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  1. ROFbaggingU

    Buried group Xbox 1 w/ microphones

    I love Buried I'll play a game with you
  2. ROFbaggingU

    NEW ZOMBIES INFO: Zombies Chronicles

    It would be nice solely to play Farm and Town, I'm enjoying the hell out of grief on BO2 and hope some variation of that mode is including either in the expansion or future games. I still want to see a new map geared more towards Farm/Town instead of everything having to be a city sized map.
  3. ROFbaggingU

    NEW ZOMBIES INFO: Zombies Chronicles

    The overall consensus on Tranzit isn't positive so I'm not surprised to see it omitted. As for Mob that's a little more surprising since it's Blundell's first. But I guess they need something to offer so they can sell Treyarchs new game later. "Preorder Blackops 4 gets remastered MOTD"
  4. ROFbaggingU

    NEW ZOMBIES INFO: Zombies Chronicles

    The word around the internet is the 8 remastered maps are: 1) Nacht 2) Verrukt 3) Shi No Numa 4) Kino 5) Ascension 6) Shangri La 7) Moon 8) Origins Treyarch is supposed to make an announcement tomorrow, looks like it's actually happening.
  5. ROFbaggingU

    NEW ZOMBIES INFO: Zombies Chronicles

    Well hopefully once this remastered craze is out of the way we can get back to new and original content. Unless World at War 2 is solely based on Black Ops 3 remakes :)
  6. ROFbaggingU

    NEW ZOMBIES INFO: Zombies Chronicles

    I'm aware of the Giant remake I've beaten every easter egg on blacktops 3. And I also get that the entire zombies community is jizzing their pants over a DLC 5. I guess my issue is the same as when Modern Warfare remastered released the same map pack from years ago. It was no new content, just remastered maps at a higher price than they were originally released years ago. The entire community is so thirsty for ANYTHING zombies that everyone seems willing to settle for remade maps as opposed to new and original content. If it's this easy to give the zombies community a collective boner, what incentive does Activision have to actually release original content now? I'd much rather want to try a new map called graveyard than want to play remastered Ascension. I get my view isn't a popular one, it amused me to watch this opinion get downvoted on reddit. But why not set the bar higher? At this point in zombies there should be a customization tool or at least more basic maps to quickly jump into and play. Not everyone has the 90 minutes just to get all your perks and upgrades on a map like Zetsubou.
  7. ROFbaggingU

    NEW ZOMBIES INFO: Zombies Chronicles

    If you are an xbox one owner and just received backward compatible blacktops 2, I don't see why zombie chronicles would appeal to me. Sure there would be 8 remastered maps conveniently loaded with gobble gums. But considering there would be no new maps it doesn't sound as appealing.
  8. ROFbaggingU

    Dlc 5

    I agree completely. I'd love to see a new map but I'm more than content having all maps on one system
  9. ROFbaggingU

    difficulty bo3 zombies

    I disagreed this was an easy game until I tried to play the older maps. The 3 hits in black ops 3 spoiled me and I downed stupidly with the 2 hit system of past games. Getting to round 50 on old maps was an achievement in itself and I only did so with Ascension. With black ops 3 not only did I reach at least 50 on all maps, I did every Easter egg too.
  10. I'll be on the Xbox version if anyone wants to team up. I pretty much conquered black ops 3 and need new maps to explore
  11. ROFbaggingU

    Spawning the Purple Apothicons

    I also posted this on CODzombies on reddit. When I was in beast mode in the footlight district I managed to get on top of a roof. Basically I was in a hurry when I opened up the statue and then the rift door. When I went to connect to the hook so I could open the gate to the upstairs, I got on top of the roof. I don't know what to look for up there, but I was 100% able to get on top of the roof. Maybe it leads to something more?
  12. ROFbaggingU

    Best map ever

    Statistically speaking Der Riese/The Giant is the greatest map of all time. It still has tons of people playing it across W@W, BO1, and BO3. There are many excellent maps, especially as I am replaying old maps it's impossible to pick just one. So for that reason, Revelations gets my vote because: -shit ton of weapons -many different ways to play -features many of the old maps
  13. ROFbaggingU

    Finally did it

    I'd be down. The only issue with 2-4 players are how to handle the bombs
  14. ROFbaggingU

    Does anyone know what this calling card is?

    It's a random drop card. I've beaten all easter eggs and zombies challenges....it's for sure nothing you unlock by doing stuff.
  15. ROFbaggingU

    Favorite Zombies Map

    It's impossible to choose a favorite map, but if I had to choose 6 maps to fit onto a single disc I'd have to play the next five years this would be my selection: The Giant: Probably the best map to quickly pick up and play Verrukt: An original favorite with a good challenge...no easy camp spots so it sets apart who is actually good at zombies Gorod Krovi: A new favorite. Once you complete the easter egg you truly appreciate what the map offers. Origins: Plenty of options with a good challenge Revelations: The best of many maps, offers different ways to play Farm: Very simple to the point, I loved that map for quick games starting at high rounds. I really liked some of the other maps but they had features in them that made me dislike what would've been a map I loved. These maps I want to love but I can't: Kino: Those crawler things. Begins a theme for Blackops 1 of introducing crap to zombies Five: That goddamned scientist Ascension: The perk monkeys, even though you only need two perks really Call of the Dead: I found George to be annoying as hell Zetsubou: Solo takes 90 minutes without gumballs just to get set up. Town: All it needed was one decent wall weapon...then it's the perfect map.

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