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  1. CoDz - PTG - Twodown ***My Thoughts***

    So true Carbon, I followed this site since der riese and listened to all the theories and the story and was amazed by the effort and creativity to produce an awesome story. I finally joined after the GKNOVA6 conspiracy began and I realized like you said, the community was kind of torn apart. As a result, I don't think we have figured out everything there is to Black Ops. We need to work together to figure out more of the story. Pretty much, we have a bunch of puzzle pieces or bits of information we have figured out, but we haven't put them together to see the full picture.
  2. Is the DG-2 in there?

    I thank they just added the Wunderwaffe and the Winter's Howl to look sweet. If that's true, it's very disappointing that they were in the promo but not the game.
  3. Ghost. (formally I am done thread)

    Or you could just not rely entirely on your rader. If you want, you could play Hardcore where it hardly matters.

    They could do something like "After Vorkuta, we found evidence that Reznov was dead, but we never found a body. We assumed that he was killed during the escape."
  5. Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    Just for the record, Price never died, he was left injured on a bridge but he never actually died. Reznov on the other hand is dead and will remain dead when there is a confirmed report and when you sacrifice yourself in a prison camp, they usually don't let you live.
  6. Black ops story

    This is a video game, if they want to bring Woods back, they will. There have been plenty of other situations worse than Woods' in other games and movies where that character impossibly/improbably survived. It's all about if the fans want him to come back or not.
  7. Gold camo confirmed!

    Another thing I noticed is in this game you max out a level 50. I wonder how prestiging will work.

    Something I noticed, in the center screens around 0:15-0:16 their is a helicopter spinning out of control. Does anyone remember the image from the reveal trailer of a crashed helicopter with what appeared to be a zombie in the flames?
  9. gknova0 - Henry Langham

    You know what? How about everyone just be happy because we have confirmed Nazi Zombies in Black Ops and the new Der Reise map for iPod Touch comes out tomorrrow
  10. Henry Langham is a Fake PROOF (Pheonix wright style)

    You know what, I agree with max on the fact that the worst thing that came from the Henry Langham hoax was that it got some people to use their brains a bit. Personally after I heard final judgement from Carbon I stopped believing at all. What is sad though is the followers that still follow him and believe every word that he says. They even thought that HL was Activision because they said they filed a copyright infrigment or something like that. They never seemed to realize that you can get in trouble for starting a huge thing involving their characters, story, and ideas and claim to be official when you are not. This needs to die, and not pull a zombie and stay dead.
  11. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    Haha, I thought the same thing. I'm using Jones for my soda bottles because that way I have the right colors from the start. I plan to put them on a shelf in my room and this way I don't have to open the bottles and worry about them falling and spilling.
  12. More To Solve On Der Riese

    Has anybody tried shooting the teddy bear on the moon with a PaP PTRS Sniper Rifle?
  13. More To Solve On Der Riese

    me and the guys I play with always try the double jugg trick, sometimes u have to back up and retry, but u will always get him to grunt at some point, my friend swears that him and someone else tested this in an early round, and regular jugg took 4 hits, nand double jugg supposedly took 8..... also, if u zap yourself/ get zapped with the wunderwaffe then u lose it. Haha thanks, I said it was legit
  14. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Hey, when I was looking through the COD Wiki, I found an Illuminati message that seems to be a promise to the fans saying the will be more Zombies. It translates to "To community, the fans, and our families. Thank You. We Shall Return." Sorry if someone has already posted about this our is already common knowledge, I just hadn't heard of/or remembered it.
  15. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Are you talking to me or that guy they said might be a fake?