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  1. Just came back to crash this post! The children preserve the primis ones, or all existent types/individuals? I always thought it would be for any iteration of that person. Some deep and good analysis, and I love it! But I disagree, or rather, would provide a different view. What if "We" means the players/characters that fight? They are "running from beocming one" aka from dying, because they would be zombies and followers for the old one. And they "carve it out of stone", which is the opposite of carve it in that means it is fixed. So they want/will change fate (their death) even if they would rewrite the fate. Just to clarify, what I mean above is running from becoming one, not like in primis. _________________________________________________________________________ My thoughts are as follows: From "They buried a well" until "Ad te omnis caro veniet" : The speaker is either the goverment\who sent the characters or as you mentioned, the duality, or combination of both. From "We’re running from becoming one" until "Dies irae, dies illa solvet" : The speaker is the characters, their struggles, their goals, their fears. From "Cycle on" until the end(?): The speaker is the first one\the hivemnid. They oppose the characters, and telling them "And no one’s here so no more fear" and that they "We run away from a way of running" like they have given up\there's no way\The first one stops them in some ways. Overall, your analysis is so good, but I would just try to offer some minor tweaks here and there. I only offer a change of perspectives, since the meaning would - generally - still be the same.
  2. Hi, and welcome to my analysis of Kino's ee song 115. As usual, I would comment over other people's interpretations and offer my thoughts. For now, I would go back to my old pal @The Meh, with other people. Also, the lyrics are taken from this drive which @RadZakpakcompiled. Let's go! ---------------------------------------- I agree, no comments. I agree, no comments. This line is somewhat weird to interpret. What does she mean by “I know I won’t die alone”? If she dies, the zombies would also die? How does that reason/explains that she won’t forgive him? It could be that since she has the power AKA zombies, she would not forgive him. If she dies, everyone else would die, and no one would be able to avenge her. But vengeance isn’t the same as forgiveness… It is weird. Write down your thoughts! I believe this signifies the purpose of the song imo, which is introducing “Samantha” officially. This song is all about Sam’s hatred, even though it was somewhat established before in Lullaby of a dead man, here is where the story became grounded. This time, I would be quoting Black Wolf instead of The Meh The most troubling thing is the “again” part… I don’t know about any previous tries at stopping Samantha (except for Five/Broken Arrow but it happens after Kino. Thanks to @RadZakPak) I could explain it by the multiverse, but I don’t like it although it is hinted at again later on. Anyway, I believe the meaning without the emphasis on the “again” part is as follows: The people are waiting for a saviour, but don’t understand that these events would also lead to destruction. Rings any bells? We’ll see another reference later. To put it simply, people are trying to survive, and Samantha wants more power through zombies and through element 115. These lines could mean many things and is prone to overinterpretation. It could mean that she is talking to Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai about how they are working towards giving Richtofen the ultimate power and how they overlooked his past and his sociopathy. It could mean that she is talking to the whole group, how their fight is useless and overlooked that zombies never end. It could mean what The Meh interpreted, although I disagree with him. I like the first one, as it would give Sam more depth and foreshadow Moon’s ending. Quoting the first reply from this website: The last line is interesting. It could mean that she is the chosen one and since she brings destruction then she’s like an Archangel. Or it could mean that she is the chosen one from the left hand, which I believe to be the Apothicons. We know that the Apothicons/aliens idea was there in the beginning, so I wouldn’t say it is far-fetched. I agree, no comments. “Look to the skies” and after that she says “My army of flies” Hmmmm. I had a couple of theories: 1- Multiverse theory: Like I said before, I don't like this idea. The aether is timeless, and maybe she could see other timelines. 2- It could be metaphorical, and the first end of creation is the existence of zombies while the other is everyone dying, which leads to the destruction of the human race. 3- It could also mean (continuing on The Meh’s analysis) that when a person dies, this is the first end of creation. The second would be when they die as a zombie. 4- We can’t forget that the “again” parts could mean gameplay wise, each game we think we will save the world and then we see the end of all creation/what we accomplished. I agree, no comments. ---------------------------------------- In the end, I believe the main purpose of the song is to reintroduce Samantha, and show the players her anger towards Richtofen (and them?). We could see little glimpse of what was yet to come, and appreciate it. This analysis took way longer than anticipated, with some lines that are hard to analyze and find meaning in them in a coherent way Honourable mention: FatedTitan's post. I like how he tries and presents the song in another perspective, but I don't think it holds up well. But it is good to see them thinking outside of the box!
