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  1. not hating but i think it's kind of funny that you seem to be worried about this being the last black ops map pack while your sig is all dressed out showing that you hate black ops zombies lol just couldn't let the bandwagon ride off without you eh? haha
  2. you can get to pap in solo, it just works slightly differently. from what iv seen you have to find at least one of the pressure plates around the map, which when pressed will raise the one right at the bottom of the temple. the more you use it you may have to press more of the plates before the main one pops up but same deal lol i am sad there's no solo easter egg tho :cry:
  3. i saw a video where after using the napalm zombie to light up the gas leaks the guy was able to pull the lever next to the valve you turn to stop the gas. those dials in the quicksand room have to be for something
  4. next to the cart full of bodies there's some little pod containers. the one stacked on top of another one has a little window where you can see what is probably a monkey but idk check it out
  5. my guess is that the 4(?) dials, each with four different symbols that can be turned have something directly to do with the EE. also i noticed that in the long curving tunnel on Jugg side of the map there is a pipe running vertically next to the skull pressure switch with a turnable valve on it ala COTD's ship levers the monkey statue deff has something to do with EE also, so far i have only seen the head spinning but there are 3 segments to it, and i believe the "main" statue is the one enshrined right between the two power switches i suck at finding how everything should be done exactly so ill leave that to you guys lol also someone should look into the possibility that all the gongs scattered around the map activate something, they sound out when you knife them
  6. didnt watch your video sorry in the middle of playing it now lol but so far i found a hidden brick you can press down by the waterfall that floods the area with a rush of water. im guessing this pushes zombies off the cliff?
  7. maybe a reference to the monks who burned themselves in protest during the 60's? idk
  8. forgot to add a lil speculation :oops: to me the circle in the center of the diagram looks like a moon, maybe something to do with the lighthouse itself? and the dials have something to do with tuning the conditions for the portal deal that shows up in EE maybe the 52 years aspect means that the portal can only be opened every 52 years and richt went forward this far on purpose..
  9. i'v been interested to see what this poster meant exactly too, but was kind of assuming it had something to do with the lighthouse dials in some way. the first thing i notice about it is the colors in each corner coincide with the colors on the lighthouse dials, probably not a coincidence imho the bottom does say 52 years, which along with the layout makes it seem like som esort of spanish calender, but look online and you will find that not only is there no aztec/mayan calender that is even remotely close to looking like this, there isn't one for ANY ancient civilization. they are almost all round for whatever reason lol now for "boreal" and "austral" printed above and below the diagram, these are words that describe being in the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively. the line of spanish text bordering the blue and purple sections clearly say something regarding "los cardinales"... you guessed it, the cardinals i tried translating the spanish on the bottom right corner of the poster.. hard to read at this resolution and as a second language :roll: but this is what i came up with.. "when ______ years together, _______ we can be us" - D Juno i'm pretty sure i got most of the visible words right besides "be", it looks like seia but that isn't a word, whereas "sea" means be apparently. now, someone else figure out the rest so i can just read it instead of doing all this :lol:
  10. verrukt was the first level that ever featured the "sprinting" zombie, one that WILL outrun you if your not sprinting directly away from it. and yes, i was sad to see that they're deff back in cotd lol the zombies can use the ziplines mostly to balance the fact that they actually take you a LONG distance, it would definitely be a huge edge to have if they couldn't. flipping george is useful tho, and kind of :lol:
  11. i'm noticing that everyone assumes that the crew is who gave us the wunderwaffe. but it's been common knowledge i thought that SAMANTHA is the one giving us all the pickups, max ammo, nukes, etc. since it's her voice that says it and the characters even comment on why she would help them out. on top of that, most theories point to samantha becoming lost in "aether" from the teleport incident with fluffy n' all that, which is exactly where the dg-2 was said to have become stuck after overloading der reise teleport thus sending them forward in time. what im getting at is that i think maybe samantha is the one that is rewarding you, and possibly the one trying to aid richtofen in this plan of his.. maybe she's the voice hes always going on about? deliberate, peace
  12. i don't sanction the use of mods or glitching or anything like that.. but to everyone wanting the WaW maps, i was like you once, then i downloaded the maps online, put them on a usb, and now theyre on my xbox ready to be played lol it's an easy way to get around 3arc screwing us hard as far as the old maps go.. seems pretty likely that: A) never release them in their own map pack or they will, but it won't happen until after the last new DLC pack in the meantime tho literally no one plays the old ones online so i try to share the love hah
  13. ..and what's with the second player in split screen STILL starting games with the pistol not showing up? this glitch has been around since the game came out for me, get on that tre! they need to fix all the glitches within the easter egg too for sure it took me wayyyy to many times trying just to get the fuse to spawn in co-op, finally does and i get all the way to getting the green light on from the sub, and lucky us the light just wasn't there and wasn't going to be finally get it all to work a couple days later and after i leave that game after getting the achievement and gamer pic the cod menu was glitched out! it was like i could see what was going on in the menu just barely behind the zombies matchmaking screen. went away after a restart but really treyarch? c'mon you put all this work into it make it legit, fix these little game breaking bugs! P.S. make it so we can hear all the little sounds that have to do with the story, everytime i do the easter egg i hear a part i missed last time plzzz
  14. i think treyarch is puttin gmore thought into all this backstory than your giving them credit for lol read up on a book called "vril: the coming race" its basically the book that speculated everything about the vril people and vril generators, all that good stuff. itll tell you that the vril-ya are actual descendants from the sunken city of atlantis, TRUE ARYANS they use vril energy to do EVERYTHING, heal, burn, fly, build. it is the simplest form of energy in that it can BECOME any form of energy. like stem cells can form to any kind of cell in a body (kind of like thatlol) now with the vril were talking occult shit so of course you gotta make a SACRIFICE to be bestowed these powers the goldenrod is basically a vril staff/wand/generator. richtofen says generator imho because as a scientist and that's what he would see it as
  15. i just want to be able to tweak all the settings for a zombie game so i can start with all the perks and legit guns if i want to just wreak havoc, and it won't go towards leaderboards. don't want to ruin the sanctity of your game but i hate having to deal with the random chance factor in zombies sometimes, it would add a ton of replay value. not to mention i could play with my g/f without having to go down by wave 12 over and over until she's pissed cause i don't want to play with here :lol:
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