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Character Bracket Round 1.5

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That was an exciting first half of round 1 with 9 votes! Lets keep those numbers high and the competition fierce.

Here is the bracket currently:



But what are the rules? I will provide a list of matchups, for example:


1. Juggernog vs Speed Cola


You would make your choice by replying with your pick and a reason why, something like:


1. Speed Cola, I gotta go fast!


Your reasoning can be anything from personality, development, comedy, voice performance, or just how they look!


At the end of the week I will tally votes and advance winners to the next round.


Here are today's contestants:


1. Doctor Groph vs Sophia/S.O.P.H.I.A.


2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) vs Finn O'Leary


3. Marlton Johnson vs Albert "The Weasel" Arlington


4. Doctor Maxis (Dimension 63) vs Cornelius Pernell


5. Tank Dempsey (Ultimis) vs Harvey Yena


6. Russman vs The Shadowman (THE MANS)



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Time's up, results are in:   1. Doctor Groph (4) vs Sophia (2)   2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) (6) vs Finn O'Leary (0)   3. Marlton (3) vs The Weasel (3) (COIN FLIP) Marlton W

1. Groph. Sorry, Sophia, but you suck.   2. Primis Takeo. His character is so introspective and deep at times, and that might be the one thing I love the most about... literally any characte

That was an exciting first half of round 1 with 9 votes! Lets keep those numbers high and the competition fierce. Here is the bracket currently:   But what are the rules? I will p

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1. This is another toughie because of personal biases regarding Groph's character. His descent into desperate madness as Primis foils the plans he has been working on for years and they send rockets to Griffin Station is actually pretty sad. Sophia on the other hand is fairly underdeveloped and serves mostly as just Maxis' assistant, with her only real development coming after she is put in a robot body. I have to give it to Doctor Groph.


2. No contest here. Our notions of Takeo got flipped on their head with his reintroduction in Origins, and suddenly he was the coolest member of the crew. His journey throughout Black Ops 3, discovering his life has been a lie, and accepting his place and friendship with the rest of Primis is really one of the things that I love so much about this story. I like Finn as well, played by the incredible Michael Madsen. But Primis Takeo is the obvious choice.



Anyone but Marlton. Anyone.


4. Maxis of Dimension 63 is one of the more underappreciated Dimension 63 versions of our characters. He does a complete 180 in terms of motivation and character. During the World War I, he finds a problem with Group 935's alliance with the Germans and decides to contact the Allies. Then in the House he gives his life so the children can be safe, and constantly supports Edward in his journey, even when he does not follow the plan. Pernell I think started of strong in Classified, but his descent into madness felt too quick and way too forced. Maxis gets my vote.


5. I think it's been pointed out before in the Discord that Yena's character was kind of a disappointment from how many of us pictured him, and he essentially just became another American spy. I used to dislike Ultimis Dempsey, but over time I've grown to see what is hidden beneath the surface and appreciate him more. Dempsey gets my vote.


6. This is actually pretty tough for me. I like the Shadowman, and especially his excellent voice performance. I like that he is just pure evil, something like Emperor Palpatine, who just seems to enjoy bringing chaos wherever he goes. Evil for evil's sake, and he loves it. But I have a personal affinity for Russman's shady past in Broken Arrow, and I wish we got more hints of what happened. In the end, I have to pick the Shadowman.

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1. Groph. Sorry, Sophia, but you suck.


2. Primis Takeo. His character is so introspective and deep at times, and that might be the one thing I love the most about... literally any character. All of Primis deserved a character study, and I’m glad they gave Takeo a dedicated one.


3. Weasel. Not much to say, he’s just my personal favorite of the MOTD crew.


4. Pernell, but only because one of the two didn’t die like a bitch.


No, but seriously... Maxis is good, but... not great. Whereas Pernell’s character had a much more interesting A to B track to it.


5. I’m inclined to say Ultimis Dempsey. He always had a way of connecting to the player.


6. The Shadowman.


@RadZakpak Your service to the Overlords is appreciated... our complete assimilation of this dimension will now proceed.