  3. You mean with The Meh? Yeah of course, but sadly he missed the shot on this one. I believed the main takeaway is the Takeo reference. I don't know a lot about poisons or who used what, but found the idea that each line(s) represent a character is brilliant.
  4. Hi I plan to revisit all the Elena's songs, for now I finished with WaW, and noticed something crazy. Revisiting Lullaby For A Deadman - an analysis This song is mainly from Samantha's perspective. Revisiting The One - an analysis This song is from Samantha\zombies perspective (in the topic, I was leaning towards Samantha, but now I might believe that it is from the zombies perspective) Revisiting Beauty of Annihilation - an analysis This is from the Ultimis perspective. You see the pattern? Right now, we have seen all the perspectives of the players in the game, like a prologue. The "protagonists", the "villain", and the "obstacles". If this is what they planned to do, then this is crazy! Anyway, this concludes this era. If you have any suggestions or ideas to do for the next songs, write below! Thanks for reading.
  5. Hi. This is not the same as previous posts! I repeat, this is not the same as previous posts! I severed my ties with @The Meh *shock face* I checked his breakdown, along with other sources, and I believe that his approach was wrong. The song talks about the four characters (Ultimis), not about Samantha. The sources I used are as follow: This for what's in bold, while the rest is from this video. The lyrics are in quotations. Let's go! -------------------------------------------------------------- Both the website and the video bring the same point, and I agree with them. Simple. No comments. This portraits Ultimis perfectly, I want to add that they also might not grieve the others since there is no reason, they are not friends. Interesting. No comment. No comment. Maybe this is about Richtofen? If the others are curious about what they are doing and why are they going to places, he considers this treason which angers him more? This point is not clear, but this is how I see it. No comment. What I think is weird is the last part. Is someone from the crew wants to die? Or do they mean the death of zombies looks beautiful on them? I believe in the latter, but the wording is strange... The first line reminds me SO MUCH of Victis and how Stulingher is their “prophet”. But that would not go with the theme, it could be that Richtofen is the prophet from “the voices inside his head”, and he brought them to their doom? Remember the previous quote. Even if that was the case, who is talking? They are saying "your prophet", like someone who isn't associated with him. It is something that Dempsy could say if they were shoved into a corner or something. I (and others) thought that Samantha might have some lines, sort of like a debate? But it would be out of place. For the last line, it could mean their death or zombies death, although their death is more probable. I would like to hear your thoughts down! -------------------------------------------------------------- This is easily the hardest analysis between WaW songs. It is cryptic, and you might feel somewhat lost, but it was fun!
