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How do you use self revive?


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On 11/18/2020 at 3:06 AM, PINNAZ said:

Noobs. lol 

In solo you get one free revive. 

(I haven’t played Co-op yet as I’m a noob too)

Self-Revive Kits can also rarely drop from zombies as a purple rarity item in both solo and Co-op (but only do so for me when I already have one equipped; you can only have one self-revive kit on you at a time) or if you're Level 54+ you can craft them at the crafting table near the flushed corner of Nacht in the spawn room or the one next to the sliding doors in Tunnel for I think it was 250 High-Grade Salvage? It's relatively cheap compared to upgrading weapons to very high rarities.

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