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  1. Origins Highest Round

    Round 35 on 3-players, ranked 69 in the world. (Not even kidding right now) We had our 3 Ultimate stevs; Lightning, Wind and Fire. Nobody could kill our groove 'cept for my friend who felt the need to quit the game because he was tired... could've gone to Round 40 easily. I'm getting the hang of this map now. Only had 3 downs in that whole game... surprisingly.
  2. Highest Round on Buried!

    Got to Round 44 on Solo, camping in the mines. Kept using the time bombs when I got down until I ran out of them and stop caring. I'm telling y'all... Solo is the worst on this map. Too damn boring. My game was 188 minutes long, so... I kinda don't wanna record all of that just to prove I went to Round 44.
  3. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Killed myself at Round 55. Couldn't bear it anymore, it got way too boring for me. The one reason I loved getting to a high round is the amount of kills I get right next to my score... and I didn't get any more than 2000 because of lack of ammo and the fact that using the Traps don't count as you killing them. This was before I heard about the Hell's Redeemer though... I might sweat it out again for round 60+.
  4. Pop Goes the Weasel (Easter Egg) VIDEO TUTORIAL

    Yeah.. I just tried going in Purgatory mode and go up to the plane and see if I could board, but I couldn't. Probably as far as you can get when you're playing Solo.
  5. Pop Goes the Weasel (Easter Egg) VIDEO TUTORIAL

    Iam giving you a biggy here and if you add my GT OPL Razor i can explain it better if you wish think about inmate numbers and no Golden spork is not part of the EE that is a myth Nevermind. I got the numbers. But now I'm stuck on the roof. I listened to all the audio files... what now? Fuel the Plane? I heard Samantha laugh btw.
  6. Pop Goes the Weasel (Easter Egg) VIDEO TUTORIAL

    The next set is 386 (i dont want to tell you the next set but its easy if you have some knowledge of the map) for spoons, we only had one and that was the one behind the poster if your talking about the golden spork we are also know how to get that though its such a pain, Yeah, the Golden Spork thingy. Is it essential to the EE or not? And thanks for hint, I think it's at 863 now? I can't seem to make a link though...
  7. Pop Goes the Weasel (Easter Egg) VIDEO TUTORIAL

    I'm doing every single part for the EE so far until the Panels going haywire in Solo. Just wanna try and see if it works or not, you never know. Can you tell me what the number sequence is after it resets to 728? And where do I find more spoons besides the ones in the Cafeteria and the first one?
  8. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Got to 33 later that day. Map's pretty easy.
  9. MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    The Hell's Retriever recharges. It never runs out.
  10. MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    I just bought PHD in Grief and I dived off to get an explosion. You're just not doing it right.
  11. MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    PHD and Flopper are both in Grief mode. Don't give up on these two perks yet, they may be buy-able after doing something in Mob of the Dead.
  12. MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    The Warden's key is ESSENTIAL! There's multiple doors you can open with it that are shortcuts in the map and probably doors that lead to more parts. Here's a video on how to get to it: You need to get to the sign where it says "Warden" in Afterlife. There will be a hole high up in the wall that you can go through. (In Afterlife, you can levitate quite high...) Go in it and there will be a circuit board in the middle of that hall, overload it by shocking it and it will bring down the Warden's key that's hanging on some Electric wire.
  13. Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    I certainly hope it's like Five, where you have to do something in order to get to the PaP room. Just seems more fun that way, right?
  14. Bootlegged Perks? ( Are the perk beverages canon?)

    I don't think it would say Root Beer if it didn't contain any alcohol. Root Beer doesn't contain alcohol, it's a soft drink... I guess I should've added the '/sarcasm' note.
  15. Bootlegged Perks? ( Are the perk beverages canon?)

    I don't think it would say Root Beer if it didn't contain any alcohol.