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  1. Looking for one person to break 70 on Origins with me tonight 2 player. anyone down? I am good to go in 1 hour.

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    2. Chopper


      Fuck it isn't, I could have started now as well and gone for a really high one! Let's try the weekend for sure, I fancy another 70+ coop, would be my 3rd BO2 one.

    3. DeathBringerZen


      Yeah, I think Origins would be easy enough to hit 70+ on 2P. I already had a 62 recorded and we were breezing, but the connection I was on was terrible and it ended up costing us the game. No matter... I am down for the weekend. Keen to hit 70+ on Kino too at some point if you are down?

    4. Chopper


      Yeah for sure on Kino but that's definitely a weekend jobby me thinks....I can do that for sure not this weekend but the next...I need to plan out my high runs very carefully and in advance ;)