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  1. I imagine they produced the whole thing, copter model, cgi work, fake explosions/muzzle flash etc. You will also notice no other advertising on the video, because it already is one (I don't think youtube let you stick adverts on "paid product listings".
  2. Looks like Strwrsbob was right, its a quadcopter. Activision just payed FPSrussia to put a fake cgi one on his channel. And guess what, looks exactly the same. Its a killstreak that has a mounted SMG and self destruct switch.
  3. I really REALLY don't get this "hardened" and "prestige" (or whatever) fad that games are being released as now. They only sold ME3 here with metal case and a blow up hand thingy.. I chucked them straight in bin. I want the same case as all my other games so they fit in, and I don't want some stupid kiddy toy either. People, Its all just junk :facepalm:
  4. I was fully OK with the tanks in W@W, I enjoyed hiding from them and having sniping pot shots across the map with the bazooka. Killing them was better then driving them. What if vehicles didn't count towards killstreaks, would that be better?