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Easter Egg Song Bracket (Round 2.5)

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So I completely blanked on posting this on Saturday and posted late. So I'm changing the deadline to Tuesdays now. So voting here closes on April 27th.


Here's the current bracket:




Here are our matchups this week:


1. Lullaby for a Deadman vs 115

2. Right Where We Belong vs Ace of Spades

3. Won't Back Down vs Archangel

4. Where Are We Going (BOTD) vs The One

5. Mystery vs Cold Hard Cash

6. Dead Again vs Rusty Cage

7. Lost vs Shockwave

8. Not Ready To Die vs Stormbound


Round 3 will begin next week!


To vote, simply use the number of the matchup, and say what song you think is best for any reason that you like. Also feel free to explain why!


Send in your votes by next Tuesday (April 27th) at 8PM CST to see them counted!

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1. 115 - Sorry but this song struck such a chord with edgy middle school me and I'll never forget it.

2. Right Where We Belong - Really really hard because Ace is one of the best songs ever, but Right Where We Belong is an underappreciated song from an underappreciated map, and damn it I like the genre. Also didn't know it existed until like last year, so it was like a hidden $100 bill under the couch cushion.

3. Won't Back Down - I think I'm going to be executed for this, but hey man I like Eminem. It also fits "Five" so poorly that it swings around and fits perfectly. That map is just absurdity incarnate. Archangel for me has a similar chaotic feel to Coming Home and I just don't enjoy listening as much even if the lyrics are great.

4. The One - Tough because I love the new Where Are We Going and its music video is one of the best. But The One is the best of World at War's ensemble IMO and is an all time classic.

5. Mystery - No contest for me, one of the best sounding Kevin songs ever.

6. Dead Again - Johnny Cash is a legend, but he's got better songs than Rusty Cage. Dead Again for me got a second-wind after analyzing its lyrics and it should be recognized.

7. Shockwave - Same great feel as Mystery and my favorite lyrics of any Kevin song. But I do love Lost.

8. Not Ready To Die - Tough one again, and I debated going with Stormbound, but Not Ready To Die just barely pulls ahead for me.

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1. I guess I'll come out swinging with a controversial pick. Lullaby for a Deadman, especially with the tone used in Nacht's game over music. 115 is a banger, but Lullaby always hit stronger in my opinion.


2. Ace of Spades. Come on, it's Motorhead. 


3. Archangel, the choir alone seals it for me but if an argument even needs to be made Won't Back Down doesn't fit lyrically (although the beat is fantastic for the mood)


4. The One, but this was tough. Blood's Where Are We Going feels like an actual song as opposed to Mob's version and definitely has a more melancholic mood to it.


5. Mystery, my vote was against Cold Hard Cash last round and my opinion still stands.


6. Rusty Cage, Dead Again is fun to examine lyrically but I'm not a huge fan of the song after the guitar intro.


7. Shockwave, it's like Kevin spun the beat of Won't Back Down from pop into rock and gave it some of the best Elena lyrics. 


8. Another tough one, but Stormbound grew on me a lot after giving it the chance it deserved. 

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1. 115 - Banger

2. Ace of Spades - Banger

3. Archangel - I like Eminem, just not in zombies

4. Where Are We Going (BOTD) - "Dust of a thooooousand years" one of my all time favs

5. Cold Hard Cash - great tone 

6. Dead Again - Great song from a great map

7. lost - VERY hard choice, but the tone of Lost is just too spooky and I love it. Even if the lyrics aren't as good.

8. Not Ready To Die - One of my fav bands and a great song.

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1. 115

2. Ace of Spades - Good song and funny haha deathcard reference

3. Archangel - Eminem doesn't really work in Zombies imo

4. The One - WAWG is brilliant, but I like The One

5. Mystery - So damn catchy

6. Dead Again - I'm so sorry, Johnny...

7. Shockwave - Both are great, this is genuinely hard.

8. Stormbound - Again, both are good, but Stormbound is the better choice IMO

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1. Lullaby of a Deadman (1) vs 115 (6)

2. Right Where We Belong (1) vs Ace of Spades (6)

3. Won't Back Down (1) vs Archangel (6)

4. Where Are We Going (3) vs The One (4)

5. Mystery (6) vs Cold Hard Cash (1)

6. Dead Again (6) vs Rusty Cage (1)

7. Lost (3) vs Shockwave (4)

8. Not Ready To Die (3) vs Stormbound (4)

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