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  1. don't mean to be an ass but if you're going to have a compilation thread at least update it. the first response to the thread informed you of the STG44 and it's not in the OP.
  2. shoot him in the head
  3. You didn't listen at all.... Micro-tranactions are not counted as DLC thats why season pass holders are given the promise of 4 dlcs and nuketown zombies, the "dlc 5" would be a micro transaction too... Although I see your point, trayarch has NOT made the best business decisions at ALL this year (and certainly not storyline wise)... SO i wouldn't be surprised to see this.... Yeah Treyarch has not made the best business decisions. The fuck? A billion dollar game with mass season pass + DLC profits. Are you 10?
  4. Nobody is expecting "rezzurection 2.0," it's just you. Also, check out the map pack. I was right. Educate yourself next time.
  5. For those who didn't read: If Treyarch is smart and wants to keep the zombies players for the next game they will release this as a zombies map pack. The reason you get 4 MP maps and 1 Zombies map in a map pack is because not only has that system sold very well in the past, but you play 8 minute games on those multiplayer maps. You play 120 minute games on that zombies map. You can not compare one zombies map to one multiplayer map. So you're saying every zombie player is going to boycott Treyarch's next Call of Duty if this map pack isn't 100% zombies. Where the hell did you get th
  6. No, but you certainly can using Google.
  7. There is a business side of things and there are some people who do not like zombies and as such, will not buy the map pack. The map pack will probably contain some multiplayer maps and one zombies map that somehow transforms elements of maps from WaW to Bo2
  8. There will not be a DLC 5. There was supposed to be a fourth DLC for Call of Duty: World at War, but it was cancelled because it would have been released too close to the release of Modern Warfare 2. In the event they were planning to release a DLC 5, it would be near/after the release of GTA V with the next generation of consoles right around the corner. That being said, season pass only covered 4 map packs so they would have to rely on people buying the map pack and not any of the cash from season passes. The map pack would sell horribly (in CoD terms).
  9. Definitely can see it being a single map being a huge crossover of maps or something. Treyarch knows what they're doing.
  10. lol quite obvious you only posted this because you werent sure whether or not it looked fake enough and wanted a few second opinions
  11. Essentially, yes, but it's pretty odd. What is under construction in the picture promoting MotD is the second half of one of the two 'towers'. Like I said this is odd because it seems after looking at various pictures and by just using common sense the towers would have been the first things to be fully completed. Maybe there's something I don't get or maybe Treyarch are just trying to make the point known by showing general construction on the bridge but whatevs.
  12. I'm pretty sure this confirms the time period. Check the Official BO2 website's background. On the left side of the screen you will see this:
  13. I think it's fairly obvious...when you take the airplane it lands on the bridge and it's basically the actor's last stand. The bridge is going to be incomplete and there will be nowhere to go as both ends just drop into the ocean and if you fall you die. Either that or Treyarch got some of their facts wrong which is highly improbable since they pay attention to every tiny detail of their maps, the zombies canon, and real life history that is intertwined in them as well.
  14. Regarding your second paragraph, and with the acknowledgement that this map is seemingly very similar to Call of the Dead in most aspects, that zombies map was pretty far out in terms of story and it managed to work in the end. Every map follows the canon, some in major ways, some in small ways. We've just been seeing a lot more maps contributing to the canon in smaller ways lately because (i think) they're getting a bit lazy and they are too afraid to make drastic change gameplay wise which results in repeating past stuff. I don't blame them the game mode is one of the most popular in a
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