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  1. don't mean to be an ass but if you're going to have a compilation thread at least update it. the first response to the thread informed you of the STG44 and it's not in the OP.
  2. shoot him in the head
  3. No, but you certainly can using Google.
  4. Definitely can see it being a single map being a huge crossover of maps or something. Treyarch knows what they're doing.
  5. Essentially, yes, but it's pretty odd. What is under construction in the picture promoting MotD is the second half of one of the two 'towers'. Like I said this is odd because it seems after looking at various pictures and by just using common sense the towers would have been the first things to be fully completed. Maybe there's something I don't get or maybe Treyarch are just trying to make the point known by showing general construction on the bridge but whatevs.
  6. I'm pretty sure this confirms the time period. Check the Official BO2 website's background. On the left side of the screen you will see this:
  7. I think it's fairly obvious...when you take the airplane it lands on the bridge and it's basically the actor's last stand. The bridge is going to be incomplete and there will be nowhere to go as both ends just drop into the ocean and if you fall you die. Either that or Treyarch got some of their facts wrong which is highly improbable since they pay attention to every tiny detail of their maps, the zombies canon, and real life history that is intertwined in them as well.
  8. Regarding your second paragraph, and with the acknowledgement that this map is seemingly very similar to Call of the Dead in most aspects, that zombies map was pretty far out in terms of story and it managed to work in the end. Every map follows the canon, some in major ways, some in small ways. We've just been seeing a lot more maps contributing to the canon in smaller ways lately because (i think) they're getting a bit lazy and they are too afraid to make drastic change gameplay wise which results in repeating past stuff. I don't blame them the game mode is one of the most popular in all of gaming right now but it has been getting repetitive gameplay wise.
  9. May I ask what things this Ben dude got right? I'd like to mention before anyone replies also that there has been Zombie map ideas from a Chernobyl map, an Alcatraz map, a Moon map and even to an Area 51 map by the time Der Riese was released. Take the time from WaW's third map pack release to April 2013 and obviously they're going to be some spot-on picks with all the speculation through the years. Nonetheless this dude could have gotten 100% predictions correct with Mob of the Dead but because of his past inaccuracies, especially the Henry Langham thing which I faintly remember, he cannot be relied upon as a truly credible source. That's not being ignorant that's just the circumstances and how I am calling it.
  10. Whatever the case is your evidence is no more proof than it is speculation. Whether or not quick revive does come back though it is almost certain that a form of it will remain in the game.
  11. I personally don't want bosses in any Zombies map but because there is one I hope it's at least easy. I also don't want this map to be too huge. There's a difference between big and huge zombies maps.
  12. If you've played WaW, heck if you played Black Ops zombies you'd have to question whether you were using the same Ray Gun in Black Ops 2 that you used in those games. I personally believe that the recoil (or kick, when it pushes you back) is massive in World at War and isn't as much so in BO2 but seriously the damage is incredibly low in BO2 compared to WaW. This isn't multiplayer, it's zombies, so I don't understand why they nerfed the Ray Gun. Now my knowledge is limited to the fact that this is unconfirmed but still I'm almost positive they nerfed the Ray Gun in BO2. Whatevs though honestly with the MG's in zombies in BO2 even with a more powerful ray gun 9 times out of 10 I'll take a Galil or anything similar over the Ray Gun.
  13. Am I the only one hoping for a castle remake????!!?!?!??!!!!!
  14. mkk255

    Map Pack 4

    Is there going to be a Map Pack 4 for Black Ops? Why/Why Not? Do you want there to be? Also, if there was another WaW remake, which map would you like remade? My Fav WaW map was Castle...so....yea =D
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