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So, after seeing a lot of footage of the giant, I've noticed something. These versions of the characters know SO much more then their Origins selves. Furthermore, they know things that only the ORIGINAL O4 could know. 


Look at some of these quotes from the giant (not exact)

"tank while PAPing: I've seen this damn machine everywhere... France, Brazil, the moon."

Which is weird in it's self because the moon didn't have a PAP machine on it. That was area 51.... 


Richtofen: "Bla bla bla... Tank alone may be the key to solving this.... Unless it's Nikolai.... Or takey-o... Or is it takayo? I can never get that right. 

This is odd because while we never actually here anyone in origins say takeo, we know old richtofen would always say it 'Ta-kay-oh?", 


It appears that these O4 are somehow a MIX of the 4 from origins, and the O4 we left on moon... They still feel the same way about hating each other like in the original games, but then work more closely like in origins... Thoughts?

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I think you're right. Or the memories of the O4 are merging into the NO4. Have you noticed they have the exact same quotes from Der Riese in there? Not straight ripped from there, but obviously rerecorded. They're in the same style, or personality as they said it. NO4 Rich seems more sane-ish, but those quotes just make it seem like O4 Rich.


I know Nikolai has a quote for Jug I believe, he says (and I'm paraphrasing) "Ugh, this makes me feel like old self", which I'm guessing drunk.

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Yeah, it's weird. They do seem to be merging with the O4 personality wise.


Maybe it has something to do with the 115 in the area? I was playing as Tank on solo, and he acted similar to his Origins persona first, and commented on his thoughts being scrambled because of 115.


Later in in the rounds though, he started to act more and more like the Original Dempsey. I'm thinking we'll hear more about this, once the DLC starts dropping.

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I don't think they are merging WITH themselves, just turning into this reality's version.


Richtofen is the same, in early rounds he says how he doesn't get pleasure from killing zombies anymore, but the upper 20s/30s he is screaming about how he is the doctor and all the crazy stuff about killing.

It's purely 115 poisoning, it makes you crazy and that's all that is happening here, why two years from now I have no idea..... 

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Exposure to 115 was what turned the original test subjects (Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo) into the characters we knew in WaW/BO1. Richtofen, however, was changed into his murderous, sociopathic self when he came in contact with the pyramid on the Moon - but, of course, who knows what Origins Richtofen has been up to for the past two years? Either way, I think that 115 exposure is sufficient to explain the behavior changes of the characters.

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Here's an interesting thought. What if people are like the box and pack a punch? What if 115 causes themselves from other realities to slip through. 

With the O4, the older 4 are now slipping into the younger 4, the zombies are already dead, so they're channeling themselves from another reality, where they're alive, to this one, where the soul occupies the broken body which is incomplete. 

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7 minutes ago, TimelordAlex said:

I've noticed a quote from Richtofen after eating a gumball 'These machines were definitely not here on my last visit' i am a bit perplexed by this as doesn't The Giant happen before Der Riese? And either way its younger Rich that says this and not an older one.

Yeah, I believe there's also a quote from Dempsey that mentions something similar. I can't remember the exact quote, but it went along the lines of "This place has changed since we were last here." Definitely strange.

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6 hours ago, Spider3000 said:

Yeah, I believe there's also a quote from Dempsey that mentions something similar. I can't remember the exact quote, but it went along the lines of "This place has changed since we were last here." Definitely strange.

Yeah, the original O4 are definitely seeping into the new O4, which is causing these personality changes.

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