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What keeps you loving Zombies?

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Some of us have been fans since the World at War days, while others may have jumped aboard in the middle or are barely getting their feet with with the most recent game. Back in the day, there were two camps of Zombies enthusiasts - story-driven players and high round players. At the moment, these two groups have melded into one another (but not entirely) and now we have a color array of people who like the mode for different reasons.

So what keeps you coming back to Zombies?


For me, it's the team-based aspect of it. I hate playing Solo; I'd rather kill some freakbags with friends or even total strangers with no purpose other than enjoying the moment. I love seeing what kind of setup other people have and going "oh that's a pretty smart tactic I should do that". Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the story and exploration of maps but after a while, the real replay-ability of it lies within the co-op experience.

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Hm... good question, Festo.


I believe for me it is the fact that most of the mode is therapeutic, cause like 50 % is just mindlessly killing zombies and turning the power on. On those simple maps I don't have to worry about building anything and can just concentrate on killing zombies, which really helps when I am stressed out in real life, I also have music playing in the background to make the experience even better. I remember back in 2012 when I was heavily into NML that is probably the best example for what I am saying, once I had a good pap I could just have a good 9 - 15 minute experience and all the time I felt like I achieved something, unless I died earlier, but even that wasn't that bad, cause I didn't feel like I wasted time, as opposed to when playing regular zombies, I mean going down at round 15-20 always feels so bad, cause I feel like I wasted so much time for nothing.


So yeah, it is quite calming and fun, that is why I come back all the time, though I haven't played BO IIII in like 3 weeks, cause I played it so much for the the first two weeks it came out.

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For me it really is this site, the story and the mysterious atmosphere. Oddly enough not the gamemode itself. I like to wander around in the map, looking at some objects and textures and think if I can find some story-related thing behind that. Doing so, you realize the maps are really made in detail. Though I know if I hadn't found this forum, I wouldn't have played zombies for a long time.


And I agree with you Infest, playing with others makes it so much fun. Playing alone I always feel lonely, abandoned and just not good. I always make sure I play online or split-screen

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I think in the beginning it was the passion and sense of closeness in the community. Strangely enough, there was a time where the zombies community wasn't toxic and people actually helped each other out. Zombies youtubers were small and there were few of them making decent views. Forums like these made many friendships. Zombies made me many friendships and if I'm being honest I don't think I would be where I am today career-wise if not for the friends I've made in zombies, and the interest in the science behind developing games. Also, at the time, it was the only game I was any good at as I got better and better learning the maps of the original Black Ops. I remember the hype and easter egg hunt surrounding the release of Shangri-La, and then finally Moon, my current favorite map ever. After that point, I valued the co-op experience, but more than that I was into the storyline.


It is next to impossible to explain the Aether story to anyone who has not followed since early in its inception, and having knowledge of its entirety is both a gift and a curse. It's a story I've kept up with since I was 13 and I'm not stopping until the final map. For all its ups and downs, there is truly nothing like it, and I'm glad to have experienced it with you all. Fingers crossed it is ended in a satisfying way after all these years. What keeps me loving this storyline is that I can come back to it every day and find some new connection or draw a new conclusion or theory from a quote or a cipher. Also I love that a lot of these ideas we all have are influenced by others in the community online. Like a community puzzle we've been taking a crack at for years.

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At first it was because it connected me to my old friend who introduced zombies to me in the first place. We'd come out of school and fire up his Xbox 360 and play Kino in Black Ops, always using the same tactics. I wasn't very good back then, so I always took the upper window at the start, and he'd take everything downstairs. We'd also do that for the second room, and in the main theater we'd always go connect the teleporter immediately and then just stand in it, using it when we'd almost get downed, and then we'd go back around and reconnect it again, and do it over again. Of course also getting perks in the process. It was simple, usually fast as well because I died a bunch, and it was very fun. It was the same for Black Ops 2. Same maps, same strats. There was safety in that too, I guess. I never had anything with Black Ops 2 since it didn't have the main 4 or other characters I really liked (I'm very neutral on the Black Ops 2 crew), or well, at least not outside of the DLC, which he never got. That's why we'd always play Kino 😄

The rest is a bit hazy so I might have the order of things wrong, but I rediscovered zombies a while later, I'd say like, one or two years later? The friend I used to play zombies with got other interests, other friends at school, and I didn't go to him much anymore. And when I did we'd play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. I never had my own consoles outside of a Gameboy Advance and later a DS Lite either, so I couldn't really play it myself. It was around that time my depression really hit too among other things, and I discovered it actually did have a lot more to it than I initially thought, and that it had a story. So I just dove into that, and I got to escape. I also discovered things like the voicelines being on YouTube, and those really saved me. I put all the ones there were of Demps on my phone, and listen to it at night when going to sleep. I could relate to a bunch of them at the time, and to Demps himself. I had a bunch of issues, including bottling up a lot of my anger, so much so that I'd get random outbursts of intense anger. So by then it was just being able to relate to Demps and the massive amount of content! 

It got even better when Black Ops 3 rolled around. I finally had a good gaming PC, so I immediately got the game with the season pass, didn't matter how bad I was or that I didn't have anyone to play with, I had to have it. I saw the new trailers, the Primis boys, and everything else, and I just... fell in. I also discovered this forum at the time, and made an account 😄  

The easteregg songs also used to help me so, so much. So again, content. And that has kept up all the way to now, alongside my road to massive recovery. And now I'm also in it for the Black Ops 3 campaign, for Hendricks and Taylor and Demps, the massive amount of content, playing the game, nostalgia, being here on the forum, the Christmas songs (which I still listen to every year around Christmas time) and the other music... Everything, really.

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