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Memory Lane #1: My Introduction to Zombies

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Ok, so, we all have an introduction story for Zombies I'd assume. Some are more boring than others, some are more adventurous than others as well. Me personally, I'd say I fall in the middle when it comes to a good introduction story. It wasn't exactly boring, but it wasn't too adventurous either. Regardless, that is besides the point. The point is that through this story I'm about to tell ya, I met some wild ass people and had a ball of a time following the story and being a part of the community. This, is how I became introduced to Zombies.


If my memory serves me right, it was April 5th of 2009. Soon after the release of DLC Pack 1 which was March 19th 2009. It was a rather normal day of school, we all played Pokemon at the round-tables at lunch and were simply having a good time being kids. I was either in Kindergarten or 1st grade at the time, I don't exactly remember. But what I do know is that my life was about to change for the better once lunch was out and it was time for us to go to recess. Unfortunately, we'd gotten hit with a rain-storm and we had to stay inside for recess. Bummer, right? No playground time and instead we have to be inside playing with baby-toys as we referred to them as back then. It was a bummer, but one of my best friends who to this day I keep in contact with was about to change my life forever. He decided to bring in his copy of Call of Duty World at War, and his freaking Xbox. How did he get away with this you may ask? Dude, I have no idea. The school really just let us kids run wild for an hour or so with no chaperones until the next class of the day would begin.


Regardless, we got into a huge group and crowded ourselves around the Xbox, passing the controller back and forth playing the game. Eventually it was my turn and something caught my eye. "Nazi Zombies" it was called. I had grew up with Zombie movies, having an uncle that was in his middle-school and high-school years as a kid really helped me in that department. I was asked my friend, "What's this right here?" he told me it was a super scary game-mode with you guessed it, zombies. Super scary and Zombies? You were speaking the language of 7 year old me. I pressed the buttons to set up a match, and played my first game of Nacht Der Untoten. Needless to say I didn't make it too far, only Round 10 but for my first time ever playing at the age of 7, I consider that an achievement. I remember opening the Mystery Box and getting the M2 Flamethrower and having the time of my life lighting zombies on fire with it. It was simple, difficult, and incredibly fun. We began to play it every single time we had inside-recess and would all take turns playing it. About a week later, my friend came to me after school and wanted to hang out at my place over the weekend. I asked my parents that night and they let it happen. To this day I don't think I've ever told them what exactly occurred that night, but it was legendary.


My friend brought his Xbox and surprised me with an all new zombies map for us to play together. The map was called Zombie Verruckt, and there was so much more to do in it. I fell in love as soon as we played it. We didn't sleep at all that night, not because we were playing for so long, but because we were so scared of Verruckt. The haunting screams and shouts throughout the Asylum, the feeling of isolation being separated from your team-mate behind the power doors, it was absolutely mind-boggling to us at the time. The highest round we ended up getting to was Round 15. We could never beat out the super-sprinters in Verruckt, but we loved the endless replay value. I truly owe so much to this silly little gamemode, for forging endless friendships with people I'd never end up knowing had this not come into existence. So with that, I leave you with my story of first playing Zombies. I hope you enjoyed! 

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Growing up with Zombies... literally. That must be amazing. haha 

Thank you for sharing.

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I grew up with CoD in general. I have vivid memories of having played Call of Duty II: Big Red One before anything else CoD-wise back in the day on PS2... and this was around Kindergarten for me. CoD 3 was big in 1st Grade as well! So... that was neat. Though I could not tell you details on either one.


No, what I do remember more vividly is Modern Warfare, World at War, and Black Ops 1 on the Wii. Now, you gotta keep in mind, before BO1, all we had were the pistol-esque extensions for their controllers - which... was rather fucked to use, in hindsight. Was always fun, though! Except they didn't have Zombies until BO1. So... you can imagine how BO1 Zombies was on the Wii.


I died on Round 3. It was fun.

Nowadays I just get bored of Kino because of my addiction to it, though! That, and... 115 is subpar as a song and I blame Wii for that.

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My first taste of zombies was playing World at War. I got the game for xbox 360 2 days before release and had my mate round taking shots each at it. On the second day we manage to complete it and while discussing how good it was during the credits we saw the words 'Nazi Zombies' appear and then the screen fades in to the player in a bunker. We played it, died on like round 4 or something and laughed about how mental a bonus one off mission it was for completing the game. It was over a week later another friend was round who explained to me it was a permanent unlock. 


