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Revisiting The One - an analysis

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Quoting The Meh


Alright, same stuff as we did for "Lullaby For A Deadman"

I will quote @The Meh's analysis for the song, his analysis would be in red while mine would be outside the quote.

Let's go!



All my life, I've been debating

All the crows, they sit there waiting
Wondering what I'm going to eat
Until I have it, I can't sleep
(Honestly, this song has a very melancholic feeling to it. I can't be the only one who feels that way. Anyways, I'm seeing the ideal line here referring as if this is in the eyes of a zombie. And if such, that bears the question of how this zombie would be thinking the way it does, zombies don't tend to show coherent thought processes. Yet there is a possibility that it could be Samantha through the eyes of a zombie. Yet I vouch for the former belief more than the latter belief.)

I agree with The Meh, but we still don’t know for sure if it is a zombie (since zombies should not have a mind of their own) or Samantha, although I prefer the latter.

I finally see you on the floor
Your heart's not beating anymore
My lust for you it cannot wait
Your skin it tastes like chocolate
(Ideally, it most likely is a zombie, yet it would only still stand as a possibility. Yet the lyrics indicate that the human that is victim is dead and that this "thing" that is singing cannot wait to eat him, that his skin is a delicacy, nearly. If this isn't a zombie, then I can't say I know what it would be...)

There is the chance that this could mean the flesh faction, but I don’t believe so. “it tastes like chocolate” would imply that it is tasty/something you long for, which I don’t think the faction believe in (at least from Stuhlinger’s pov). I couldn't find any other evidence to exclude the flesh, but with the later context it would become clearer.

Staring blankly at the sun,
Waiting for my time to come
Your happy life, it makes me sick
All the screaming sounds like music
(Yeah. Whatever this thing is, it's a definite sadist. Perhaps the zombie hypothesis is correct? God, I hope so. It sounds like it. Hrmm...)

To add to his point, whoever talks would want their time to eat to come.

Lucid are my pooling dreams
Someone tell me what they mean
There's an iron smell of blood in the air,
But I can't find it anywhere...
(This thing has heightened olfactory senses if they can smell blood. I'm sticking this belief that this "thing" is a zombie. There's many puzzle pieces to this that fit, and I'll explain at the end of this, as we have more to find.)

I agree with The Meh, no comment.


I've been waiting for someone to find me
And become a part of me (A part of...)
(In the belief that this is a zombie, it wants to infect you just the same, so you turn. A main purpose for the zombie menace, no?)

This is where most of the discussion could be made. When a zombie eats you, you would become a part of him literally. But what if Samantha was talking? Then you would be part of her army. Both of them would want you to kill them and release them from their misery also.

So the main argument would be: Do the zombies think/feel? They don’t have free will, that’s for sure, but maybe you can be controlled AND feel. Stuhlinger’s case would give so much insight, since he ate the right amount to not turn but to hear zombie Richtofen. If we go with this case, then zombies would hardly be able to think, but they might have heightened sense of smell, but would use it for instinct.


Shoutout to @clueless and @anonymous for explaining the following to me: There are two kinds of "powers" inside a zombie, either a life force or a soul

In case of life force: It is the usual force that would enable the bodies to move, and which we feed the MPD in moon and the dogs in DE.

In case of souls: it would be in a closed circle/loop and there was some kind of ritual, such as Blood of the dead


Where we see the souls of the trapped go free in the end of the EE



If this is true, then a life force would be nothing more than a force, not like a soul which you would be able to think and feel. Since the singer(? sorry Elena) is able to feel and think, I would be inclined to think that it is Samantha, and what she expresses "Your skin it tastes like chocolate" and "There's an iron smell of blood in the air" might be a side effect of her being trapped in the MPD and/or her zombifecation (I think?). I would continue to analyze in both ways, just to be in the safe side, but I believe Sam is the right answer.


I've been waiting for you
To come here
And kill me
And set me free
I've been waiting for the one
(This zombie must be different than the others if it wants death. Then again, there is a sense of coherent thought in Die Rise, not that it can be heard otherwise, unless you have some sort of infection, as Stuhlinger, in all technicality, had. Perhaps this song shed insight onto the idea of what a zombie thinks, and Die Rise only added onto it a bit more?)

I must disagree with The Meh, “This zombie must be different than the others if it wants death” I believe any zombie would want to die instead of ‘living’ this torturous life. Even when they want you to kill them, they can’t fight the urge to eat the chocolate, which would make them more miserable and conflicted.

The previous applies to Sam also, and it also goes deeper. She is more conflicted between continuing her misery and fulfilling her father's wish. So, she's waiting for "the one", the prince who would come and grant her the happy ending. Like The Meh said before "this song has a very melancholic feeling to it"

Also this somewhat disproves the flesh theory, because they don't want to die. They can kill themselves, and them dying is not part of Richtofen's plan, it's the opposite!


Blood's flavor is so metallic
It's smell makes me go phrenetic!
(Being phrenetic mostly means that you are filled with an extreme amount of excitement, or you're fanatic/frenzied. So yeah. This zombie wants to eat you, why would it not? Then again, it's arguable that the word isn't phrenetic, but fanatic. Yet it doesn't matter, because the words are synonymous.)

The word is fanatic, based on Kevin Sherwood’s official lyrics video. Nothing to comment otherwise.


Textures that I find in you is a thick viscous glue...
My senses have become so keen
With all I touch and all I see
(Yes, indeed... this "thing", it has many heightened senses. Not just smell, but sight plays the huge role just as well. Perhaps, yet again, we can rely on the future for insight. In the rather "illustrious" Turned mode, you can see the human survivor, can't you? Through walls or whatever else, you can see them. Zombies have many senses that they've used to their ability, and it looks like sight and smell are two of the most used.)

I agree with The Meh, no comments.


This song has been much deeper than Lullaby for a deadman, and The Meh's analysis is still so good


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@The Meh and @NaBrZHunter You should check this

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Excellent analysis on the top song according to the Bracket Tournament that took place before I arrived here! You definitely share some opinions with @The Meh and yet you bring up a whole different argument that instead of the zombie forced to act on primal instinct alone they do still think and feel, wanting, pleading for death or for more to join them so they don't feel alone in their suffering. You also bring up another good point, that I've never thought of. She can see through the eyes of her puppets, but does she personally experience the other senses the zombies experience as well?

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1 hour ago, Lioss10 said:

I agree with The Meh, but we still don’t know for sure if it is a zombie (since zombies should not have a mind of their own) or Samantha, although I prefer the latter.

I'd say Samantha as well. Like, all the song. 


1 hour ago, Lioss10 said:

 “it tastes like chocolate” would imply that it is tasty/something you long for




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1 hour ago, clueless said:

instead of the zombie forced to act on primal instinct alone they do still think and feel, wanting, pleading for death

This was The Meh's initial interpretation. Although it is sound, but it might be used in specific places where there are souls in the zombies, such as BotD.


56 minutes ago, RichKiller said:

I'd say Samantha as well. Like, all the song. 

Yeah but The Meh brought up some good points, that's why I included both.

Also, I don't think all the songs are from Samantha's pov. I was like you at first, until I saw @RadZakpak's analysis of The Gift, which he theorizes to be from someone else's pov

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