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  1. I'm still pretty much the same! I'm still scared of people, and for angry people, and still feel safe only in the car or other tiny spaces with locks on them. But I've been working on myself, and next week I'll finally be moving to an actual appartment, without any housemates. And my GOD am I looking forward to it. Over the two years I've lived here I've noticed just how much I can't stand having to live in one house with other strangers, and so I'm super excited to be able to have my own appartment without a shared kitchen/shower/bathroom. I think it'll do wonders for my mental health as well
  2. Happy birthday The Meh! I'm a little late, but I hope you're having a good time!
  3. Thanks for you kind words Lenne, it means a lot to me! I guess that there really was no way for them to get a happy ending, was there ;v; I think I was just hoping too much in the end? Maybe. Jug by default really has bothered me as well. I've heard here and there that the community really wasn't happy with it either, but I haven't kept up so much until now. I also have a lingering feeling that BO3 set the bar almost too high for BO4.
  4. Before I start, there's a TL;DR at the end! This post as I'm writing this has gone through many, many different iterations by now already, in a very crisscrossy fashion as well. So if it's confusing at some points or if I don't make too much sense, it's because I've moved a bunch of things around as I wrote the whole thing. On another note, this has also most likely been discussed to death by all of you here already as well, but I just needed to get it out and sort my feelings. It has taken me quite some time to finally realize and come to terms with how I really feel about BO4, but here
  5. The only spaces I feel like I can truly be myself is either in the car while driving (and grunting/singing), or in other tiny tiny spaces like the toilet (hope that's not TMI). I only noticed this recently, too. I still tend to be really self-conscious even in my own room by my lonesome (I rent a room in a house, so I do live by myself, but still have housemates), but mostly because I don't live in an actual appartment. At least I believe that's it. The walls and floors are thin here, so the housemate who lives below me can hear and feel me walking, and vice versa. I think that until I have a
  6. Oh man this was posted a while ago, but reading the things you guys wrote actually made me cry, both because I recognize it myself a lot, and out of sympathy for all your stories. The whole yes-man thing, bending over backwards to please people, and shoving yourself into the background as a result, selfhatred. At the same time it also makes me relieved to a point, because when you've faced the world alone (or felt that you did) you never stop and realize that a lot of people deal or have been dealing with the same issues. I'm also still dealing and struggling with that, among other things. Tho
  7. Hell yeah I do! I still have a fascination with abandoned things, and I realized a little while back that there's a closed off abandoned section of a mall in my city as well! There's no way to get there anymore because it's an upper floor and they removed the escalators, but it's still wild to me that it's in the heart of the city (as other abandoned buildings seem to be as well sometimes). As for your story, it was a super interesting and enjoyable read! I loved the pictures too, would love to go there myself as well. You were very lucky not to have come across that guard though,
  8. Steelie


