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Nuketown Perks and AO Location

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With Alpha Omega being some sort of remaster or re-imagining of Nuketown zombies, I decided to go back an play a few rounds for old times sake. One of the unique features to this map is the way in which perks are introduces. While I'm sure this could be debated, this seems like the only instance in which perks are not magically delivered to the players (Giant spiders don't count). The perks are hurled from the giant mushroom cloud in the sky following X amount of kills tracked on the clock. 



If I remembering the story to this map correctly. The explosion is a result of the Broken Arrow's efforts in drilling for 115 and not a nuke as we originally thought (correct me if I'm mis-remembering). So is it possible that the perks were originally placed within the BA facility prior to the explosion and could this be the larger setting for our new map? Will we see some awesome Marlton easter eggs????? Will we go inside of the dome???

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I really hope the random perk dropping doesn't get bought back lol, awful luck-based system.

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2 hours ago, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:

I really hope the random perk dropping doesn't get bought back lol, awful luck-based system.

It is pretty much the thing that makes people not like the original Nuketown map, so I highly doubt it will be back, but for me personally, I could be a bit sad about that. haha


Maybe though the machines will drop in a specific order as opposed to being random, I think that could be a good middle ground. 🙂

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I guess I wasn’t too hyped for the idea of a 7th rendition of Nuketown, but at the same time, anything Ultimis is welcome to me. Anything Aether, to be fair. 

I would expect this map to be extensive, though. Perhaps even with ties to Moon, Tranzit, the Pentagon, Area 51, and more. Like the Broken Arrow lab from the comics. So much they could do with this, as always. Just please...have lots of radios. And more Dr. Schuster and Cornelius Pernell. 

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Well the map menu screen is Nuketown, but Treyarch released some sort of description with the sentence 'unfamiliar territories' in it. No doubt we'll enter the bunker, but the map has to be way larger and since there is only desert around it, I think we'll get (a) teleporter(s). The Broken Arrow A.P.D. (still have to get used to that abbreviation) resides somewhere in Groom Lake, and I think the large Mushroom Cloud we see in Nuketown Zombies is a direct result of the actions of our heroes in Alpha Omega, so we might head into that direction as well. So things we might visit:

  • Nuketown + bunker
  • The Aethereal Pyramid Device in Groom Lake
  • The Dome/115 Drill (place where the Mushroom Cloud is)

Furthermore keep in mind Nuketown is a bit bigger than only the two houses and gardens we know, so we might get a street or two extra (which is exactly where we heard the TranZit bus sound coming from in NKZ: Our heroes travelling to another destination?)

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