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  1. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Attempt 1: 11 Attempt 2:14 Attempt 3: 5 (we got stuck with first time zombies players) Attempt 4: 28 first exposure to the EE and basically everything key about this map. Met a couple guys in the new MP maps and they asked if I was down for a game. Unfortunately it was a custom game so the only evidence I have is a picture of the round count. Anyway. We all decided to down ourselves because it was late and the game was already running 1:30 long.
  2. MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    Okay some of these questions are eating at me since I can't play this for at least another 6 hours. How does electric cherry work? Does the effect start to wane the more times you use it? Cause it would be way too OP if it didn't. How many times can you use hells retriever?
  3. Which mobster do you want to be?

    I want to be Tommy Vercetti....aka Ray Liotta.
  4. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    Question, is this happening to people as their is a consistent stream of zombie spawns still going on, or when you've kept one alive to replenish yourself? Because I never even venture towards the slide unless I've kept one alive for the sole purpose of boxing and it still, has never happened to me. On XBOX or PS3
  5. How did you find out about Zombies Mode?

    Teammate that was housing me in Utah was playing World at War. After two hours of all of us taking turns on multiplayer he busts out zombies and lets me play Veruckkt. First box get is a ray gun. we made it maybe 10 rounds. Someone bought me Black ops and Kino really hooked me in. Took me so many games to finally get used to the whole system.
  6. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    Never had issues with this. Only retarded deaths I've ever suffered were 1.) Jumping over to trample steam room, zombie jumps over at the same time, we collide in mid air, I plunge to my death 2.) Didn't realize my buddy put down a trample steam in the trample steam room, and he put it down incorrectly. Jump over not paying attention. Hit the trample steam. Launches me over back to the building, slam into the wall, plunge to my death 3.) Go down chaining the roof, who's who spawns me next to the two elevator shafts with an orgy of zombies waiting to take me down the second I stand up. 4.) Drop down elevator shaft in run to replace trample steam covering back window on roof. Zombie drops down on me mid drop, miss the wall ramp, no who's who or quick revive=game over.
  7. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    except for the slide death glitches Keep hearing people complain about this. Never happened to me. Had one game where a zombie jumped out as I jumped down the elevator shaft and made me miss my target, but the slide has never given me problems.
  8. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    Played with a buddy the other day. Went through about 10 total runs of it the last ended on round 16 because I accidentally let myself get forced into an elevator shaft. I think based on that limited playing time it's become my favorite map. Other than Ascension, Verruckt was my favorite and this is basically a bigger, more intricate, beautiful Verruckt. Being able to get a pack a punched AN 94 and Sluqifier early on defeats my need to box for a while. Still haven't familiarized myself with all the strategies. Ended up going down on round 16 by the dragon. Haven't built the flinger pad thing yet either. Can't wait till the end of the month.
  9. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    Can't wait till it's out on PS3. AN-94 as a wall gun is worth it alone.
  10. Revolution should now be downloadable!

    You should message all these streamers if that's true.
  11. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    Well as I thought, the gameplay I watched was legit. First HD video for PS3 and other users like me who just can't wait. Eh. I don't use spoiler tags enough to use em correctly.
  12. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    Won't post the link cause leaks aren't allowed, but there's real gameplay footage out there for anyone who wants to look for it. No way it's fake either unless the faker got all the voice actors on board with it, and if they were damn good at video game development. There's a cinematic/comic inspired intro before the level starts. I think it might be the loading screen, but I hope not because it was a bit long.
  13. Were We Wrong?

    Sorry but Tranzit is not a location. It's a game mode. All black ops 2 maps go Map Name/location/game mode
  14. Were We Wrong?

    That doesn't matter. If other parts of the globe are in a state of global panic, not only does architectural expansion not become a priority, the global economy hurts. Skyscrapers are often built to accommodate corporations that do international business. If the united states is a charred wreck, then China hasn't been developing. Besides, look at the world map on the zombies main menu, the whole world looks screwed.
  15. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Too easy. Made it to round 84 on Kino and I got bored. I almost never get hit. And this was on regular. Gameplay not good enough to keep me engaged.