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My Thoughts on the State of Zombies and the Community as a Whole.


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I will preface this by saying that, yes, I do know that there is a topic for discussing the ending, and I have commented my brief thoughts there. I wanted to talk a bit more about this and some more that could be considered quite off-topic in that topic.


I love Zombies. I have since the first time I played Kino der Toten, years ago. And I really care about the Zombies community. It is full of entertaining, intelligent, resourceful people that all share a common interest in Zombies. But this ending, no, the entirety of Blundell's story, from Mob of the Dead to Revelations, has caused one major issue that absolutely needs to be resolved. And no, I am not suggesting that that problem is Blundell. We, as a community, have been largely taking things at face value. Honestly, this is probably the biggest mistake that anyone who cares about the story, especially theorists like myself, can make. Let's look back a couple years to when we found the ending cutscene for the map Origins. The community was in a state almost identical to the one it is currently in. We took it at face value, and thought it was all a game. Utter hatred for Treyarch swept over the community. How could we let the same thing happen again? Why hasn't the community learned from their mistakes? If we only took things at face value, we would never have found any Easter Eggs, no one would know the story from the good old days, and there would be no theories. Sure, even I admit that things have gotten a bit far-fetched, but not once has it gone entirely unexplained. Actually, that last part wasn't entirely true. There is one exception, the Ghosts from Buried. We, as a community, need to just take a deep breath and start analyzing this sh*t. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Treyarch are never straightforward. They never have been, and they never will be.


Alright, there's my two cents on this whole f*cking sh*tstorm.


Oh, one last thing to point out. It isn't magic. Never has been, never will be (God, I hope it never will be). They use that word sometimes, but really it has deeper meanings and explanations.

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Well BO3 has gone to a more story driven maps, which leads to everyone just curious about what's gonna happen next. I mean the information and story seems to be much more easy to follow than in BO1 for example. We get cut-scenes explaining things etc... it leaves less room for theories and mystery. I must say BO3 did a good job getting me more interested about the story.

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I actually agree with you, Aetherial. It isn't just Blundell's fault: The community became lazier than it was around World at War and Black Ops 1. Back then, everything wasnt there just for fun, but had a backstory. There was theorised about everything. Not that I was in the community then, but I saw that in all the old topics. People became lazier. Now its all about the main plot. Very little is talked about the backstory of the Wolfking, Division 9, What happened in Stalingrad and other stories that happen beside the main plot of Primis. I don't blame anyone, its just the culture now. And this site compared with other zombiesites is even doing the best of theorizing about other things.

So the ghost in Buried, an enemy I know very less about. I bet she has something to do with that etherial studying doc who lived in Buried. I'll let you know when I have found more

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Lol, I actually never noticed, but you @NaBrZhunter and @AetherialVoices indeed look in some ways like each other. Your style of writing, however, is different, so Im sure you are different persons :P

We look forward to your theories. But CoDZ will always be here and we can wait, so good luck with your work.

And Aetherial, I found this on our very own site:

Read the first two comments. The second comment was what I was talking about, the wife of a scientist. It has been theorized that that scientist also made the Paralyzer: A wunderwaffe with purple smoke around it. The witch also has purple smoke around it. InfestLitheum talks about she could be Lucy Lane, but I have searched for that name, and can't find something relevant. There is also a tombstone in Buried. Can someone remember me what name was on it again?


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People are allowed to be immediately angry, upset, happy, dismayed, whatever emotion upon recent events. That's totally fine.


But I totes agree with you; the community needs to chill out and get over it. The whole map hasn't even been dissected yet both gameplay and theoretical wise, and it's just like certain communities to start stoning Treyarch for it. Granted, Treyarch should've played it smarter on this one (well, specifically Blundell). At the same time, we've only scratched the surface and decided to call it quits when there's potentially gold still a couple inches lower.

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I have been lagging behind on all the maps due to being on PC but it is blowing me away how much the people on the reddit are treating the cutscene as the end of the map. I know that sounds stupid considering it says "The End" in it but I mean, people are complaining about unanswered questions when we are sitting on 2/9 cipher solved AND we found the goddamn Katana after finishing the EE, how long have we been waiting to get to use it in a map?


I haven't got a chance to look through all the stuff from all the maps cause I always got the maps late and then all the discussion had died down but hopefully now that we are at the end we can try to tidy things up.

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