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So... Death machine

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10 hours ago, Doppelgänger said:

Probably just your luck. All drops can be obtained before the power is turned on.

Oh fer sure. 

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But to be sure I'm going to keep doing no power runs today. Maybe my game is being dumb haha
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So I've been trying to chart the probability of getting the death machine. Runs with power and without.

For the runs with power I always turn the power on at round 3.  The earliest I've seen a death machine is round four and the latest was round 8.

I have never had a random death machine spawn while the power is off.  Is this just my game or does anyone else have any issues with the death machine? *I usually die between 16-20 without power. 

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It doesn't really make sense to me either.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had it drop during a no power run.  I guess I'm just trying to track all the differences with power off and on.  Should I ask this in a different place? Sorry to hijack the thread. 

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14 hours ago, Doppelgänger said:

It wouldn't make sense for the drop to be acquired only after the power is turned on. You can get Perks from GobbleGum when the power is off, so I don't see why you would need to have the power on to pick up the Death Machine.

Not necessarily. Usually in scripts they are just precaching the drops in start of the game and then giving them different abilities/ways to get. Its just one wait line, that can change when drop can spawn. For example: For Death Machine, they have one line saying wait for power and next line is making it being able to spawn in normal way. Then in other script (Gobblegum script) it just passes the wait line and just go straight in spawning the powerup. Hopefully you get what I mean :sweat_smile: If not, I can write basic functions, that explains it bit better

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4 minutes ago, Doppelgänger said:

No, I do understand that and it makes alot of sense. It just confuses me why they would set it to something like that if they have. I mean, is there really a need for it? In Black Ops 1 you could pick up the Death Machine on early Rounds without power. Why not now?

Harder first room challenges? Not as easy first rounds? Im going to play Giant tomorrow, so I can check it out, if Death Machine does not drop before turning on power. If it does, then its definitely bug with Dfabians version of game, lol

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