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  1. Nuke is not included but you could have it purchasing not spending so much, if you need a feedback I can tell you is a very nice map to play, only 4 survival but is a map where u can test your skills and practice a lot, I find it very fun
  2. I have another question about Pernell transmission when he says: "that we had to move the experiment here" About which experiment he's talking? The OSS doing experiments on 115 as well?
  3. Oh ok, I am very interested in its character and Peter McCain, the audio file from Shi No Numa is one of my fav audio files in the whole zombie storyline. I would like reconstruct his story. For example where he is located when he send this audio message? maybe area 51? since coordinates he gave to Peter are about area 51. Also when he says "the dg-2 experiments continue" he is referring to bell (teleport) or Wunderwaffen dg-2? I know this is old stuff but it could open more about Peter McCain as well
  4. Hello friends I am here trying to know more about Cornelius Pernell character, it seems be very important in the 1st side of the zombies storyline. All I Know about him are the 2 messages referred to Peter and that he sent Dempsey and marines to recover Peter from Asylum but then nothing else. I've seen some videos on internet who theorize how Pernell is the one who created the zombies story. Honestly I didn't get how, what you all know about him? I would really like know more about him
  5. Here the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowQFc7hOAZZRRr4uIn-7gg I am Mr Phoenix, I am just sorry that it is in Italian
  6. Hello to everyone I finally opened my youtube channel with my friends, I would need some Shi No Numa gameplay for some videos I have in mind but I have no way to record from ps3 Could someone of you all pls record 10-15 mins gameplay on Shi No Numa 4 me pls? of course I will credit you at the end of videos even if they will be in Italian :)
  7. Hello everyone friends, I am back here with a new question. Last days I am really focused on understanding more about Peter McCain and I wanna ask, could be possible that by World at War to BO3 we have seen 3 different Peter McCain? let me explain The 1st very Peter appearance is in Shi No Numa in WAW where we seen his body hanging. Then during time we had cyphers and various audio files about him till we finally seen him again in BO3, in the Gorod Krovi intro scene. We all were wondering how's Peter in Gorod Krovi? Answer is he maybe is t
  8. Hello to everyone, Dark horse comics has released 3 pages for the upcoming issue #4 of the comic book what you all think? I am very curious to know about the area they are exploring. Plus in this issue it seems we can finally read conversations between Stuhlinger and Richtofen, maybe Treyarch will reveal us something very important trough them?
  9. Seems cool, I am not sure if he is a human or some kind of infected or maybe primitive creature, but if you use any program like photoshop and lighten your screenshot he shows human eyes like confirmed in the above artwork I am not playing IW zombies but I think they doing a nice work
  10. Man do you have idea of how much this image exciting me? this is something amazing, the release of DLC5 itself would be awesome and the remake of my favorite map as well would be legend very cool topic thank you!
  11. Thank you very much 4 the mention! I am honored, and proud to be part of this community!
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