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Return of the DG2?

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So, I think there's a good possibility we'll be seeing the good old wonderwaffe DG2 return. Why you ask? Well to start: 

-Profit's lightning weapon is practically the MP equivalent of the wonderwaffe. 

-A gumball perk is described as releasing chain lightning similar to the DG2. 

-We're going back to der reise: The birthplace of the weapon, and the only map to date where one can obtain the DG3. 


If we do see it again, this will be the forth map to feature it. Which I'm ok with, I love the wonderwaffe... But will it come with all it's old (Jug killing) flaws? Will we see a newer/older version? Maybe we'll have a plethora of prototype wonder weapons at our disposal! IDK, discuss!

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Wasn't the Juggernog thing intentional? I am pretty sure someone found it in the files and it was designed to work like that. To be honest I can see them doing something like a weird prototype one like the DG-1 and having it be a retextured Tempest at this point.

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How cool would it be to find like a prototype Wunder waffe, ray gun, wave gun and similar devices!

Their cant really be a Prototype Ray Gun since it would have been built by Der Riese. Same with the Wunderwaffe really, although I still think the DG-1 is a possibility. Not sure what the Wave Gun has to do with the Giant though or why it would be in their.

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Maybe I'm alone in this opinion, but I hope it doesn't return. I haven't waited three years do get a carbon copy. Expanded area and different weapons is my hope..

It's already been confirmed it'll be exactly the same, with aesthetic improvements.

The Wonder Weapon is still up in the air, although it wouldn't surprise me if it was the DG-2.

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@Spiderx3000 Where/when was it confirmed? They normally keep the information pretty secret all the way up until launch.

Milo confirmed it during his reddit Q&A and it was also confirmed in an extract interview on CharlieINTEL. Disappointed to be honest but expected considering it is a bonus map.


On-topic, I would be very surprised if it was not the Wunderwaffe. I am sure though that there will be enough new features and decent PaP variations to try out that will keep us entertained. I am not the biggest Waffe fan but I am sure the map will be good regardless or what the WW is.


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