    I had my first new year's eve at my own place, and it was amazing. I live right in the heart of town, so there were fireworks all around! Apparently there was a fight too right in front of the door (the house I rent my rooms in is owned by the owner of the cafe/restaurant that becomes a nightclub in the weekends next door so sometimes fights happen), but I didn't notice any of it, and neither did the friend I had over. I had a terrific new year's, and it was the first one since the past years. I've been through really dark times in 2016, used nearly all of 2017 for therapy and recovery (all me
  9. I actually bought Doom for the PS4 as well! I love it so much, and how cathartic it can be to rip demons apart in the glorykills :^) I also bought the Hatsune Miku Diva X game for the PS4, I already had it for the Vita, but have been wanting to do the crossplay since I had my PS4. It's a shame I had to buy it twice for that (some games like Shovel Knight just give the game on all platforms), but I love the game too much to let that ruin anything ? I also didn't exactly buy them, but I took over Mass Effect Andromeda and the Ezio Trilogy from a friend, and paid for the food we ordered that
  10. At first it was because it connected me to my old friend who introduced zombies to me in the first place. We'd come out of school and fire up his Xbox 360 and play Kino in Black Ops, always using the same tactics. I wasn't very good back then, so I always took the upper window at the start, and he'd take everything downstairs. We'd also do that for the second room, and in the main theater we'd always go connect the teleporter immediately and then just stand in it, using it when we'd almost get downed, and then we'd go back around and reconnect it again, and do it over again. Of course also get
  11. Few days late to the party but if I may be honest... I cried ^^" I just want the guys to have happy endings and instead we get to see them lose their minds, Richtofen reaching into lava to grab a stone, he, Nikolai and Takeo get breakdowns and get tortured by Brutus and Dempsey is being depressed and dies while crawling down a hallway. I legit thought he was going to shooting himself in the head at 1:34. Oh, and Nikolai let's himself be ripped apart by the zombies. And so does Richtofen (but with Nik we actually see it, and imo it's actually awful to look at). And Tak gets thrown into the se
  12. Personally I love that you're able to change just about anything, and that you can see beforehand who you'll be playing as. I mostly play as Dempsey, and my pickiness has caused my average amount of survived rounds overall to be at 2.9 or so now if not lower ^^" I love that you can add bots too, they're good for racking up your levels I think because you literally blast through all the rounds, but at the same time it's also a bit of a problem. In the first rounds they immediately go after every zombie like bloodhounds, not leaving any for you. They also open doors and such and turn on
  13. The last one I bought is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite for the PS4, and the skins for Ultron and Jedah. I absolutely love the MvC games! Before that was Monster Hunter World, for obvious reasons I wasn't impressed at first and kinda lost interest because it's so different from the other games, but now I'm getting really into it again (and I wanna get the Dante stuff when the event hits)!
  14. I haven't checked out WW2 at all yet, but I noticed that all the languages named are from the countries that were involved in WW2 (except for Latin). Maybe that helps somewhere? I wouldn't know at all (I mean everyone probably noticed it), but this is definitely very interesting!
  15. You're very right, bringing them back would be a very safe bet and I definitely won't be surprised if Treyarch is willing to cash in on them a little longer (and I wouldn't blame them either, I would love it even, even if it would be a move a lot of people would probably roll their eyes at since the crew should be done). But again, nothing is exactly sure yet! This trailer turned out to be indeed a compilation of everything as RadZakpak mentioned.
  16. I kinda hope they will be, but I will also understand if they won't be of course ;v; The story is done after all! And @Lenne, I understand you competely as well! They've been around for such a long time, I understand very well that people want new characters. But thank you all for explaining that to me, I'll try to hold my horses making assumptions ;p
  17. Hey guys, I'm pretty sure MrRoffleWaffles has probably covered this tiny bit too, but I haven't had the time to watch his video yet! But holy crap!! This tiny fraction of a second here made my day (it's at 12 seconds in if anyone hasn't seen it yet!). I'm so glad to see our Primis boys are going to be in it!!! I thought their story was completely done, and that BO3 was the end of them. That said, I wonder what their story is going to be covering... I have the feeling it'll be tying up loose ends a bit, since I'm sure there are still quite some. My other "theory" is that it'll sh
  18. It would seem the timer on my profile (the one that shows how long I've been online) is broken, unless I really have been online for 68 years :sweat_smile:

    1. Lenne


      Haha same. But time is an illusion anyway, so it could be right.

    2. anonymous


      Seems like we've got a time traveller here

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I'll have a look into it, just noticed this update. 

  19. @anonymous Whoa, awesome!!! Wel een eind weg van Drenthe, hoor And my god, I never knew. Amazing!
  20. Happy birthday, welcome to the 20's! Also @anonymous y-you're Dutch too? I never knew! ;7;
  21. @anonymous I'd love to, feel free to shoot me a message or something!
  22. @anonymous I share your interest! And this idea of otherworldy creatures and us sharing an afterlife is amazing food for thought. I really love sci-fi stuff as well, and especially designs in it (I also play Warframe because of this). I'm an absolute sucker for space stuff in general though, with dangerous things like black holes and neutron stars and such being the focus of my interest (^8 I could talk for hours about those, but I'll spare you that I'd also love to go touring through countries, searching for who-knows-what. Or walk through abandoned things like houses or factories or them
  23. Now that just blew my mind. It makes perfect sense, like what if the afterlife isn't just a human thing? What if it goes for all the living creatures that exist in the universe? Speaking of universe, I also believe in the multiverse theory and that multiple timelines exist. Not necessarily that every choice you make ever opens up a new timeline, but if something was done different in your life that could've altered it in extreme ways. As for your question, do you know the situations where you're doing something (with or without music on) and someone kinda sneaks up behind you, or wa
  24. If I may give my vision on this: Of course please note that this is MY opinion and trains of thought, and I don't mean to bash or offend people or get into heavy discussions. I just want to present another viewpoint! I was raised in Protestantism, and later on I started doubting religion and we kinda stopped going to church (also because my parents were in a divorce, my dad still goes to church every sunday but I've always lived with my mother, so yeah). To me religions are just... stories that got passed on and blown out of proportion. People love exaggerating stories, always h
  25. That IS weird. But I'm guessing it's just some weird algorhythm or something?? I actually have no idea how the box works, would be interesting to know.
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