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  1. Easter Egg Steps (farther than NGTZombies)

    i saw a video where after using the napalm zombie to light up the gas leaks the guy was able to pull the lever next to the valve you turn to stop the gas. those dials in the quicksand room have to be for something
  2. Xbox Live glitch reveals map pack 3: Retaliation????

    i don't sanction the use of mods or glitching or anything like that.. but to everyone wanting the WaW maps, i was like you once, then i downloaded the maps online, put them on a usb, and now theyre on my xbox ready to be played lol it's an easy way to get around 3arc screwing us hard as far as the old maps go.. seems pretty likely that: A) never release them in their own map pack or they will, but it won't happen until after the last new DLC pack in the meantime tho literally no one plays the old ones online so i try to share the love hah