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  1. Dude, your signature gifs are insane. Lol

  2. Weird Nuketown fire sale glitch?

    Has anyone ever had this happen? (Excuse me for sound in the video, theater mode needs work...) E2C-Jzi5sGk Like for those who need it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2C-Jzi5sGk
  3. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Tiny laughing face of Romney coming through.
  4. Tranzit hate???

    I did like Tranzit the first few weeks Black Ops II came out, but eventually it got boring and not too fun anymore honestly. The lava, the bus, the denizens, the fact that often if you get left you're stranded, hell I absolutely hated how you need to get Pack a Punch. First you needed to leave that Turbine THEN you still needed to build the thing.
  5. How did you find out about Zombies Mode?

    That was around the time when Black Ops was maybe 2 or 3 weeks old. I was looking up Resident Evil 5 walkthroughs on YouTube and a match of the zombie map Five came up in the related part. First time I've seen Zombies Mode anything. It looked very interesting to me.
  6. What gun is in your fridge?

    If you put a gun in the fridge, can you retrieve it in a different game of Tranzit?
  7. Hurricane Sandy

    In where I live in Baltimore, it made me feel like it was exaggerated a bit here. I mean, in Maryland the only damage I've heard/seen was in Ocean City, but that's obvious because they all live so close to water. All I got was rain and blowing wind and that's it. No trees knocked over, no basement flooding, nothing like that.
  8. Isn't it kind of calming without the brains?

    It doesn't matter too much to me if they brains are gone, I never got many anyway.
  9. Gawd damn, HOW MANY HOURS DID THIS TAKE YOU!? But you sir, must be the Zombie God. People say I'm somewhat good at Zombies, but I can't even barely get past level 20 on this map... With others, since I'm never daring to do this map alone with no Jug. Congrats on this mans. [brains] And btw, nice Thundergun fail. :)
  10. 8 players? That would be hell. The amount of zombies, the amount of people, the amount of fighting over the mystery box, all that. Imagine how long higher rounds will be, and how even easier camping will be. And then they'll need more characters of course.
  11. Either they redirect it to where something was solved, where the people are on the right track, or there's something THERE that they want people to see or the correct answer is hidden somewhere. Weird and crazy shit.
  12. It redirects here? No wonder the servers aren't so great... But obviously they WANT people to come here for a reason.
  13. Wow... I just saw an ad for the reveal, and noticed "II" appeared for only like 2 seconds before it disappeared. Guess that confirmed the game is named Black Ops II then?
  14. Oh gawd, more codes. But how can anyone crack this? Some of the letters/numbers change into more than one letter.
  15. Oh goodness, this looks like some kinda killstreak/pointstreak to me.