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  1. Spencers132

    Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    To anyone this would seem like a great opportunity, I tick most of the boxes that Carbon has set out, however im at a time (exam time) where I am struggling to manage my own time never mind such an amazing community. But im sure you will find someone who is capable of such a task and to them I wish good luck.
  2. Spencers132

    PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    I would have really loved to take part in this gathering, however due to the many test that are taking place soon I have to do a lot of revising to do as im sure is the case with many other members of this site.
  3. I agree, i think treyarch have said one thing and everyone else has misinterpreted it.
  4. Maybe teleporters are a thing in 2025
  5. Spencers132

    Group 935 logo on monkeys hat!

    The bowi knife is also in the new map,also the characters look like the old ones so this map seems to be more based on the older maps
  6. Spencers132

    Can you pack-a-punch

    This was the oddest set of instructions on how to pack a punch EVAR
  7. Spencers132

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    are those luner lander paths? (sorry if someones already said that)
  8. Spencers132

    The True identity of the Thief!

    nice theory [brains] 4 u plus clake did have symbols on his face so it makes sense that it is him, all we have to find out now is how he came back to life and how he ended up in the pentagon as a theif
  9. Spencers132

    Would you like to thank Treyarch?

    how about a large collage of all our usernames to make up the treyarch logo? a thank you note will be posted online and everyone can record themselves reading it, pick one word for each person and put it into a video maybe ending with carbon sayin thankyou or something?
  10. Spencers132

    47093- EBOLA.

    Either way i do think the numbers were left there for a reason
  11. Spencers132

    Gknova6 New Zombie Map... Map

    this shows theres still more left to find we just have to look....... this may mean that it is a big map like der riese the fact you needed a map to find your way around any thoughts?
  12. Spencers132

    47093- EBOLA.

    if ebola is wat cause the death then what causes them to return to life or did they never die. this would also destroy most of our theorys on how the orignal zombies became zombies and a ebola epidemic didnt happen in ww2. im really confused about this but rember this is only the begining of what we have more will come
  13. Spencers132


    i vote cookie or a guy running away from a zombie maybe
  14. Spencers132


    sorry if someone has already said this ive been away for a long time after i lost intrest in the henry langham tread (there was way too much and it just got boring) but now im back and ready to work on zombies again
  15. Spencers132


    wat if this isnt a hospital but the test lab we saw in the first black ops trailer that was exploding?

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