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The Projector Images (and they're juicy)


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Hey guys!  User /u/MaakuKiyoshi posted an album full of images from the projector on Der Eisendrache, and they're incredible! Open up the spoiler to see them (and consider everything after this point a spoiler), but let's get some discussion!



Griffin Station Infrastructure

Keeper 1





You can see that the Griffin Station infrastructure is coming together, along with the final image showing the MPD and study of it.  Even more interestingly, Group 935 tested on what appear to be Keepers (the long skull, teeth, and Black Sun logo on second image gives it away).  What do you all think?

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That one thing seems to be a spleen of the Mexican subject with black sun(?) or some sort of Shangri-La symbol on it.

Yeah seems they were testing on weird creatures who most likely own the Pyramid (Vril-Ya?) The text is black marked but starts with V that's for sure.

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4 minutes ago, Tac said:

Good thinking. I knew it was meat or a muscle of some kind, but I didn't think of the Mexican's spleen (though I should have given the new cipher). So the Mexican test subject was a Keeper?

It seems so. Only after recovering the spleen Richtofen seemed to solve the problem of how to make Nikolai, Takeo and Tank into super soldiers.

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1 hour ago, AlphaSnake said:

Damn trolls.

Regards Alpha.

You are months late, we already came to the conclusion that the Mexican Test Subject is Pablo Marinus.

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29 minutes ago, AlphaSnake said:

13th May 1918 is the troll for me. ;)

Regards Alpha.

Could you not say why, instead of being cryptic, which is really annoying for people to do when they could be helping the community out? Origins took place in Winter of 1918, so if you are trying to get at something to do with it being after, you haven't got anything there. But I wouldn't know as you haven't said anything, which means people have to stumble around to find something, when you could just tell people.

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