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The alternative to camping the Catwalk


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I found teleporter B room is decent to run solo, or if in multiplayer, definitely make sure the players announce they are coming in the room or it turns into a mess quick. Lots of moving room near the teleporter.


Facing the teleporter, I run it clock wise because the room where the brain to the secret song is, seems to be the only area that causes problems, which you need to double back towards the teleporter and either use it, or cut in the middle between the canisters and make a loop back to the room, wether you use the animal labs, or drop down and head towards the garage it doesn't matter, just don't do it too quick or they'll meet you on the steps going through the furnace room!

I've been testing out good areas lately, because the catwalk is beyond played out for me. I didn't even know it was a strategy until this version of Der Riese, glad I didn't know about it until now because I'd probably hate the map as much as buried. I'm pretty much done with the catwalk unless there is double XP, then it's just too handy not to use ( I went 11 levels in one game this weekend lol)

Of course there is also still the power switch area, and playing duo makes it pretty easy for a friend to run teleporter C room with little chance of being overrun, as you two will be splitting the zombies from the perk room and the zombies that drop from gobble gum platform.

The area in the video is pretty fun too, except I have a hard time using that side, I run the opposite way, looping them on the side the radio is on. But honestly I can't hang in that spot past the 20s.

Alley still works with at least two players, keeping the door from spawn to the alley closed, as well as the animal lab/alley door closed. We've lasted in the upper 30s there.

I haven't found a good spot in the animal labs, nor Teleporter A room, which is unfortunate because I really love the look of everything on this side of the map. Technically you can leave the door to teleporter A closed, and have two people guard the door but the window nearest to the door can cause you to get over run sometimes if you're not equipped with a high power one shot weapon (haymaker is key for that strategy)

I run the furnace room a little different that I used to as well. I now keep the door closed that leads to the garage/spawn doors, and I run counter clockwise now instead of clockwise.

That's all I know of as of now, I've seen people run the generator where double tap would spawn in the old maps, but I can't seem to do it.

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I like the spot I've shown as it's as fast as the Catwalk but just more fun.  It looks harder than it is, the Drakon is so powerful that panic shooting will clear anything in front of you.  Add Fireworks and a 2nd gun with say Thunderwall on it and it's fairly easy to survive, and it's great for XP.

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Strange camp: if you open the VMP room from the steps, and leave the trap door shut, you can camp at the bottom of the steps until like 30 (higher with 4 players).


Solo; Walk down the steps, turn right. Face and aim at the VMP wall buy. If you get in position, all zombies will line up for perfect headshots. The ones from the right window won't flank you, they'll come over for headshots. 


2+ players, have one player to the right, taking out that right window. Other players play as solo, above.

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From Tattoo247's post (3);


He mentioned a duo, but you can do it with more; I've found that if you have folk camping the catwalk, you can solo the power switch area. If you stay closer to the trap than the (main) power switch, all of the TPC zombies will go for the campers, and you can just face towards the bridge and basically camp with maybe a few circles here and there. Stay left side and most line up fairly well. 

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Hey, Chopper. :)


Definitely a nice spot to have fun on, but for me running around at the power switch is the option that is more safe, then again I never tried out the Drakon and firework with the first room. 


Still need to break 50 on The Giant. ^^

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14 hours ago, Markoh said:

That spot is a great alternative for the catwalk but I always ended up being ruined from behind when they jump over the barb-fence.


Just like in the video don't open the right door and they wont climb over the fence when you are in the first room. :)

It also gives you an escape option, but then you'll have to change up the strat.

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Is this different on next gen?


(Last gen) What i find is that, if I start the round in the start room, no zombies come over the fence (after round 10) at all. Tested to round 39. If i am anywhere outside of the start room, zombies come over the fence, but stop once I've stayed in start for a bit.

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