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Group 935 in Green Run?

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Hi to everyone, I personally have a theory who open to a question, Group 935 was in Green Run?


If Nuketown and Tranzit are located in a different timeline (Nuke 60's and Tranzit 2025)

I wonder who build the Bus Driver? and why?


I know maybe there are other posts about but I could have my own idea:


I think that Green Run is an abandoned town from 60's that's why even if we play it in 2025 we still have a town with a retro look,

but then we have a robot who drive the bus, actually would have been too early find it there during 60's and in the Tranzit loading

screen there is big poster on the depot who clearly shows how bus were driven by humans in that era.


I actually mean to say that the robot who drive the bus could have been built particularly by/for someone who needed to across these roads

between the extinction of green run inhabitants and the coming of the Tranzit crew. So I guess there was someone in Green Run before the 4.

There is a theory who says that Nuketwon could be a structure in the hands of the group 935 and we also know that Nuke and Green Run are very close.

Could the bus that we see been build and used by group 935 to link them?


Maybe same people who were doing test on Avogadro?


Just a theory, nothing else :)





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I feel like it's more likely the robot and the underground power station were built by Broken Arrow or a branch of the US government involved with Area 51. My personal belief is that the town was used for government or Broken Arrow testing during the 60s, causing it to become abandoned. The state that the underground area is in suggests it is not that old, however, and I think testing continued even after the population had left. Then when the rockets from Moon impacted the Earth, scientists stationed there left or died off. I think the robot being so damaged, missing its arms and having many holes in its chassis suggests its been there a while without human interference. I think it either found the old, run down 60s bus and took control, or Samuel/Russman found the robot missing its arms and legs, and helped it take control of the bus to take them around.


I feel it would make sense for this to be a Broken Arrow facility given Russman was once an operative for them, and likely never strayed too far from them after he left.

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@RadZakpak I really like your theory as well, I didn't think about that bcs I don't know where the main broken arrow facility is located

but that's something to really take in consideration. What could be sure is that someone been there between Nuketown (60's) and the Tranzit we play in 2025

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I haven't read Comic #2 yet, but is there anything in there to suggest Broken Arrows involvement at Green Run?

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Direct references to Green Run are excluded in comic issue 2. There are, however, the so-called bios. Many zombified animals (rabbits, monkeys, etc) of which a few look like denizens. If the bios really are denizens, the Broken Arrow base comic 2 takes place in has to be in/near Green Run.


But to go back to the main subject. Group 935 seems to have been disappeared since the disappearance of dr. Maxis and dr. Richthofen, and the end of the second World War. I really love those conspiracy theories about Group 935 still being active when the Moon missile's hit Earth, but I personally think things went differently.


When does Green Run take place? I think you've seen several theories on this site, and I personally tend to think its in/after 2025. Some thoughts of I believe @MysteryMachineX are that the location Green Run takes place in looks so old/60s because it is abandonned for so long. Ever after the Green Run Project (it exists in real life, look it up), the town could have been used as a experimental place by Broken Arrow, without real inhabitants. That could explain why the town, etc, looks still so old while it might be in 2025. That's a theory I like, but is not proven and might be able to debunk very easily. Keep on theorizing!


Oh, and introductions can be made here. If you have questions, feel free to ask me or any mods/members willing to help. We are glad to help you.





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Its official: The bus driver is seen in Zero Base, a station the has a big possibility to be of Group 935

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2 hours ago, The_Giant_935 said:

@anonymous yes it is possible and very cool at this point. Do you know more about the Zero Base? I never heard about it before than the #3 issue of the comic


Aside an allusion from the Gorod Krovi cipher depicting a "base setup" that involved the blood sequencing of the Tranzit crew and stasis pods (i.e. cryogenic pod Tank Dempsey 1.0 was in during Der Eisendrache), it has never been mentioned before.

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