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  1. I noticed that some of the Zombies still cry out for Sam! I do not know if its Treyarch being lazy or if there is something to it.
  2. Anyone else notice that Sam's Voice is back calling the power-ups???? No more Richthofen.. :mrgreen:
  3. I have only played it once and got to 14 on a full party. I did notice that once you are outside there are fireworks being displayed in the air. Don't know if it is related to Die Rise, but I thought it was kinda cool :D
  4. Interaction with Romero

    I was watching a JTV stream and they were shooting Romero on land and just before they "kill" him, his Stage light breaks and sparks organge instead of blue. He also runs around like this until taking too many hits then he calmly walks to the water and sinks lol
  5. Please be a joke...

    At least we got a trailer. *stirs pot*
  6. Show us your desktop.. Heres mine! V2.

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