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  1. Im good dude. ur on the internet asking for apologies. Im not famous and havnt offended any special interest group. your funny af. not a good look for you.
  2. What is that tho? Like coding from the map or something? might sound stupid but idk what that is.
  3. Ok. thats great! thank you so much. ur awesome!
  4. you typed to me in the introduction section and you said "new to the forum, i see" Nabrzhunter? wtf? i cant respond to people how i want on here? this forum is so strange..
  5. thanks for finally saying something positive about madgaz and backing him up. he brings new ideas and honestly means no harm and does not try to break the effin CoC dude.
  6. Oh and just in case captain obvious wants to get literal, the last post is called being sarcastic...
  7. yea, you can tell by how many posts i got and i also posted in the introductions a few weeks ago... so yeah... great observation.
  8. madgaz bro, you got a shout out from glitching queen! nice videos. Dont worry about some goofy people on this site getting their panties bunched up over another mans post, smh.. great work.
  9. 48, achieved this morning. 4 people.
  10. no problem. looks like you already have alot of people on your youtube that have confidence in you also. great video and thanks for posting on here because i probably wouldnt have seen your video. keep up the awesome work.
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