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How is this map anyhow?


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Der Riese always has and will hold a special place in my heart, and I am definitely interested in getting this map, but I'm almost always a  "original is best" kind of guy. I can download just his map via Steam for about 6 bucks. But just how is this map anyways? What's new? What's changed? Is it worth it?

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I haven't actually played it. Just seen in it in videos. And from my understanding, it is almost identical to Der Riese with the only major changes in gameplay being weapons and a new perk or two. You loved World at War Der Riese, right? Ask yourself, did Black Ops Der Riese revitalize your interest in it? If not, Black Ops III Der Riese probably won't either. If so, then maybe it will.

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Exact same layout. Perks and Mystery Box location is randomized. Fly Trap easter egg gives a Specialist Weapon (a new type of Wonder Weapon) called the Annihilator. A new small easter egg that gives you access to Stamin-Up or Deadshot. Easter Egg song is still Beauty of Annihilation but with an electronic twist too it. Weapons are of course Black Ops 3 ones, only same ones are Wunderwaffe, Ray Gun and Monkeys.

I think that's about the differences. Not sure if you know but it's 3 hits instead of 2 now without Jug, but the zombies hit you a lot more faster. Also I'm sure you played BO1 Der Riese as well, that had Mule Kick added. So Mule Kick is in this one as well.

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It's good fun. The layout is exactly the same, you still get the original 4 perks + Mule Kick, + a secret perk that's either Staminup or Deadshot. Gobblegums are added and BO3 weapons are in the box, plus the wall guns have been replaced this time round. You can double-PaP as well and the Wunderwaffe has been nerfed with a slower chaining effect, so it makes less sense to raid the box for it and instead go for Deadwire on a wall gun as it practically does the same thing and you can buy ammo off the wall for it.
The traps stay on for 40-odd seconds now rather than the 20-odd they used to stay on, which improves some strategies whilst ruining others haha.


So yeah, it's good fun. Doesn't quite have the same feel as the old ones in terms of atmosphere but then neither did the BO remake have the same feel as the W@W version, but in terms of gameplay it's still one of the more fun maps to play.

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In my opinion, BO3 Giant is more fun than the original Der Riese, and i loved the original (I was playing it recently). I feel the BO1 version was meh, at best.


A fifth perk, plus the randomization of the perks, adds a little fun, but really it is the map play, gun choices, and the Alternate Ammo that raise The Giant's value.


By map play, i mean that the players are basically smaller than in WaW (play Giant, then Der Reise right after, you'll see what i mean), giving more room to get around the zombies. Also, there are more solo options because of this and the change in zombie pathing.


Zombie pathing: Solo, if you start a round in Mainframe, you can camp by the RK5 and just stand there (it gets rough by round 40). No zombies come over the fence behind you as long as you started in MF and didn't go up the steps by the 750 door. Best with the 750 steps-door open, and the ramp-door closed.


Thompson Room (VMP Room): Keep door with trap closed here, open from the steps. Come down the steps, turn right, walk 10 feet, turn and face VMP wallbuy (where Thompson was), headshot. The zombies from the right window come from the VMP side of the barrels, unlike WaW.


Go to TPC, stand by KN-44 (STG spot), headshot to around 30.


Catwalk is even easier than WaW.


Running TPC or Power areas are easier.


The biggest letdown is that Trip Mines are turds compared to Bouncing Betties, but note that you can hold a TM in your hand for fast Bowie Knife stabbing. Sadly, like the bad bo1 bk, it only lasts for 9 rounds in BO3, unlike the 11-12 rounds in WaW.


It's worth the $6, IMO.


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No one said this yet, but if you run too far ahead of the zombies on the remake they will start spawning ahead of you, and in my early attempts got me killed a few times. You can't run trains the same way until you understand how the spawning works.


And also...the wunderwaffe glitch that kills your jug in one hit is gone.

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