnt had his ball drop You probably go around in your undies singing with a mop thats the definition of gay Yea i said it, i won't deny it I wont edit this post I laugh at our jokes Not cus their funny, but cus their stupid and you know it But you still hit submit because you dont know any better, you need some wit Just get over it You want stop me I got to round infinite Richtofen cant control me I told you imma god My zombies have red eyes Ferguson is my bitch and he does as I please
  4. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    This was good Now let the rap begin I wasnt the one that went down That was my sucky teammate hook But he was instantly revived By my kraus refreberalater You didnt see me because imma stealthy motherfucker Everyone saw you tho, you are a hefty motherfucker Im a king of grief And a god of rap I dont to down But when i do its to cause you to go down. This isnt minecraft You cant walk through a body So your trapped and you go down But i get revied Call that TBSZ2 and when im up il Teabag you to Cus I dont care about MMX and what he stews About how to play Stick to the story line Thats what you do And if you are reading this I dont mean disrespect Im just in the groove and what ever i say comes out smooth
  5. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Oh to make this more light spirited, and so no one gets mad and butthurt over the genius rhymes being spit, i think people should quote the best parts of some of the lines that were said before they posted. These lines should be so great, so awesome, so dirty, and wonderful that they provoke a reaction similar to the one below: Il start it off
  6. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    I see your signature Im not referring to the picture And all i can think of is how ungreat you are Your raps come out fast and like a blur But you are still insecure I can tell by how you call out my medals You only have one, you need to step your game up, Like put your pedal to the metal Your name is hook, But even if I was a fish you couldn't catch me Im faster then lightning A crucifix couldnt catch me Thats a stab at you EJ You may need to pray, for some rap lines But they won't be answered because Im the slim shady, the god *mic dropped*
  7. Epic Rap Battles of CoDz

    Dear everybody on here, your raps are bad Mine may not be better but yours are just sad If you think you are better then you are sadly mistaken I could rap circles around you while cooking me some bacon Scratch that, i dont cook, I leave that for your bitch that I took Shes making me me a sandwich While im using some of my bandwith To slay me some zombies because we all know you guys cant My kill count rises while your downs start to become abundant You scream you haz ray guns I scream you are a noob and revive you so my revives go up by the ones After that I duck and weave Dogging through these zombiees And when the round ends I click submit and how you how the bs zombie will always win
  8. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I just heard a quote from richtofen on origins where he said when he first started experimenting with element 115 he started to fall in and out of reality. What do you take from this? Doesn't this support an alternative reality. Can this show/support that samantha could control 115 so well that she could create an alternate reality? Edit: i found the quote and it is here at 2:18. It basically says that the element itself went in and out of reality. But I still suggest hearing it yourself. What does that mean mmx? Edit again to avoid posting twice Oh? I heard that quote but the quote itself did not say what he was referring to. He also has a quote about how the Mark II shouldn't exist since they only just now built the Mark I. So I think Richtofen's hypothesis that the Mark II's origins is Maxis's secrets is incorrect, as opposed to the real conclusion, that the Mystery Box pulls weapons from different eras. EDIT: MonkeyBomb, I'd say give it a week or so. I found the quote i was referring to. In the same video above, go to 25:27 He asks himself if maxis has kept the weapon secret to him. This could be likely because there are other weapons that maxis kept from richtofen.
  9. You're Banned!

    Ban for being part of the pc master race.
  10. You're Banned!

    Banned for banning a fellow monkey.
  11. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I have heard of richtofen's quote regarding the mark 2 in game before. It refers to him saying that maxis must have kept these plans away from him or something like that.
  12. Highest Round on Die Rise? Solo or Co-op.

    My solo is 70 something, and then I got to round 87 doing the galva knuckle spot prepatch.
  13. Origins Highest Round

    Round 70, 4 player is a huge ass accomplishment. Would love to see proof of anyone doing that
  14. Shovel Guide

    According to chocolate, the next mound spawns in as soon as you get your second blood. So you could get two in one round and possibly three of them if you were extremely lucky.
  15. Shovel Guide

    If you go down I'm 100% positive you keep them if you are revived. Not sure if you die out if you keep them.