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[SPOILER] Dr. Monty Quote in Gorod Krovi


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So in Gorod Krovi we got this quote from Dr. Monty:
"Now, if it had been entirely up to me, you numbskulls would be the last people I would entrust with this. But, due to factors outside my control... you're all I've got."


I don't know if we have an answer to this sentence yet.
So there could be two possible solutions:


The first would be that Ultimis Richtofen took the essence of his soul and the rest of Ultimis to forge the elemental fragment, "bound their souls to Aether."
This would involve Primis as well.

With this, Dr. Monty and his intervention in Origins would have Primis in a perfect state to put them in a cycle (with the help of Primis Richtofen) because their souls are connected through the ether. While Monty does his thing.


And the second option would be that the end of Maxis in Buried and the release of Samantha at the end of Origins caused the whole journey of Bo3 . Here too, the "factors outside my control" would apply kind of.

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The first solution is the correct one. Samantha clarifies in Tag der Toten that by binding their souls to the Aether, they are literally the string holding it together. If those strings are cut, the Aether would be destroyed. That is why Monty cannot simply erase them all, and he must keep the souls in the House.



Samantha Maxis: They all are connected through the Aether. Their souls are linked to it. Interwoven and intertwined. If the universe were held together with tape und piece of string, they are that string. Pull the string, it all unravels. It falls apart. Richtofen did it. When he forged the Elemental Shard, he bound their souls to the Aether. All versions connected, linked entirely through the Infinite. Now, they are one. They give each other life. The fate of one is tied to the other.


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An interesting point @caljitsu and I talked about the other day is the principle of 'every game is canon'.


That Victis is rezurrected every game is known, but how does this work with Primis and Ultimis? Each time they die, the universe resets itself to the moment they were still alive (the spawn room), because they cannot die. Their life is connected with the everpresent Aether.


Of course its debatable.

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Thank you for your reply!
So, what about the souls?
Have they always been in the house?
If so, the message written on Classified's wall would be meaningless.
"They can only watch you if you gift them your soul"

Also in a whisper from Dr. Monty (again) in Gorod Krovi he tells Dempsey that he had always heard his calls in the field reports.

"Or is the 115 delusion so bad you're still calling in field reports? Even though no one is listening! Sorry, uh... that's unfair. I was listening. I heard every word you said."

And if I remember rightly, the first time this happened was in the Origins and in the following maps until Gorod Krovi I think, there at the end of the map they had hardly given up their souls, except for Richtofen's.

If so, it would imply that in all the Bo4 (except Blood of the Dead) he was watching us.

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21 hours ago, Spotlight said:

If so, it would imply that in all the Bo4 (except Blood of the Dead) he was watching us.

That'd be interesting and creepy at the same time: Monty watching us all the time, including that time we were plotting against him. However, there is a radio that contradicts with this:


Maxis: "Edward, what is taking you so long? According to my calculations, by now you should have completed your mission and delivered the souls to the house. He is getting anxious. Dr. Monty suspects that you are acting against his wishes, plotting against him. I have assured him this is not the case, but his level of worry has me curious"

From this it can be concluded that Monty cannot see them in Alpha Omega, despite he claims to be omnipotent. To explain this I had my oen little headcanon, but feel free to be critical: Monty can only see and make contact when there is no MPD that severs his signal. So in Der Eisendrache, we blow up the MPD alongside the Moon. You can say this happens merely in a fracture, but in fact I believe this theory saying that fractures overwrite the original timeline/prior fracture, rather than coexisting next to them. Dr Eisendrache happens on 5th november '45, Zetsubou no Shima happens on 18th october '45. So even while Primis visits Zetsubou later, it takes place earlier. As fractures split of fractures, also in Zetsubou the Moon + MPD will be blown up on the 5th november, but because Zetsubou is on the 18th october, the MPD signal still exists. Now Gorod Krovi was on the 6th november '45, one day after the MPD was blown up. And guess what, Monty makes contact with us for the very first time! To understand how this works I'd like to take some quotes of Maxis from Tranzit:


An active power grid will disrupt all communications between us and make it impossible to accomplish the mission I have for you. Shut down the power." power_on_0


You must act with pace, the electrical creature is interferring with my signal!" emp_off_0


Wherever Maxis was, he seems to be unable to communicate with Victis while other powersources (the Power Station electricity grid and the Avogadro) were active. I think this can be compared to how Monty was locked away to communicate with Primis while the MPD was existing and broadcasting waves as well. Perhaps his only communication method were the Wallwritings, but that too remains debatale.


You raise a good point about the souls of the children. I too dont fully understand that yet but perhaps we can find an answer together.

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On 6/6/2020 at 1:14 AM, Spotlight said:

So in Gorod Krovi we got this quote from Dr. Monty:
"Now, if it had been entirely up to me, you numbskulls would be the last people I would entrust with this. But, due to factors outside my control... you're all I've got."



Could be something to do with this cipher:

Only by killing that version of yourself in that particular universe at that particular moment in time will we be successful once each of you other selves are killed across all the universes.
(ZnS #5)

Seems to imply that we have killed (/will kill) all the other versions of ourselves, and this may be the reason Monty has no other options?

Other evidence that the other versions of ourselves have died. 

Compose yourself, Edward. Mission... accomplished. Temporal disruption achieved. The future is changed!"
It's okay... it's okay. This is important. This is what you have to do. Even if another part of you dies, each and every time.
(Richtofen solo TG quotes)

Still doesn't reveal if the cycles killing off our characters are Origins->GreatWar, or self contained per map.
Not sure on that one. 

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