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  1. Just came back to crash this post! The children preserve the primis ones, or all existent types/individuals? I always thought it would be for any iteration of that person. Some deep and good analysis, and I love it! But I disagree, or rather, would provide a different view. What if "We" means the players/characters that fight? They are "running from beocming one" aka from dying, because they would be zombies and followers for the old one. And they "carve it out of stone", which is the opposite of carve it in that means it is fixed. So they want/will change fate (their death) even if they would rewrite the fate. Just to clarify, what I mean above is running from becoming one, not like in primis. _________________________________________________________________________ My thoughts are as follows: From "They buried a well" until "Ad te omnis caro veniet" : The speaker is either the goverment\who sent the characters or as you mentioned, the duality, or combination of both. From "We’re running from becoming one" until "Dies irae, dies illa solvet" : The speaker is the characters, their struggles, their goals, their fears. From "Cycle on" until the end(?): The speaker is the first one\the hivemnid. They oppose the characters, and telling them "And no one’s here so no more fear" and that they "We run away from a way of running" like they have given up\there's no way\The first one stops them in some ways. Overall, your analysis is so good, but I would just try to offer some minor tweaks here and there. I only offer a change of perspectives, since the meaning would - generally - still be the same.
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