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The Group 935 logo and some interesting observations

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I noticed this a while ago and have been going back to past maps and finding more and more strange things.


Many people know that the Group 935 logo has changed before. What most people don't know is that there are at least four different Group 935 logos. In this post, I will be showing the different logos, and where they can be found.


The change is seen in the forearm.


Group 935 Logo #1:Group_935_1.png


This logo is consistently seen in WaW, BO1, and most of BO2. It is the logo seen on the hat of the Monkey Bomb in all maps (but not the Cymbal Monkey). The Monkey bomb in The Giant Fly Trap EE has this logo on its hat.

Forearm: Two lightning bolts


Group 935 Logo #2:G935L2.jpg


The first change. This logo is seen in the loading screen for the Der Riese remake in BO1. I haven't found it anywhere else.

Forearm: Two pillars


Group 935 Logo #3:Group_935_2.png


This is the first widespread change of the logo. It is seen throughout origins.

Forearm: One solid pillar


Group 935 Logo #4:Group_935_3.png


This is our newest iteration of the logo. It is seen throughout The Giant, Der Eisendrache, and Zetsubou no Shima.

Forearm: Three pillars slightly bending outwards


Now for some interesting observations.


Observation #1: The second logo is only seen in the loading screen, and not the actual map.


Observation #2: Although the third logo is seen throughout the opening cutscene and the map itself of Origins, there is one exception to this.

Dr. Ludvig Maxis:Maxis.png

He is standing in front of the first logo. An explanation for this is that this Maxis is from the original universe. This would also explain why is already so old back in 1918.


Observation #3: Although the fourth logo is seen throughout the map, in the opening cutscene for The Giant there is the third logo.




Maybe the different logos signify different universes?


Thanks for reading and tell me what you think about the changes.


(Edit: @MysteryMachineX thanks for better pictures.)

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It's very possible we see a lot of small changes that could be attributed to the change in universes. Some have also theorized that we have seen 5-8 Richtofens. However it could just have been an evolution of the symbol similar to Batman. evolution-of-batman-geeks-and-cleats.jpg

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this is amazing! maybe the pillars are defined by whos in power? for instance 2 roles are in play for power, maxis and richtofen. Rich maxis and sam? Or maybe another player? such as the keepers vs apothicans. we know treyarch likes to put subliminal messages so maybe this is one sign of that. Just a thought but good find! I wish we did brains again

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Hey AetherialVoices. I've actually been keeping tabs on this myself. I only had three logos (your #2 I chalk up to an early misprint) But I can support your findings.



From the way I understand it, each Group 935 logo is indicative of a separate universe. The first one is seen throughout the majority of the story prior to Black Ops III. The second one is seen in the Origins universe. The third one is seen in the new rebooted universe. I think it is a nice touch for us to understand where and when we are.*


Of course, the real reason is due to changes in the real world. The lightning bolts in the first one represent the SS, or the Nazis, which have been scrubbed clean from the current version of the game. In order to appeal to the German market, Treyarch no longer puts any Nazi symbolism into the games anymore, so it is unsurprising they changed it. The second one is rather uninspired, probably just a quick way of avoiding the double S's. The third one is the new one they designed for the new universe.


So there. All wrapped up, right? Well no... *Because then there's some exceptions.


The Origins logo appears in the Giant intro, probably because Treyarch hadn't yet made the updated logo when they made the cinematic. But we can presume this means that in the new universe, they started with logo 2 and then changed to their updated logo 3.


The first logo is seen under Maxis's name. Honestly it was so small I only just noticed this. Personally I think it is just an inconsistency. I mean... Nazis weren't even around yet! And Origins Maxis doesn't remember anything of the Maxis from Buried, so I don't think there's inter-universe shenanigans happening here.


Oh and if you want better images of logo 3, they're all over Der Eisendrache. Although they are missing the 935 bit. Eh. Many real-world logos drop the small lettering when the logo itself is small.



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While the scope of this image is a bit larger, I figured it would be worth mentioning. I believe this made an appearance at DICE last year, but don't quote me.



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14 minutes ago, Tac said:

While the scope of this image is a bit larger, I figured it would be worth mentioning. I believe this made an appearance at DICE last year, but don't quote me.



I'm not sure were that specific picture originated, but it was actually my desktop background for quite awhile.

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