  6. This was The Meh's initial interpretation. Although it is sound, but it might be used in specific places where there are souls in the zombies, such as BotD. Yeah but The Meh brought up some good points, that's why I included both. Also, I don't think all the songs are from Samantha's pov. I was like you at first, until I saw @RadZakpak's analysis of The Gift, which he theorizes to be from someone else's pov
  7. Quoting The Meh I will quote @The Meh's analysis for the song, his analysis would be in red while mine would be outside the quote. Let's go! --------------------------------------------------------------------- I agree with The Meh, but we still don’t know for sure if it is a zombie (since zombies should not have a mind of their own) or Samantha, although I prefer the latter. There is the chance that this could mean the flesh faction, but I don’t believe so. “it tastes like chocolate” would imply that it is tasty/something you long for, which I don’t think the faction believe in (at least from Stuhlinger’s pov). I couldn't find any other evidence to exclude the flesh, but with the later context it would become clearer. To add to his point, whoever talks would want their time to eat to come. I agree with The Meh, no comment. This is where most of the discussion could be made. When a zombie eats you, you would become a part of him literally. But what if Samantha was talking? Then you would be part of her army. Both of them would want you to kill them and release them from their misery also. So the main argument would be: Do the zombies think/feel? They don’t have free will, that’s for sure, but maybe you can be controlled AND feel. Stuhlinger’s case would give so much insight, since he ate the right amount to not turn but to hear zombie Richtofen. If we go with this case, then zombies would hardly be able to think, but they might have heightened sense of smell, but would use it for instinct. Shoutout to @clueless and @anonymous for explaining the following to me: There are two kinds of "powers" inside a zombie, either a life force or a soul In case of life force: It is the usual force that would enable the bodies to move, and which we feed the MPD in moon and the dogs in DE. In case of souls: it would be in a closed circle/loop and there was some kind of ritual, such as Blood of the dead If this is true, then a life force would be nothing more than a force, not like a soul which you would be able to think and feel. Since the singer(? sorry Elena) is able to feel and think, I would be inclined to think that it is Samantha, and what she expresses "Your skin it tastes like chocolate" and "There's an iron smell of blood in the air" might be a side effect of her being trapped in the MPD and/or her zombifecation (I think?). I would continue to analyze in both ways, just to be in the safe side, but I believe Sam is the right answer. I must disagree with The Meh, “This zombie must be different than the others if it wants death” I believe any zombie would want to die instead of ‘living’ this torturous life. Even when they want you to kill them, they can’t fight the urge to eat the chocolate, which would make them more miserable and conflicted. The previous applies to Sam also, and it also goes deeper. She is more conflicted between continuing her misery and fulfilling her father's wish. So, she's waiting for "the one", the prince who would come and grant her the happy ending. Like The Meh said before "this song has a very melancholic feeling to it" Also this somewhat disproves the flesh theory, because they don't want to die. They can kill themselves, and them dying is not part of Richtofen's plan, it's the opposite! The word is fanatic, based on Kevin Sherwood’s official lyrics video. Nothing to comment otherwise. I agree with The Meh, no comments. --------------------------------------------------------------------- This song has been much deeper than Lullaby for a deadman, and The Meh's analysis is still so good
  8. Oh, I didn't know about that. Yeah it would make so much sense in that context. But I wouldn't say there is one meaning to it, for example the second explanation would also make sense, since if they die Samantha's reign over the earth would begin, and it connects well with the theme of resistance "You won't give up and die" Thanks!
  9. Hi I will be examining @The Meh analysis for this song, and offer my thoughts on some of the interpretations and/or song lines. The Meh's analysis would be in red, while mine would be out of the quote. Here we go! ------------------------------------------------------ I believe this is how Samantha sees the world. Even when she entered MPD, and Maxis was killed right in front of her, life still continued, and this is the truth. Spinning could also mean that nothing is gone, but rather ‘transferred’, like the law of conversation of energy Also in the second line she says “your end, my beginning” which I think means that she would control their bodies, hence “life is spinning” I think the third line is self-explanatory. I agree with The Meh, so no comment. I agree with The Meh (except in one point, will talk about it in the next comment), I also think that dreaming as in wishing, not dreaming in sleep. I don’t believe she is omnipotent as in she knows what you think of, as there is no evidence to support this from what I know. I think this means that when she overfloods them with zombies, they begin to show their cracks (thoughts and insecurities), and she loves it I believe the first line means that you could win little battles (the rounds), and you might think you’re winning, but you are wrong. I agree with The Meh on the rest. Looks like she also like things other than tormenting, like taunting! I’m unsure of the reliability of the fourth line, did it really happen or is she just taunting, but doesn’t change the meaning that much I agree with The Meh, no comment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This concludes the analysis! I think I will continue with this format, and at the end of each game I will make a topic that would contain links for everysong for that title (The more I think about it, the more I am cloning what The Meh did lol)
  10. Great analysis! I always thought it was from Sam's POV, and this is somewhat the "apology", but never went deep into analyzing it. As for this section, don't you think it would be more fitting if it was something like PTSD from when he killed/teleported Sam? Right now, in his little room (his brain), he hears the voices inside him, tormenting him about what the Ultimis Richtofen did?
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