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Heres something odd I noticed within the Der Eisendrache Trailer, What do you guys think?!?!

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Ok so watching the trailer again I noticed the centre area of the castle , the court yard , had the liberty bell (nazi bell) in it and what looked like a broken down army vehicle of some sorts surrounded by barrels or boxes , now on a lot of shots it stays the same until the change the trailer to show behind the scenes of creating the map , and they show the red circles for charging the special weapon , now on these screens when they go to the same court yard the army vehicle has been replaced with what can only be described as one of two things , a broken part of a tower from the castle or a rocket .... Is it possible that they may have intentionally shown us this along with the red circles as a hint or step to the potential Easter egg inside DER Eisendrache ??? Anyway I made a video on this to help you understand it. clearer


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I really wish you would stop using this site to provide misleading content and to promote your YouTube channel. In fact, looking through your posts, that is what every single one of them is and its getting irritating to see. Sorry to have to complain about it, but its my opinion.

For a start, the Liberty Bell is not a "Nazi Bell", it is American. It was never called the "Nazi Bell" either, where are you even getting this information from? You have a point with this car being there one moment but then being something else the next, but if you look, when it is not the car, it has barbed wire and snow on it, which it could not have if it had just got there. In fact, that whole thing with the car and containers next to it is gone and now that new debris is in it place. That means it is more likely they replaced the debris from one to another through the development of the map and recorded the scene in the trailer either before or after the debris was remade, as nothing would warrant that change in a map, not even the Quest Easter Egg. The red circles aren't actually anywhere in the map from the in game parts of the trailer and the image we have, so they either appear on the ground or they were not added in at the time of these things being released.

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hey madgaz182, i understand that you just meant "that bell" being whatever kinda bell it is by trying to describe it from your own knowledge. keep promoting your youtube channel my friend. it doesn't irritate or bother me at all. the "do you know jesus" ads on this site bother me more than random guys/girls promoting their youtube channel. i might even subscribe if i like it. i don't think your providing misleading content. ur just speculating. you even say stuff like "i noticed" and "is it possible?". its just ur opinion on this new amazing map. we got to remember alot of stuff changes from trailers to in game content. im all for collective thinking. and you made me think from a different perspective. cant wait for February 2nd! keep doing what you like. peace and positivity.

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I think the main point is the self promotion of your channel, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It more or less comes down to the title, "Easter Egg Step Found". 

Maybe you should think about changing it to, "Heres something odd I noticed within the Der Eisendrache Trailer, What do you guys think?!?!" Or something along those lines, not that you found an actual E.E./Side Quest Step, to a map that's not even out yet. 

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49 minutes ago, madgaz182 said:

No I don't just talk about the bell and tank , if you read and watch you will see the tank gets crushed by a rocket of some sort half way through the trailer , that's what I'm getting at 


I proved in my post that the vehicle does not get crushed and is actually just the debris being replaced.

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2 hours ago, Nightmare Voyager said:


I proved in my post that the vehicle does not get crushed and is actually just the debris being replaced.

Yeah and if you watch as the camera slowly pans around the larger object you can see the rear of the vehicle is still there 

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6 minutes ago, madgaz182 said:

Yeah and if you watch as the camera slowly pans around the larger object you can see the rear of the vehicle is still there 

Get a picture of it then because I spent 30 mins rewinding it and looking and could not see the vehicle, the canisters were gone too.

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I can see what she means about the vehicle but I am still not sure it is the vehicle. Even so this still cannot be claimed to be an EE step, especially as the thing on top of it seems to have been added.

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  • Tech Admin

Topic title is misleading and YouTube channel self promotion is verging on spamming - I support you in the aspect of trying to find things but trying to and misleading people is a thin line.

Just be aware from now on about self promotion - keep up the good work on trying to find things though.

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Thanx for changing the title, it looks a lot better.

In all fairness though, GlitchingQueen just did a video on Shadows of Evil showcasing a ton of differences pertaining to the released version of the map, and that of which was shown within the debut trailer.

Honestly this could be a similar situation to something along the lines of that. Originally it started out as a crashed Rocket, however they changed it to make the map more open. On the contrary, it could've started out wide open but Treyarch knew that would be the main "Train" spot, so they decided to make it more closed quarters and tight.

All though I haven't watched the video (due to lack of internet where I live). Is there any possibility, these could in fact be two separate areas.

Keep up the good work MadGaz, just watch the misleading titles, you want your subs to stay active and stick around. 

P.S. I think Liquicity was a Perk that would "Liquidate" the cost of everything. Possibly knocking off 20-25%.

Don't forget to Drop Kick your grandma!

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1 hour ago, ZombieRambo24 said:

madgaz bro, you got a shout out from glitching queen! nice videos. Dont worry about some goofy people on this site getting their panties bunched up over another mans post, smh.. great work.


Right, well what I was pointing out was correct and @Hells Warrrior proved that by also commenting on this post saying the same thing. He is an admin.

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@ZombieRambo24 Since you've joined this forum, you have been disrespectful and insulting to other members.

Please, for your own sake I recommend that you stop if you plan on being a regular member of CoDz.

The following is quoted from the Code of Conduct, which I also recommend that you read.


"Example: If a user says to another on the forum that they are stupid, dumb, illogical incompetent, etc., that is an example of a user tearing another down, and is considered to be ‘flaming’. Even sarcastically saying “Wow, you’re a bright one, aren’t you..” or “Did you figure that out on your own?” would qualify as a form of harassment."

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2 hours ago, ZombieRambo24 said:

Oh and just in case captain obvious wants to get literal, the last post is called being sarcastic...

Congrats, well done, Prestige 8. It doesn't mean much to me, as I preferred to keep my unlockables and not to prestige at all, but hey, to each his own. But as far as being inflammatory and insulting, you'll need to try harder than that if you really want a reaction. 

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