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  1. How to be a good CoDZ User

    Noob Sailbot right? Yeah Takeo seems to fit :)
  2. CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    said I needed to get whitelisted. So can I?
  3. CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    I will join when I can, currently my computer s not working so i have to use my sisters crappy laptop :? My MC name is: SoleToaster Not very original now that i think about it :lol:
  4. Achievements! (might be a leak)

    All i can say is :D
  5. New perk is NOT dual weild

    Well that's confusing then. So the perk only works with one of your weapon slots? I'm still thinking it's a 3 gun perk. The icon shows 3 pistols on top of each other. It would just make sense. What about triple gun ammo? Thrice the fun right?
  6. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    Dude 'L' can stand for anything! League,Live,Legion,Loser,Lemons,Labryinth, or even Llama ( Call of Duty Zombie Llama's ?). So chill out.
  7. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    Oh my god he's smarter than I thought! Everyone into the bunker! Hurry!! Just kidding...or am I?
  8. Mining on the moon? And logo on suits?

    When I first thought of that i thought it was used to torture people :? I cannot imagine being under that thing when it goes down. But then I saw it was too big and would kill them. Alas, you confirmed that it was for mining. I hope I stop having nightmares now...
  9. Space

    What is this I don't even... ...Know... :o
  10. Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.

    The way i see it is they release the Classic maps and the exclusive item is an avatar item Or maybe 'special' multiplayer maps ?
  11. How to be a good CoDZ User

    Oh and don't forget to be nice to people. Or else people wont really like you :roll: Off Topic: I just noticed carbon is almost 100 brains away from 10000 brains total. :)
  12. I honestly think it says " Im the only one alive...find Dr. Richtofen...bring him to Verrukt" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2nHQVfFY2c
  13. Do You Believe Woods Will Be In Black Ops Sequel?

    The first question is "will there be a sequel?"
  14. Best Friends...

    you spelled 'friend' wrong
  15. Create ur own perk

    Name Snapple Juice Effects: Refreshes your thirst so you can kill zombies longer Downside:If you dont like strawberry your screwed Cost: 1500 points The picture is a panda punching a zombie in the face