I was instantly hook. Bought all the DLC's except Shi No Numa. Played it at a friend's and hated it. Never really grew on me either. Even bought it on PC to play custom maps. I own every zombie map on every game to date. Kinda lost my passion for it now but the story was my true passion. That's over now though so we'll see what BO5 has to offer and hopefully it can bring me back. 

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Nice stories, all of yours! My personal first encounter with CoD Zombies was on a rainy day as well. I was on the birthday of my aunt, and because of the bad weather we had to do something indoors. It was such type of 'adult' birthday, with everyone being invited in the evening and mainly adult family. So yeah, bad weather, few children, you can imagine me and my cousin got bored. Then he said he had something fun in his room. He showed me and the other kids his old PS3 (I honestly never played on a Playstation ever before) as well as his Black Ops 1 disc. As a sci-fi/horror/WW2 "fan", the Zombies Mode looked way more appealing than Multiplayer. So we selected Zombies-->Kino der Toten (that name became a real meme between me and my cousin) and we started playing in the Theatre of the Damned.


We didn't knew about the possibility of buying door, hell we didn't even knew about the M14 upstairs. All we had was the Olympia, blasting heads off the undead untill we'd die by the arrival of the Hellhounds. But man, it was FUN. I really liked the mysterious atmosphere, and what people talk about the feeling they had when accidentally playing Nacht der Untoten for the first time, I had this with Kino. What the fuck was this? Anyway, after this evening I forgot about Zombies, and played it years later again when another nephew of me bought Black Ops II + Die Rise. In oposition to Kino, Die Rise was a way more complicated map. But yet, it was in this map where I actually understood what the gamemode is, and the mysteriousness aspect disappeared. I liked it nonetheless.


Before the release of BO3, I bought an old Xbox360 and Black Ops 2 and started playing the Green Run maps. Not too often, but they were fun maps to play on parties or in the evenings with friends, all gathering around the TV. Bless BO2's capability to play with 4 players split-screen. It were in these maps where I really 'grew up' in the Zombies gameplay. It wasn't untill I played Shangri La for the first time at a friend, and upon seeing the loading screen and hearing Paraphony, I was intrigued by the question: 'What is actually the story behind all this?'. So I looked it up on internet, read stuff, watched videos, y'know, till I got acquinted with the whole tragedy of Doctor Maxis, Doctor Richthofen and Samantha. I also learned about Easter Eggs. Knowing the story made playing zombies so much more fun, in my opinion, and I started getting hooked on Tranzit. As I had no online mode, I investigated that entire map solo and split-screen.


The mysteriousness of that map got me, the atmosphere, the idea of a possible unfound secret, Busroute-B, etc. Every time I searched theories about Tranzit's backstory and theories, I came on this forum (as a guest). This post introduced me with the whole Hollow Earth and Vril concept, and I was sold. As I really wanted to share my own ideas about possible leads for Tranzit's secret, I made an account (for the first time ever on an online Forum). I had no idea how people you know online can become your friends. But yeah, y'alls friendliness convinced me to stay :)


EDIT: I mean, come on people, doesn't this song fills you with a nostalgic feeling of those times back then. This song is a remnant of the time I was young, innocent, playing games with my friends, etc. 



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I started right about the same time as OP did, but I was 39, not 5.


I've probably told it here before, but my friend wanted to show me this zombie game where "you were trapped in a house and zombies broke in but you could fix windows to keep them out". It sounded dreadful and boring and it was.


Everytime I went there, we played this stupid game when suddenly I heard myself say "I guess that I need to get this stupid game".


Edit: I forgot to mention that he had a new copy (in plastic still) of WaW and just gave it to me right then, so we could play online.


I beat the campaign to unlock Nazi Zombies (remember unlocking the mode?) and began playing it.


Then another friend got sucked in (splitscreen), and dlc 1 came out with Zombie Verrückt and we were blown away by the improvements over NDU. Soon we learned to "kite" zombies on SNN and then PaP and Bowie runs on Der Riese.


I just played bo3 recently after they finally fixed it (Oct 2019). Still fun stuff. Nothing beats the originals for me, but bo3 reprints were pretty close.


If we could just make zombies great again...

Edited by 83457
Free WaW copy segment.

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Tech Admin

Late bloomer here, tail end of BO and then it was BOII. I was always a CoD player but more so multiplayer tbh.


I dabbled in zombies from the beginning but nothing serious. Then me and my mates got a team together just for kicks on multiplayer and we were sick of it and played zombies more and more.


Thats when I really got into it, roughly 2011. Then, the rest is history.

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