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1: Not a big fan of SOPHIA and how they randomly just decided she was a robot. But the story of Groph is very well done in DE and I really like his defiance. Groph.


2: Takeo is my favorite character in the entire series, so this one isn't close. Finn is fine but also doesn't stand out too much, and his BotD backstory also isn't as good as Billy or Sal.



3: This one is probably controversial but I'll take Marlton. Despite being the 'main' character in the MotD crew, Weasel never really gets much backstory. And yes, he does become the bird in BotD which is cool, but Marlton also got some great backstory in Alpha Omega.


4: I really really like Pernell. He is very complex and to me, kind of illustrates the point of the last 10 years of story. Dimension 63 Maxis is a stale character, he never does much outside of leading everyone to doom by listening to Monty.



5: I've never really cared for Ultimis aside from Richtofen. They all are stereotypes, and their only real plotline is the experiments and remembering who they were, which never gets resolved. Yena is yet another tragic character trying to do the right thing in zombies, but gets destroyed by evil forces.  I'll take Yena


6: Shadowman is an OK character with amazing voice acting. Russman's only character arc is trying to remember Broken Arrow which also never gets resolved. I think if that had been resolved he'd probably win. But in this case, I'll take the Shadowman even though I don't like the idea of multiversal evil bad guys because the execution of it is really good.

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1. Groph. Him being so instrumental to the story behind Moon (my favourite map of all time) makes him the winner, here, definitely over a robot.

2 & 3. Gonna vote Takeo and Marlton, purely because I haven't played Mob much (like a few times) and my impression of the characters was nothing exciting).

4. Ultimis Dempsey. I started playing during [email protected] so Ultimis are my guys. Definitely favoured him in the earlier maps, he was just so damn aggressive and it made me laugh.

5. Shadowman. Russman's voice annoys me. Plus the Shadowman/McNamara voice actor is brilliant.

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1. I'm going for Sophia. I like her story, and the reveal of what actually happened to her in those radios we found one by one in Revelations, was one of the largest plot secrets ever for me. She isn't scared for death to live. However, I dislike SOPHIA for being an A.I. in a time computers weren't even invented.


2. I'm going for Takeo as well. His character has so much more emotion.


3. The Weasel. Marlton has a cool backstory but as a character he is just annoying. The Weasel has a cool backstory and has a neat character.


4. Pernell, actually. His desperate attempt to undo his errors that led into this need for power and his downfall got me. I also like the whole Cold War/conspiracy theme that he is responsible for, wheras D63 Maxis is more like a fantasy character.


5. Tough one. I don't really like Ultimis Dempsey but Yena has so little backstory/radios. However, I think I'd go for the latter, just because he sacrificed his life for being a German-, and later Soviet- spy.



On 10/10/2019 at 4:07 PM, RadZakpak said:

Russman vs The Shadowman (THE MANS)

The MANS! Made me LOL, sorry. I'm going for Russman, probably my favourite Victis character while the Shadowman is simply another god-like being corrupted by darkness. 

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1. Doctor Groph


Coin flip


2. Takeo Masaki (Primis)


I wanna give primis some recognition as well, cause Takeo is definitely the best primis character for me personally. :)


3. Marlton Johnson


You know what is weird, I certainly feel for the Mob crew in general, but as characters on their own I don't really like them.


4. Doctor Maxis (Dimension 63)


Beard wins everything


5. Tank Dempsey (Ultimis)


Ultimis >


6. Russman 


Russman cause @Slade . ;_;

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Time's up, results are in:


1. Doctor Groph (4) vs Sophia (2)


2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) (6) vs Finn O'Leary (0)


3. Marlton (3) vs The Weasel (3) (COIN FLIP) Marlton Wins the Coin Flip (Absolutely criminal)


4. Maxis (D63) (2) vs Pernell (3)


5. Dempsey (Ultimis) (4) vs Harvey Yena (2)


6. Russman (2) vs Shadowman (4)


Onto redder pastures!

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